Scattered Immortal Chapter 7 - The heaven affinity dao companion which can’t be severed

Within the stone room at the manor, day-light crystals that were embedded into the walls that were made with white jades produced out a warm and white color radiance which illuminated the entire stone room. This place was originally a place used for cultivating in peace. However at this moment, there seemed to be some alluring odor drifting around in this room. A youth was lying naked on the floor with his arms and legs spread wide open. The youth’s eyes were slightly closed, seemingly to be sleeping soundly, but the youth’s forehead was deeply frowned. At the youth’s left side, a seemingly serene looking woman was lying within his embrace, and on the right side, a seemingly gorgeous woman had her head lying on his chest, with half of her body lying on the youth’s body and her one of her slender long beautiful leg placed between the youth’s legs…… Yun Mo had a dream. The dream made her felt extremely embarrassed to even mention about it and extremely ashamed. Within the dream, she herself, Ling’er and that swindler with the surname Tang performed out an extremely enchanting love making scene. The dream felt as if she was experiencing the situation in body, letting her felt extremely ashamed. Luckily it was only a dream. If the dream was real, Yun Mo really could not imagine just what would happen. It is all that damned stone heart…… Yun Mo gradually woke up from the dream. She felt that her entire body was aching, especially her lower body which had a kind of indescribable pain. Hazily opening her eyes, she vaguely saw a familiar face and thought to herself, “Is this Ling’er?” Vaguely seeing that Ling’er was entirely nude and her hair was disheveled, Yun Mo then thought to herself again, “Could it be that me and Ling’er……” Hmm? Just what place is Ling’er lying on? Seemingly to have noticed that something was strange, Yun Mo raised her head and saw a somewhat familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar face. This face was ordinary. Not handsome, yet appeared to be especially neat. Wasn’t this that mysterious Tang Qing that Ling’er brought here? Yun Mo’s thought process was somewhat slow at this moment. Gazing at the naked Shangguan Ling, then gazing at the naked Tang Qing, then lowering her head and looking at herself who was naked too, her face immediately turned deathly white. At this moment, she could only felt that her mind was in a total blank and that her entire world seemed to have collapsed. “So pain……” Lying on Tang Qing’s chest, Shangguan Ling raised her brows and did not open her eyes, but only vaguely mumbled to herself. However, when she raised her head and opened her eyes, she too was scared foolish by the scene she saw. She was scared foolish to the point that she even forgot to scream and only blankly mumbled, “Wasn’t it a dream? How……This is not possible! Not possible!” Evidently, Shangguan Ling also dreamt of the same dream as Yun Mo! “Big sister Mo! Just what actually happened? Is this not a dream?” Seemingly that the scene in front of her was too overwhelming that she could not accept it, Shangguan Ling was at a lost and was currently just gazing foolishly at the scene. Although Yun Mo was not scared foolish, but her thought process was already in total confusion. Gazing at the two bloodstain which were like two rose on the floor, there was not a bit of calmness left in her serene eyes. What was left in her eyes was just denial of the truth. Also not sure how long passed, Yun Mo finally raised her head. Her lips were somewhat purple, and even her voice became trembling, “Ling’er, you……Is your gecko granule mark[^1] still there?” Shangguan Ling subconsciously stretched out her arm but she did not see that gecko granule mark which had accompanied her for 18 years. At this moment, she also finally realized that that dream was not a dream and was real. Yun Mo did not know how she left the stone room, and Shangguan Ling herself even more did not know. They went back to a house and respectively wore their clothes. After wearing their clothes, Shangguan Ling laid on the bed and cried. Although Yun Mo did not cry, but she also silently sat on the bed, with her tears about to come out anytime. Until now, her mind was still in a complete blank and only felt extremely grievance, grievance to the point that she wants to cry…… “Boohoo……” Shangguan Ling cried till her eyes turned turn. Suddenly, she stood up and used her sleeve to wipe her tears dry, then bit her lips ruthlessly as she said coldly, “I am going to kill that wretched goddamned lewd thief!” After finish speaking, she held a green color sword in her hand and straightforwardly ran towards the stone room. Standing outside the stone room’s door, Shangguan Ling became extremely exasperated, especially when she saw that goddamned swindler lying on the ground while that male object of his at his lower body was still gallantly erected there! “Goddamned lewd thief!” Shangguan Ling’s eyes were scarlet red, not knowing if it was due to crying red or was it anger. Holding onto the sword, she was going to stab Tang Qing to death with one single stab. Just that, when the tip of the sword was pointed at Tang Qing’s chest, she suddenly actually felt a kind of indescribable pain deep within her heart. This pain made her felt extremely sorrowful. “My heart feels pain!” Shangguan Ling held onto her chest. The indescribable pain deep within her heart made her felt extremely unwell. “Why did I felt sorrowful?” Not thinking too much, biting her teeth angrily, she stabbed towards Tang Qing’s chest with the sword once again. Suddenly! Tang Qing who was lying on the ground suddenly woke up as he raised his hand and used two fingers to firmly hold onto the tip of the sword. Standing up on the spot and staring at Shangguan Ling with his eyes, he shouted out severely, “What are you doing!” “You this swindler defiled my pure body, I am going to kill you!” Shangguan Ling totally lost her rationality and there was only incomparable rage within her eyes. Just when she was prepared to stab towards Tang Qing again, a white shadow flickered and Yun Mo suddenly appeared as she hit away the sword in Shangguan Ling’s hand, “Ling’er, you can’t!” “Big sister Mo! He defiled our pure body! Why are you stopping me?!” Shangguan Ling practically wailed out painfully. Perhaps her grievance was just too much. “We……Could have perhaps already formed into heaven affinity dao companion with him!” Although Yun Mo’s voice was very calm, but within the calmness, the feeling of despair was mixed in it. Despair to the point that her voice did not had any emotion. When ‘heaven affinity dao companion’ those four words reached Shangguan Ling’s ears, it was like a thunder from a clear sky, the shock that those four words brought to her was much more shocking than the shock she got when she woke up. Form heaven affinity, dao companion for eternity. Heaven affinity dao companion was a kind of heaven contract, implying that two cultivators who have an affinity for each other form a contract with heaven as a medium and would advance or retreat together in the future on the road of cultivation. Once two people form into heaven affinity dao companion, there were both advantage and disadvantage. Some people after forming into dao companion, their cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds. And some people after forming into dao companion, their cultivation would become difficult to take a step forward. Therefore, choosing one’s heaven affinity dao companion was a very strict and serious matter. When Shangguan Ling heard ‘heaven affinity dao companion’ those four words, she simply could not believe her own ears. As for Yun Mo at the side, her complexion was pale and at this moment, she seemed to be abnormally ice-cold and quiet. Yun Mo raised Shangguan Ling’s arm and lifted up Shangguan Ling’s sleeve up to her shoulder area. Not sure when, a dark red color cross appeared on Shangguan Ling’s arm. Soon after, Yun Mo undid her collar and on the middle of her plump twin peaks, there was also a dark red cross there. “His back……” Yun Mo said in despair. Shangguan Ling looked over to Tang Qing and on Tang Qing’s back, there was actually also a dark red cross. The demonic dark red color cross was horizontal on both of his shoulder and erect straight on his spine. Just what the demonic dark red cross was, Shangguan ling was not sure. However, when she saw that there was also the same imprint on Tang Qing’s back, it was as if she had been struck by lightning as she straightforwardly went paralyzed on the floor and mumbled, “It is actually heaven affinity imprint……why……why……why……” Everyone knew that when two cultivators who have an affinity with each other form into heaven affinity dao companion, a similar imprint would appear on the body of the two cultivators. This kind of imprint was known as heaven affinity imprint, implying that the heaven affinity of the two cultivators had been witnessed by the heaven. At the front, Tang Qing used the clothes on the floor to cover up his lower body. Turning his head and looking at the dark red cross imprint on his back, then looking at the two rose like bloodstain on the floor, then again looking at the imprint on Shangguan Ling’s and Yun Mo’s body, he seemed to roughly understood what happened. Just that, when he saw that there were two dark red talisman writing on both his left and right shoulder, his expression suddenly became startled and immediately started sensing the two dark red talisman writing. Right after sensing the two talisman writing, Tang Qing was like a balloon which got its air completely removed as he slide down with his back on the wall and squatted down on the floor. Tang Qing was currently feeling dispirited and desolate. Vex filled his eyes. Tang Qing drooped his head, appearing to be somewhat broken apart. He did not care about having sexual relations with those two ladies and also did not care about becoming heaven affinity dao companion with those two ladies. Even though he had always come and go around alone and was an advocate of freedom. Even though he also extremely detest heaven affinity dao companion, and within his eyes, heaven affinity was just like a rope which tied two person together. But what he really cared, what really made him broke apart and desolate were the two demonic talisman writing on his right and left shoulder. Those two talisman writing were one of the four great curse in this world, YinYang Curse. Although he had never come into contact with curse and also did not understood much about curse, but he still recognized it on the first look because also only the aura of a curse would contain the grandeur of the heaven, and only the aura of a curse would be that natural, that wicked and that strange. This was the YinYang Curse for god sake! It was the root of chaos in the Great Desolate era and the main culprit which caused the Great Desolate era to come to an end! Before fainting, Tang Qing had prayed time and time again that once YinYang Curse come out of the stone heart, it would not come and find him. It is truly what you fear the most would have the most chance of happening. In the end, the curse still came to find him. Tang Qing could not imagine what would become of him after being cursed by one of the four great curse. “I’m finished, you two have ruined me……” The words that Tang Qing said out was incomparably heat gripping, incomparably pitiful and incomparably sad, seemingly like a young woman who have been defiled by two beasts. When those words went into Yun Mo’s ears, she first went into a daze then questioned Tang Qing in disbelief, “We ruined you? You still dare to say?” Yun Mo felt like laughing, that kind of when one was angered to the extreme and extremely helpless kind of laugh. “You this goddamned lewd thief! What did you say! You defiled big sister Mo’s and my pure body and now you actually say that we ruined you? Do you still even want face!” Shangguan Ling’s voice was practically roared out. “Before opening that stone heart, I have warned you two multiple times that the thing inside the stone heart is dangerous and not to open it. Yet you two just don’t listen. If you two were willing to just listen to what I said, this kind of thing would not have happened. You two really harmed me disastrously……” Tang Qing said to himself numbly. As to why did him and those two woman had sexual relations and why did the heaven affinity dao companion formed unfathomably, he knew that it definitely had something to do with the YinYang Curse. As for the reason as to why those things happened, he was not clear and was too lazy to think about it. Right now, all he could think in his mind was the YinYang Curse. Although what Tang Qing said was the truth, but how would Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo who were in despair listen to those. Even if they were willing to listen, they would also definitely not admit that it was their fault because they were woman. “You……” Shangguan Ling felt exceptionally wronged and suddenly begun to weep as she turned around and ran out. Yun Mo was worried about Shangguan Ling and followed after Shangguan Ling, leaving Tang Qing alone in the stone room. Tang Qing was not a woman, but his mood right now was much more worse than a young lady who got defiled. In this life of his, the thing which he did not want to provoke the most was woman. It was not that he had no desire for the opposite sex. Having lived for so many years, he also had affairs with quite a few women and knew fully well that woman this kind of living creature was a kind of existence which cannot be understood. But right now, he had unfathomably formed heaven affinity with two women and became enteral dao companion with them. But that was not the important thing, the important thing was that he was cursed by YinYang Curse. This kind of strong and perverted curse was able to let that mystical Great Desolate era become completely chaotic and even caused the era come to an end. With that said, how could a little scattered immortal like him be able to endure the curse? Would he even be enough for the YinYang Curse to ravage on? It was not that Tang Qing’s endurance capability was weak. Oppositely, he had experienced Nine Layer Heavenly Tribulation, and thus his endurance was naturally incomparable. It was just that the word ‘curse’ was just too sickening. Look at the history, be it anyone who was cursed, no matter how strong the cultivation of those people were, they would become deranged in the end. Human yet not human, ghost yet not ghost, wishing to live but not able to live, wishing for death but not able to die. Within those people who were cursed, immortals and demons were not lacking in numbers at all, and moreover, all those people were only cursed by a small curse! [^1]: Gecko granule mark (??? shou gong sha) - A medicine used to verify virginity during ancient China. It is said that, once it is applied on a women's body, it would not disappear all year round. But once the woman have sexual intercourse with a male, it would immediately disappear.

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