Scattered Immortal Chapter 9 – Shangguan Ling’s identity

Noon of the day after the incident happened. The blazing sun hanged within the sky, emitting out blazing hot sunlight which roasted every corner of the world. On a small road, the chirpings of cicadas could be heard endlessly. Suddenly, the neighing sound of a horse came, with the speeding of a carriage. Tall fine horse, with its entire body in scarlet red, and when running, its hair was like a fireball that was burning ragingly. With such a high speed, what let one felt astonishing was that the carriage that the horse was pulling onto was exceptionally stable, and not a bit of jolting could be seen from the carriage at all. The person who was rushing the carriage was a youth, seemingly looking to be around the age of 20. The youth’s long hair fluttered along with the wind and under the youth’s sword-like brows, his long and narrow eyes were slightly squinted, showing a trace of indolence and a trace of indifference. His nose erected straight like a mountain, and his thin lips had a mild color. The corner of his mouth was slightly hooked up, showing a trace of casualness, a trace of unrestrained and a trace of unruly. “Goddamned swindler, do you know how to rush the carriage? Why is it so slow?!” The curtain of the carriage lifted open and two women could be seen sitting inside the carriage. The complexion of the woman of the left was exquisite and her beauty was compelling. Wearing a green Dui Jin[^1] with pink flower patterns embroidered on it, her soft hair was tied into a simple bun hair, with an elegant pure gold dangling hair ornament[^2] worn on the bun. The woman was currently frowning with her arms crossed as she looked slightly angrily at the youth. The woman who was sitting on the right, her complexion was a calm kind of beauty. She had a temperament which surpassed the masses, white clothes which surpassed snow, long black hair which dangled down naturally and a pair of enchanting serene eyes. Those three people were exactly Tang Qing, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo who had sexual relations due to an incident and unfathomably formed into heaven affinity and became eternal dao companions. “You feel that I am slow in rushing the carriage?” Tang Qing took a yawn lazily and said aloofly, “How about you come rush the carriage then?” “Damned swindler, don’t think that I really don’t dare to beat you!” Not sure why, every time when she sees Tang Qing’s face, ineffable anger would boil up deep within Shangguan Ling’s heart. Especially that frivolous within the casualness and unruliness within that indolence of that fellow made Shangguan Ling felt extremely irritated. “Anything you say.” Tang Qing no longer cared about the YinYang Curse that was intertwined with him. Rather than saying that he got over it, it would be better to say that he had already resigned to fate. In the rest of this life of his, to be able to enjoy one day is one day. Who cares about the heavenly tribulations or the curse, young master I don’t have the time to play with you all. You all can ravage me however you all like. “You!” Shangguan Ling was angered to point of gnashing her teeth. That angry expression in her eyes was as if she wished to eat Tang Qing’s flesh and gnaw on his bone. “Ling’er, calm down.” Discovering that Shangguan Ling was having the urge to hit Tang Qing, Yun Mo immediately shouted at Shangguan Ling to stop. Yun Mo was currently feeling somewhat helpless and somewhat puzzled. What made her felt helpless was Shangguan Ling’s temper and what made her felt puzzled was the feeling that Tang Qing gave to her. The feeling that Tang Qing gave her was a kind of totally casual, carefree and having seen through the world affairs kind of feeling, as if he did not care about anything in this world. For a normal person to be able to have such a state of temperament, Yun Mo could not help but feel bewildered about it. “Humph! You just wait until I removed the heaven affinity and I will show you some colors!” Shangguan Ling’s fierce words came out but Tang Qing did not care and was also too lazy to bother responding back to her. He knows that some heaven affinity could perhaps be removed through special methods, but he knew very clearly that the heaven affinity between him, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo was not any ordinary heaven affinity and that the heaven affinity even had something to do with YinYang Curse. For the YinYang Curse to be mixed with the heaven affinity, whoever who dare to remove it, they should just be prepared to meet with bad luck. Previously, Tang Qing only tried to sense the YinYang Curse and in the end, he almost got his mind shattered into pieces. It was unthinkable as to just what would happen if one was to try to remove the heaven affinity which the YinYang Curse had been a part of. Suddenly, a strict shouting sound came from the back. “The carriage at the front, stop right there!” A group of people who were wearing a full body armor, with a white cloak on their back, came whistling with the stern horse that they were riding on. There were about 10+ people within the group of people. The person who was in the lead was about 30+ years old, with a sword scabbard hanging on his back. With a shout, the horse that the person was riding on started neighing and jumped to the front of the carriage and intercepted the carriage. Immediately, the 10+ people at the back quickly surrounded the carriage. Tang Qing did not move or say anything, and only just swept over those people with his eyes. The male in the lead did not even take a look at Tang Qing directly as he pulled onto the reins and shouted with a scowl on his face, “I am the patrol chief of Harmony Sun City’s Holy Court, Zhang TaiRan. I have received orders to catch the culprit ‘thousand hand devil thief’. All carriage who are passing by here must go through a strict examination first!” This was an era where immortal were revered, holy beings were emperors, and evildoers rampaged around the lands. The Holy Domain controls, manages and uphold the rules and order of this world. Holy Domain created Holy Court, Holy Department and Holy Temple, with Holy Court being the most often seen. Holy Court is practically established within every city. The main duty of Holy Court was to capture the evil spirits and uphold the safety of the ordinary people. “I ask you, who is sitting in the carriage.” The cultivators of Holy Court were all high in positions and arrogant. When ordinary people see them, there was not one of them who does not fear them. Don’t talk about ordinary people, even if it was the cultivators of some sects, when they see till the cultivators of Holy Court, they would also have to venerate them to some degree. Evidently, those Holy Court cultivators did not place Tang Qing who looked just like an ordinary person within their eyes. Tang Qing still did not move or talk. After sweeping over those people with his eyes, he just straightforwardly closed his eyes. “You are courting death! Chief Zhang is asking you a question and you dare to not answer!” One of the Holy Court cultivators immediately got angry and leaped forward, striking out his palms straight at Tang Qing. However, just when his palms were about to strike onto Tang Qing’s head, a severe light ray suddenly flew out from the carriage and with a ‘bang’ sound, not sure what exactly happened, that Holy Court cultivator got struck and flew away from Tang Qing. “Preposterous! To dare to go against my Holy Court!” The patrol chief of Harmony Sun City’s Holy Court, Zhang TaiRan became angry. With a buzzing sound, the sword on his back was unsheathed. “Humph! Is Holy Court that big of a deal?” The curtain of the carriage got lifted open and Shangguan Ling walked out from the carriage as she glared at Tang Qing and said, “Damned swindler, if it was not for me, you would have been dead long ago.” After finish speaking, she looked at Zhang TaiRan and the few others Holy Court cultivators with a proud expression, seemingly to not place those people within her eyes at all. The light breeze blew her hair upwards, making her appear to be valiant and formidable-looking. Zhang TaiRan did not move. At this moment, he also seemed to completely forget about moving and was only looking foolishly at Shangguan Ling, with infatuation filled within his eyes. After a while, he then came back to his sense and coughed two times to hide his awkwardness. On his face, there was no more anger but only gentleness and smile right now. “The name of this humble one is Zhang TaiRan, the patrol chief of Harmony Sun City’s Holy Court. I have received orders to arrest thousand hand devil thief and did not know that young lady you would pass by here. If I had offended you in any just now, do forgive me.” When Shangguan Ling appeared, the attitude of Zhang Tai Ran obviously changed. “I have not heard of thousand hand devil thief and have also never seen before.” Shangguan Ling did not have any good impression of Holy Court, because, within the rumors, some Holy Court cultivators would often do whatever they want under the guise of arresting evildoers. “Oh, of course. With young lady’s profound cultivation, if you were to meet with thousand hand devil thief, he would definitely be dead!” Zhang TaiRan said with a humble smile, “May I ask this young lady if you are going to Harmony Sun City?” “What does it have to do with you!” Shangguan Ling only gazed coldly and was not polite in the slightest bit towards Zhang TaiRan. “Do not misunderstand young lady, it is just that Harmony Sun City is not that peaceful recently. This humble one is the patrol chief of Harmony Sun City’s Holy Court. If young lady does not mind, this humble one is willing to escort you to the city.” “There is no need for that! Step aside!” “Haha.” Zhang TaiRan did not have the intention to step aside at all and instead tapped onto the horse and moved closer towards Shangguan Ling, “To have the fortune to meet young lady today, I feel truly honored. Not sure what is young miss’s name?” Evidently, within the eyes of Zhang TaiRan, compared to the whereabouts of thousand hand devil thief, he seemed to be much more interested in Shangguan Ling this beautiful woman who made his state of mind rippled. “Want to know my name?” Shangguan Ling had a cold expression as she said in disdain, “You don’t have the qualifications.” “Hahaha!” Zhang TaiRan raised his head and laughed heartily, “I request this young lady to tell me your name then and we should see if I this Holy Court patrol chief have the qualifications or not.” “Ha!” Shangguan Ling sneered and looked at Zhang TaiYRan with extreme disgust. Casually taking out a tablet from her waist, she threw it over and shouted, “Then open up your dog eyes and take a clear look!” “Pa!” Zhang TaiRan raised his hand and caught the tablet. It was a white color tablet with a few big words ‘Holy Monarch QianShe’. When Zhang TaiRan saw ‘Holy Monarch Qianshe’ those words, the complacent expression on his face immediately vanished and became ashen white. He was even frightened to the point that he fell down from the horse. When he saw the row of small words below the few big words on the tablet, he immediately kneeled down on the ground and said with his voice trembling. “This……this small one did not know that princess Shangguan would honor us with your presence. This small one deserves to die a thousand time……” When the rest of the Holy Court cultivators heard ‘princess Shangguan’, they also got scared to the point that their face became pale and immediately kneeled down on the floor and kowtow[^3] to plead for forgiveness. Zhang TaiRan was scared already. Never would he in his dream had thought that the captivating woman in front of him would actually be princess Shangguan. When Shangguan Ling raised her hand, the tablet got sucked back to her. In this current world, holy beings were emperors. The military glories of the Eight Great Holy Monarch were able to jolt the world. Not a single person in this world did not know of the Eight Great Holy Monarch. However, when Tang Qing heard ‘Holy Monarch QianShe’ those words, his eyes which were originally closed suddenly opened as he gazed at Shangguan Ling with a somewhat complex expression and asked somewhat uncertainly, “You are Shangguan QianShe’s daughter?” When Tang Qing spoke out those words, Zhang TaiRan and the other few people who were kneeling on the ground were all astonished and scared dumbstruck as they went into a daze on the spot. Shangguan QianShe was one of the Eight Great Holy Monarch. Up to today, there were not many who would dare to call out the name of the fiery tempered Great Monarch QianShe who had went through countless battlefields . And this fellow in front of them actually dared to call out the name of princess Shangguan’s father in front of princess Shangguan? He is tired of living! “Damned swindler, what about it?” Although Shangguan Ling was willful, she would never cause trouble without reason. Although she was somewhat angry that Tang Qing called out her father’s name, she was only somewhat angry and nothing else. No matter was it Shangguan Ling or Yun Mo, they were able to see the astonishment in Tang Qing’s eyes. Indeed, no matter which male was it, to unfathomably form into heaven affinity dao companions with two women and finding out that one of the women was actually princess Shangguan, such a high position and identity, how would they not be astonished and not be happy. Tang Qing was indeed somewhat astonished, but there was not any happiness felt. The reason he was astonished was not because of Shangguan Ling’s identity, but because she knew of Shangguan Ling’s father, Shangguan QianShe. However, that was a very long time ago already. Such a long time ago when Tang Qing was still only a little brat, and Shangguan QianShe was still an unsensible little brat. [^1]: Dui Jin (??duì jin) – A kind of ancient Chinese clothing. [^2]: Dangling hair ornament (?? bù yáo) - A kind of hair ornament which women in ancient China wore [^3]: (?? kòutóu) – an act of deep respect shown by prostration. The highest sign of reverence in Chinese culture. It involves kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground. The person kowtowing may also knock their head repeatedly against the ground (to the point of injury), especially when they’re desperately pleading for something or wish to show their utmost sincerity.

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