Scattered Immortal Chapter 10 – Green Jade School

Harmony Sun City could be counted as a beautiful and fertile city, with many talented cultivators and geniuses coming out from the city. Harmony Sun City being able to become a city like this was because of its long history and also the three school within its area. In this era where immortal were revered, holy beings were emperors and evildoer rampaged around the lands, cultivation was always the main focus in this world. Thus naturally, the existence of cultivation sects was very important. Green Jade School was one of the three biggest school in the area of Harmony Sun City and have nurtured quite a lot of talents in the past few years. Because the school was very strict when it comes to recruiting disciple, thus many people were only able to look from afar and had no hope of entering the school. However, a few years ago when a new school head with the surname Shangguang took control of Green Jade School, she lowered the criteria needed when recruiting disciples. Even if one did not have an outstanding family background and exceptionally good aptitude, they still also had the chance to join the school and become cultivator disciples. Because of that, within a few years, the fame of Green Jade School increased tremendously and its public reputation also completely surpassed the other two school. Upon reaching Green Jade School, Tang Qing got blocked by two gatekeeper disciples. Upon seeing that, Shangguan Ling came down from the carriage as she took out a tablet and not sure what she said, the expression of the two gatekeeper disciples immediately changed greatly. One of the gatekeeper disciples immediately went to notify someone in the school and after a short while, a green clothing female walked out from the school. When the woman saw Shangguan Ling, she first went into a daze, then happy afterward. Walking over to Shangguan Ling, the woman held onto Shangguan Ling’s hands, seemingly like two sisters who have not seen each other for a very long time. Shangguan Ling and the green clothing woman walked into the school. Since it was prohibited for carriage to go into the school, Tang Qing followed behind them while squinting his eyes as he looked around and thought to himself, “The space in this school is not that small and the spiritual energy[^1] here is somewhat abundant. This place is actually suitable for cultivating.” “Biyi, we have not seen each other for years already right? How have you been in all those years”? Ever since Shangguan Ling’s aunt had come here to be the school head, she had come over here a few times and thus knew that Biyi is her aunt’s disciple. “That’s right, it has been three years already. Ling’er really is becoming more and more beautiful.” When Biyi smiled, she appeared somewhat sweet and pleasant. “Hehe, Biyi, do you know who she is?” Shangguan Ling pointed at Yun Mo who was next to her and smiled mysteriously. “This big sister is truly very beautiful……” Biyi halted, looked at Yun Mo and praised sincerely. She swore that the woman in front her eyes was the most beautiful woman she had seen, “Ling’er, don’t keep me in suspense already, quickly introduce to me this beautiful big sister.” Shangguan Ling blinked her beautiful eyes and feigned mysterious as she said, “Oh, who is the person you want to meet with the most?” “The person I want to meet with the most?” Biyi crooked her head and pondered seriously, then said, “The person I want to meet with the most is of course fairy Yun. Ling’er why did you ask this?” While speaking, Biyi suddenly went into a daze, seemingly to have suddenly realized something, she pointed at Yun Mo and said uncertainly, “Could it be……this beautiful big sister is fairy……fairy Yun?” In this era where immortal were revered, the number of women that could get the reputation of ‘fairy’ could be counted with the number of fingers in one hand, and Yun Mo was one of those them. “Hehe, I told you long ago that big sister Mo and I are sisters with a very good relationship.” Shangguan Ling introduced excitedly and said to Yun Mo, “Big sister Mo, Biyi worships you very much. All those music charts of yours, she actually collects all of them.” “Biyi, I have heard before from Ling’er about you. You are much sweeter than what Ling’er had described to me.” Yun Mo smiled simply and elegantly. “Wow! Are you really big sister fairy Yun?” Biyi appeared to be extremely excited, excited to the point that she was speaking incoherently and even crying tears of joy, weeping out involuntarily, “Big sister fairy Yun, do you know? During the time when I was feeling the most helpless and frustrated, it was your song ‘wingless travel’ which gave me hope and resolute faith. When my cultivation was met with obstruction, it was your song ‘pursue the sun’ which helped me broke through my bottleneck. When my imagination was running wild, it was your song ‘ocean heart sound’ which helped me calm down my mind.” Poems, drawings and music charts were the three biggest arts in this era and every one of them was very profound. If one did not have the talent needed, they would completely not be able to be good in those arts. More importantly, no matter was it poems, drawings or music charts, all of them needed strong mental strength. As one’s mental strength would be concentrated into the poems, drawing and music charts, all of those were thus able to trigger one’s thoughts, open up one’s thoughts and purify one’s spirit. Not exaggerating even a bit, an expert who was formidable in any of those arts, with a poem, they were able to make one go into qi deviation. With a drawing, they were able to let a person be able to breakthrough their bottleneck. With a music chart, they would even be able to heal the pain and sorrow in one’s heart. To be acclaimed as a fairy, the 10+ song charts of Yun Mo’s were revered as classics by countless young males and females. Therefore, the title of fairy Yun had been world famous since five years ago. Having seen till her idol, Biyi was currently extremely excited and asked Yun Mo questions incessantly. Of course, Yun Mo also answered to each of her questions patiently. Only until they reached the door of a manor then did they stopped as Biyi said, “Big sister Ling’er and big sister Yun Mo, school head Shangguan is inside of the manor. You all can just go ahead and go in.” “Oh. Biyi, chat with you later then.” Looking at Biyi who was leaving reluctantly, Shanggaun Ling said teasingly, “Big sister Mo, seems like Biyi likes you very much, so don’t you let her down!” “Biyi is very adorable. But the more adorable one is you. At this time already and yet you are still able to smile.” Hearing what Yun Mo said, Shangguan Ling seemed to just remember the reason as to why she came to Green Jade School this time. The smile on her face gradually disappeared as she glared at Tang Qing ferociously and said, “Hey Tang Qing! Later when we meet with my aunt, don’t you say anything do you hear me! If you dare to say any rubbish, I will beat you up!” “I think it’s better to just let him wait here first.” Yun Mo and Shangguan Ling were good sisters, so Yun Mo naturally knew of Shanggaun Ling’s aunt, and she also knew that Shangguan Ling’s aunt’s temper was much worse compared to Shangguan Ling. For Tang Qing’s safety, she felt that it was better to not let Shangguan Ling’s aunt see Tang Qing first. “Damned swindler, did you hear that? Just stay here and not move. If you dare to run around...” Shangguan Ling wrinkled her nose and raised her fist to show might as she said, “You understand the rest.” After finish speaking, she walked into the manor with Yun Mo. Tang Qing did not reply and took a look at the sun in the sky as he yawned. Looking around left and right, after finding a big tree, he walked towards the tree and lied down below the tree to take a short nap. He was currently very weak and tired and needed to rest. As for what the two women came to Green Jade School to do, he did not know and also did not want to know. Ever since he decided to not care about the YinYang Curse, he also became completely at ease. As for how to walk down the path in the future, he had decided to just let nature take its course. …… “Oh! I was wondering why there was two Eurasian magpie which kept chirping at me incessantly this morning. So it was actually foreshadowing the famous princess Shangguan and fairy Yun Mo those two exceptional beauties would be honoring me with their presence!” With the manor, not long after Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo walked in, a leisured voice could be heard coming from hall room. The hint of indolence was contained within the voice. Right after the door of the hall room opened, a woman which looked about 30+ years old appeared right at the door. The woman wore a light purple clothing which had orchid patterns embroidered on it and her neat hair drooped on her neck naturally. A phoenix dangling ornament was worn on her head and her eyes were dreamy, revealing a trace of indolence. The corner of her mouth had a pondering kind of smile and a few nuts were clasped in her hand as she continuously threw the nuts in her mouth one by one while looking at the two women with a faint smile. The woman was not any other person and was exactly Shangguan Ling’s aunt, Green Jade School’s current school head, Shangguan Qixue. “Aunt, Ling’er miss you to death!” Upon seeing her aunt, Shangguan Ling practically threw herself towards Shangguan Qixue excitedly. Shangguan Qixue stretched out her arms and let Shangguan Ling fly into her own embrace as she said with a smile, “Did you really miss me, or is it a lie?” “Aunt……” The only person who could make Shangguan Ling act coquettishly was perhaps only Shangguan Qixue. “Mo’er, the way I treat you is not in the least bit different from how I treat Ling’er! Why is there not even a passionate hug when you see your aunt?” Yun Mo knew Shangguan Ling since she was young and was also very familiar with Shangguan Qixue, and therefore also called her aunt. Seeing Shangguan Qixue beckoning her over, she smiled and shouted out ‘aunt’ as she walked over to Shangguan Ling and hugged her. Treating herself as the aunt of Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo, Shangguan Qixue could not help but tease the two girls for a while, causing Shangguan Ling to act coquettishly incessantly and Yun Mo to be somewhat shy. Shangguan Qixue loves the two girls dearly and thus kept on enquired about their well-being. “Aunt, how have you been these days?” “Me?” Walking into the hall room, Shangguan Qixue immediately ordered the maids to prepare fine liquor and delicious food as she sat on a chair leisurely and said while eating nuts, “What else but just the same as usual. I made a big mess and actually got send all the way to this crappy place by your dad. All I can do now is slowly endure day by day.” Shangguan Qixue looked at the two girls and asked, “What about you two? How have you two been? Is there any fun thing? Say out and let your aunt me be entertained for a bit. Your aunt I have been looking at those old antiques all day long and is already on the verge of being bored to death. Oh, that’s right, elder uncle Meng came looking for me not long ago and said that you are interested in talisman writings for a period of time? Haha……others don’t understand you but how could your aunt not understand you? For you to actually be interested in talisman writings, it definitely means that you got a magic treasure that you are unable to appraise and thus had no choice but to go around asking for guidance. How about it? Did you aunt guessed it right? Just what magic treasure is it? Take it out and let your aunt have a look.” “Ah!” Shangguan Ling did not expect her aunt to suddenly talk about a topic that had to do with the stone heart and could not help but be astonished and not know what to do. Yun Mo’s expression also slightly changed. Although Yun Mo’s expression recovered back to how it was very quick, that moment was still caught by Shangguan Qixue. Looking at Shangguan Ling, then looking at Yun Mo, seemingly to have sensed something peculiar, she said slowly, “Did you two caused some trouble?” Shangguan Ling originally wanted to conceal for a bit, but when she came into contact with her aunt’s sharp eyes, she could not help but lower her head and called out her aunt softly, then did not dare to say anything anymore. “Seeing the look on you two, the trouble that you two have cause seems to be not small!” Shangguan Qixue mumbled to herself, while still chewing on the nuts in her mouth. Changing her gaze towards Yun Mo, “I believe if Ling’er caused trouble. But what made me felt confused is that, Mo’er, you don’t seem like the type to cause trouble? Just what thing is it? I am truly very curious.” Shangguan Ling did not dare to talk, and also did not dare to raise her head. Yun Mo hesitated over and over again, and finally decided to just say out everything. Yun Mo said in a very low voice, “Aunt……Ling’er and I……formed into heaven affinity with an unfamiliar man and became dao companions.” “Wh……” Shangguan Qixue who was eating nuts immediately stood up and just when she wanted to open her mouth, she got choked by the nuts and coughed. Not having the time to drink water, Shangguan Qixue opened her eyes wide and said unbelievably, “What! Mo’er, what did you just say? I did not hear it wrong right? You repeat what you say again.” Yun Mo repeated what she said to Shangguan Qixue. “My god!” Shangguan Qixue who was very leisure and indolent just now was currently completely frozen on the spot, just as if like she just got struck by lightning. [^1]: Spiritual Energy - Energy/qi taken in by cultivators that allow them to cultivate and increase their cultivation

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