Scattered Immortal Chapter 11 – Aunt’s rage

When Yun Mo finished saying out the entire process of how the matter went in a very low voice, Shangguan Qixue's facial expression became ashen as her small mouth opened and closed continuously. The astonishment Shangguan Qixue felt could not be explained with words. She simply could not believe what her ears had heard and was just in a daze on the spot and not able to get out of her current state for quite a moment. “Aunt……Ling’er knows her wrong already……” Shangguan Ling said in a low voice, her voice being tinier than a mosquito. “It is all my fault……” Yun Mo also lowered her head and said, “If it was not me for wanting to open that stone heart, this kind of thing would not have happened……” Stone heart? Erotic dreamland? Sexual relationship? Heaven affinity dao companion? “You! You two……” Shangguan Qixue took a deep breath and glared with her eyes while pointing at Shangguan Ling and practically roared out, “You this damned girl! How many have I told you already that there are many things within this world that you all cannot come into contact with and if you all do not have definite assurance, do not come into contact with those things which origin is unknown?! But you all just won’t listen and now look! Play! You all play! Play to the point that you two even played your own self!” “Also you! Mo’er, forget about it if Ling’er that girl is greedy in wanting to have fun. But how could you also accompany her to mess around blindly like that? You clearly already knew that that thing belonged to the Great Desolate era, so why would you still want to come into contact with it? Do you not know that the Great Desolate is the most chaotic era?” “Aunt, I am wrong……” “Aunt, Ling’er know what I have caused a big trouble this time. So please don’t say any anymore……” No matter was it Shangguan Ling or was it Yun Mo, all they could do right now was remain silent. “Wrong? Just wrong only?” Shanggaun Ling got so mad that she began to laugh involuntarily, “Cause a big trouble? Is this a big trouble? This is practically like the heaven collapsing! If this matter was to be known by that strict father of yours, I dare to confirm that you this damned girl will definitely be beaten to death. Also you, Mo’er, it’s not like you don’t know that that master of yours became deranged because of a man and the thing she loathes the most are men. If your master was to know of this matter, at that time, you won’t even have the chance to die!” “Aiyo, my god! This is angering me to death.” Shangguan Qixue’s blood pressured raised immeasurably and thus she sat back down on the chair as she held onto her head, “My head hurts. My head is on the verge of bursting from anger because of you two.” Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo immediately went up to help Shangguan Qixue pour tea but where would Shangguan Qixue even have the mood to drink tea right now? After standing up, Shangguan Qixue shouted fiercely, “Where is that scoundrel with the surname Tang? I want to tear him into pieces!” “Aunt……Since things have already become like this and we have also already become heaven affinity dao companions with him, if he were to be killed by you, it will definitely affect Ling’er and me greatly.” Yun Mo was shocked. She knew that when Shangguan Qixue become ruthless, it was definitely not something a normal person would be able to understand. “I’m really angered silly by you two.” Shangguan Qixue rubbed on her temple and said, “He is already the heaven affinity dao companion of you two. If he were to die, the mental of you two will definitely suffer a setback and the cultivation of you two will become damaged too. Also, if he were to die, the cultivation path of you two will definitely be filled with great obstacles and suffer from ill-fated relationships incessantly. Cannot kill and must not kill. Especially a heaven affinity formed under this kind of situation, the more he cannot be killed!” “Aunt, big sister Mo is already prepared to go find big sister Long to ask for her help. Big sister Long possesses remarkable abilities. She will definitely have a way.” “Lady Long? You mean that lady Long? Oh, she is indeed a talented girl and possesses remarkable abilities. However……” Shangguan Qixue gradually recovered her rationality and said, “However, heaven affinity dao companion is an affinity that is witnessed by the heaven and some special methods may or may not be able to undo it. It is still okay if lady Long is able to help you two undo the heaven affinity, but if she cannot undo the heaven affinity, the consequences it would trigger would also be extremely serious!” “Ah! Aunt, then what do we do?” Shangguan Ling was on the point of wanting to cry but had no tears. “Nothing is definite in this world. Even if there is only a trace of hope, we also cannot give up on it. Mo’er, you go and find lady Long and see if she have any way to undo the heaven affinity or not. However, we also cannot place all of our hope on lady Long. Undoing heaven affinity is a matter that is considered as going against the heaven and the chance of the heaven affinity being undone is dim. It is still okay if we can undo the heaven affinity, but if we can’t, it is a matter that concerns the rest of the life of you two. I may perhaps be able to help you two conceal the matter for a certain period of time, but I would definitely not be able to conceal it forever.” Shangguan Qixue was after all much older than Shangguan ling and Yun Mo and had experienced much more than the two of them. After thinking everything over clearly, she said, “If we can’t undo the heaven affinity, what you two and that scoundrel with the surname Tang would have to face against would be a big sect, an empire, an ancient family and a deranged super expert.” Shangguan Qixue’s words made Shangguan Ling’s and Yun Mo’s expression became ugly gradually. “Where is that scoundrel with the surname Tang? I want to meet with him.” “He……” Shangguan Ling bit on her lips and pointed outside as she said, “He should be outside. I will go call him come in.” Walking out of the manor, Shangguan ling immediately saw Tang Qing lying down below a tree and taking a nap! After such a big thing happened, this damned fellow actually seemed as if nothing had happened. When it was time to eat, he ate much more pleasantly than the others, and when it was time to sleep, he would just sleep as normal! “Damned swindler! What time is it already! Why do you only know how to sleep?!” Tang Qing opened his eyes and said without a care, “If not what do you want me to do?” “My aunt wants to see you! Follow me!” Shangguan ling glared at Tang Qing, then said, “My aunt’s temper is much worse than mine. You better be well-behaved, if not she will definitely beat you to death. However, you also don’t have to be afraid.” Afraid? Tang Qing did not know what afraid was. Although he was very weak now, but he still possessed the Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Body and normal cultivators practically could not damage him the slightest bit at all. No matter how high Shangguan Ling’s cultivation was, he also did not place it in his eyes at all. Walking into the hall room, Tang Qing immediately saw that beautiful and graceful woman who was sitting on a chair and guessed in his heart that the woman was most probably the aunt that Shangguan Ling talked about? Tang Qing looked at Shangguan Ling’s and Yun Mo’s facial expression and he seemed to have guessed something and explained, “Not sure how I should address this person here. You listen to me. Regarding this entire matter, I am completely the victim.” Hearing the word ‘victim’, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. Although the matter was indeed like that, but this fellow was after all a male, so how could he just treat himself as a victim that indifferently? Shangguan Qixue gestured to the two girls to not be rush as she stared at Tang Qing with her icy cold eyes, seemingly like a wolf, as if she would swallow up Tang Qing anytime. “This big young miss, I see that you are also not the kind of people to be impulse. The matter is like this……” Tang Qing stood still and within the ordinary and unhurried expression of his, not a trace of nervousness of fear could be seen. This kind of feeling felt like, he could explain and if you accept his explanation, then good. If you cannot accept his explanation, he also won’t insist on you accepting it. All he was doing was just letting nature take its course only. Big young miss? When those three words were let out from Tang Qing’s mouth, Shangguan ling and Yun Mo went into a daze and even within the eyes of Shangguan Qixue, a trace of blank flickered. After the blank within Shangguan Qixue’s eyes went away, anger came. “When I was swinging sword, you this little brat was still playing with mud! To call me big young miss? Are you looking for a beating? Stand still and don’t move!” Shangguan Qixue stretched out her hands and touched Tang Qing’s head, then his shoulders, arms, waist, and legs. Tang Qing saw that she did not have any bad intentions and thus did not move and allowed her to just touch his entire body. Shangguan ling and Yun Mo did not know what their aunt was doing, but they discovered that after finish touching Tang Qing, the facial expression on their aunt became much uglier and ashen, and even the corner of her mouth was also twitching unnaturally as she glared at the two of them. Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo felt their hair standing from being glared at like that by Shangguan Qixue. Just when they were about to open their mouth and said something, the roaring sound of Shangguan Qixue immediately engulfed them. “You this two damned girls! One of you is a princess and the other is a famous fairy and yet both of you formed into heaven affinity with the same person. If the person was a dragon among men, forget about it and I would also not say anything. But even if the person was not a dragon among men, it would also do if he had a big identity. Even if the person did not have a big identity, it would also do if he possessed a good family background! Even if he did not possess a good family background, he should also at least be someone talented right? Even if the person was not talented, he should also at least be an expert with a high cultivation right? Take a thousand steps back, it would also be okay if you two formed heaven affinity with an ordinary person. Even if it was not an ordinary person, he should at least be someone who has a decent aptitude right? Even if it was someone who was inferior a bit would also do. But why did you two find a rotten wood who has the worst aptitude I have ever seen in my life?!” “Aiyo, my god! My head hurts so much!” Shangguan Qixue felt that her head was in great pain and after she sat back on the chair, she still felt giddy. All she could do was massage her temple and breathe in and out heavily. Is he really that bad? No matter was it Shangguan Ling or was it Yun Mo, both of them were using a kind of extremely complicated expression to look at Tang Qing. Within the complicated expression, there was helplessness, pity, sympathy and also grievance. Tang Qing who was at the side also felt somewhat awkward. His corporeal body was thoroughly boomed into crumbles by the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation. All the meridians in his body were broke apart, his dantian was shattered and his blood was stagnated. His body right now was a complete mess and was many times worse than a rotten wood. “Aunt, what do we do now?” At this moment, Shangguan Ling was like a frightened little bird, not even daring to take a huge breathe at all. “What do we do? What else can we do now?” Shangguan Qixue lied down on the chair and closed her eyes as she massaged her temper and breathed in and out heavily, “Mo’er, you go and find lady Long first. Ling’er you go back to your sect first and act as if nothing had happened. As for Tang Qing this little scoundrel, leave him at my place first. You two have already formed into heaven affinity with him. If he was to still be like this, he will implicate the cultivation of you two. The only thing we can do for now is to think of a way to raise his cultivation. Only by doing this, then would he not implicate you two. However, it is certain that he will influence the cultivation speed of you two.” Shangguan Qixue opened her eyes and looked at Tang Qing and laughed involuntarily, “It is best for you two to not expect for this rotten wood to be able to grow much. For him to be able to become foundation establishment within 10 years would even be counted for him to be lucky.” “10 years? That long?” In Shangguan Ling’s impression, the amount of time she used to become foundation establishment was less than a year only. “Do you think that this rotten wood is that easy to bloom? 10 years is already a rough estimation. Right now you two better wish for a miracle to happen, if not when the time comes, then it would really be the situation of heaven falling. Right now we can only take it step by step. I will bring him to meet with the school's elders tomorrow. If he is able to become the direct disciple of the school, his cultivation speed may increase somewhat. However, this fellow’s aptitude is really……and moreover, I am not on good terms with those elders too. In any way, you two can be at ease, I will do my best to help him raise his cultivation.”

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