Scattered Immortal Chapter 12 – Cold and indifferent

Night, the starry sky shone brightly and the breeze blew around. Green Jade School, within the courtyard. Tang Qing was leaning onto a wall and sitting on a stool with one of his leg placed on top of his other leg. His eyes were half opened and half closed while he ate the peanuts that he held within his hand leisurely. If he was to cast away all the troubles he has on him, this kind of leisure life was indeed comfortable. If there was a pot of wine, it would be perfect. Humming onto songs while drinking wine has always been the kind of life that Tang Qing dreamt of. “Damned swindler!” Upon coming back from aunt’s place, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo saw just how leisured Tang Qing was and an indescribable anger immediately engulfed over them, especially Shangguan Ling who could not stand seeing Tang Qing’s indolent attitude. While she herself was enduring such a huge pressure and was close to the point of breaking down, this fellow appeared to be not even caring about anything at all, seemingly as if everything had nothing to do with him. Yun Mo was also the same. Although she was not feeling as angry as Shangguan Ling, she felt extremely puzzled. She could not understand and comprehend how after such a huge thing happened, this fellow was still able to be so casual and free at ease. Casual to the point as if everything didn’t matter to him and free at ease to the point as if everything that had happened had not happened at all. “I and big sister Mo are leaving tomorrow. From today onwards, you this swindler better honestly stay at Green Jade School and not go anywhere else, do you listen!” “Understood.” Tang Qing was still leisurely eating nuts as he replied lazily. “You!” Shangguan Ling took a deep breath and restrained the anger within her heart, “Also! From tomorrow onwards, you better cultivate properly! If you dare to slack off, I will not spare you!” “There is no need for me to cultivate right? Didn’t you all have a way to undo the heaven affinity? I will just wait here for you all.” After experiencing the Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Heavenly Tribulation and cultivated for who knows how many years, he had long been tired and disgusted with cultivating. “You think the heaven affinity is that easy to undo? What if it can’t be undo? If you don’t cultivate, you will implicate me and big sister Mo, do you know that or not, you scoundrel!” “Oh.” “You! You this scoundrel is angering me to death! Do you really want to get beat up that badly?” Shangguan Ling glared angrily at Tang Qing as she clenched her teeth with anger. At this time, Yun Mo walked over and said lightly, “Ling’er, you go back and rest first. As for the matter pertaining to Tang Qing cultivating, I am sure that aunt will definitely have a way. Just what kind of person aunt is, are you not clear yourself?” After hearing what Yun Mo said, Shangguan Ling’s anger seemed to have dissipated quite a lot. A trace of a mysterious grin appeared on Shangguan Ling face while she looked at Tang Qing and smiled somewhat gloatingly as she said, “Let me tell you, my aunt’s temper is very odd. If you dare to slack off, she will definitely not let you off! My aunt is very fierce, humph! You just wait to get beat up!” After Shangguan Ling left, Yun Mo did not leave and simply just stood still as she looked at Tang Qing with her serene eyes. After a while, she then begun to speak, “I am very sorry to have you dragged into this matter. Tomorrow, I will go and search for big sister Long. She should have a way to help undo our heaven affinity. If the heaven affinity really could not be undo……” Yun Mo did not continue speaking because she also did not know what she should do if the heaven affinity could not be undo. While shaking her head, she walked up to Tang Qing slowly and said, “From tomorrow onwards, you just stay here and cultivate. Although aunt’s personality and temper are odd, but she will definitely guide you with her heart and soul. I hope that you will treasure this chance. Not for Ling’er and also not for me, but for you yourself. There is, after all, no harm in possessing cultivation.” Tang Qing was also looking at Tang Qing, but he was not talking. “Let me lend a strand of hair from you.” Although Yun Mo said that she was lending, she practically did not care whether Tang Qing agreed or disagreed and straightforwardly plucked a strand of hair from Tang Qing’s head. After that, she also plucked a strand of her own hair and entwined the two strand of hair onto her forefinger. She then rubbed her thumb onto her forefinger and blood began flowing out from her forefinger, dying the two strand of hair into blood color. Soon after that, she moved her fingers around, seemingly to be incanting some kind of magic technique, then afterward dabbed onto Tang Qing’s chest with her forefinger. Tang Qing’s sword-like brows twitched as he shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “There is no need for this right?” Yun Mo smiled gracefully, “Don’t misunderstand, this thing is called blood spirit seal. If you are in any kind of danger, it will be able to save your life once.” Tang Qing naturally knew that this was blood spirit seal. In danger, this thing could indeed trigger some kind of strength, but he also knew that this thing also had another capability, which was tracking. After being cast with blood spirit seal, even if he were to run to the edge of the world, if Yun Mo wants to find him, it would be as simple as turning over her hand. Yun Mo this woman seems to be quite gentle and quiet, but her mind was not simple. “You, take care!” What Yun Mo did not know was that, not long after she left, the blood spirit seal she dabbed onuo Tang Qing’s body turned into a trace of mist and gradually disappeared. …… Ever since Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo left, Tang Qing had been going to sleep whenever he wants and waking up naturally every time. Occasionally, he would sunbathe in the morning and enjoy the night breeze in the night. During free time, he would eat some nuts, while occasionally also having some fruits to whet his appetite. Every time when it was time to eat, a female disciple called Biyi would punctually bring food to him. Those kind of days were really somewhat comfortable that Tang Qing even thought to himself that this kind of life was also actually not that bad too. Right now, Tang Qing’s heart was feeling very comfortable. This kind of feeling was truly wonderful. Undergoing tribulations? To hell with that! Only grandson would go and undergo a scattered immortal’s Heavenly Tribulation. Tang Qing had been a grandson for who knows how many years already. This time, he wants to be a true big master for once! However, this kind of comfortable days only lasted for three days until a woman suddenly burst into the courtyard. This woman seemed to be around the age of 30.She wore a white color round neck tree peony embroidered clothe and a wine-red color skirt which dragged on the floor. Her black jade hair was tied into a hair bun, with a pure gold phoenix ornament hairpin that had a ruby embed on it pierced through the hair bun. On her waist, a suspend jewelry was worn tied to her sash, and a pure gold bracelet was worn on her jade-white hand. The woman looked graceful and luxurious. Her appearance was as beautiful as the moon and her beauty was like a lotus that had just bloomed, especially her dazzling eyes which however had a kind of coldness to it. The woman was precisely Green Jade School’s school head, Shangguan Qixue. A young lady which seemed lovable and pleasant followed behind her. Tang Qing recognized the young lady, she was exactly Biyi who had been bringing the meals to him these past few days. Shangguan Qixue looked at Tang Qing, with no expression on that beautiful face of hers and her eyes were tranquil like water. Seemingly as if looking at a dead person, there was no fluctuation of emotions within her eyes at all, and even her voice too was cold and indifferent. “My name is Shangguan Qixue, the school head of Green Jade School. Since Ling’er and Mo’er have handed you over to me, from today onwards, you are a disciple of Green Jade School. From now onwards, Biyi will be the one to teach you about cultivating.” After finish speaking, Shangguan Qixue took out a white jade bottle and handed it over to Biyi at the side and said, “Biyi, this is a transforming rotten pill. After he has finish understanding the fundamental knowledge of cultivating, let him take the pill.” After finish speaking, Shangguan Qixue straightforwardly left, seemingly to be too lazy to even take one more look at Tang Qing. Indeed! If not for this fellow incidentally forming into heaven affinity with Ling’er and Mo’er, she would not even take a look at this kind of small character like him. In her eyes, she only cares about Tang Qing’s life and death, and his cultivation, because only those two factors would affect Ling’er and Mo’er. Other than that, whether if this fellow’s character, mind, conduct and so on were good or bad, she did not even have the tiny bit of interest at all! “Disciple understood!” Transforming rotten pill, it has the ability to transform something rotten into something magical, which was one of the three great foundation establishment pills. Medicinal pills like transforming rotten pill were extremely precious. As a direct disciple, Biyi has not used it before. In the whole Green Jade School, only the head disciple Guan Ming had used the pill before. She also knew that, within Green Jade School, there was only 3 transforming rotten pill.

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