Scattered Immortal Chapter 13 – The adorable fatty

In the early morning, the shine shone brightly. Tang Qing stood on the steps in front of the door and squinted his eyes as he gazed at the sun as he stretched. The sleep he just had was very comfortable. “You finally woke up.” A voice came over and Tang Qing only then discovered that a young lady appeared in the courtyard. The young lady wore a green shirt and skirt and had a lovable appearance. The young lady was precisely Biyi who had been bringing food to Tang Qing in those few recent days. “Morning! Why is there no breakfast today?” Tang Qing impression of this young lady was very good. Educated, gentle and adorable. “Where would there be any breakfast when you woke up this late.” Shangguan Qixue was Biyi’s master. Thus, she would naturally not dare to neglect the matters that her master requested her to do. When dawn just came today, she had already arrived at this courtyard, but she discovered that Tang Qing was still asleep when she arrived and thus begun to cultivate in the courtyard first. Just that, she did not expect that she would have cultivated for such a long time, and furthermore did not expect that this fellow would have actually slept all the way from yesterday afternoon until now. “Seems like I can only wait until afternoon to be able to eat.” Tang Qing sat down on a chair and leaned his back on the wall, placed his leg on the other leg, and squinted his eyes as he prepared to sunbathe. “Master told me to let you take down this pill right after you wake up.” Biyi walked towards Tang Qing, then took out a white jade bottle from her waist and poured out a pill from the bottle. “What pill is this?” Tang Qing took the pill from Biyi, then sniffed the pill and thought to himself that the pill was seemingly a pill used for cultivators at the foundation establishment realm. “This is a transforming rotten pill. Consuming the pill will benefit you greatly in the foundation establishment realm. The pill is very……very precious. You quickly consume the pill first.” Up until now, Biyi was still unable to understand why her master would let this fellow who seems strange to consume such a precious medicinal pill. “Oh.” Tang Qing did not feign courteous with Biyi and straightforwardly threw the pill into his mouth and swallowed the pill down just as if the pill was a sweet bean. Although this pill was indeed very helpful for foundation establishment, but for him, there was not a bit of usefulness for him at all. Nevertheless, having a transforming rotten pill to consume was better than not having any at all. After all, the transforming rotten pill was still a foundation establishment pill. Consuming the pill would still at least have a tiny bit of help in helping his corporeal body recover. “After consuming transforming rotten pill, your muscles, bones, and skin will all improve and when you cultivate in the future, everything will also be half easier for you. I hope that you will properly cherish this transforming rotten pill which is not easy to get and not let down master’s effort. Right now, I will tell you about some basic knowledge about cultivating. Listen seriously……” At the beginning of cultivation, foundation establishment was the root. Cultivators at the foundation establishment realm have to refine nine layers of the corporeal body. First, second and third layer was to refine the skin. Fourth, fifth and sixth layer was to refine the bones. Seven, eight and ninth layer was to refine the muscles. Once the ninth layer comes to a bottleneck, and the foundation establishment was complete, at that time, the corporeal body will change and be reborn, becoming impervious to swords and spears, and possessing extraordinary strength. “I will demonstrate a fist technique for you next. This fist technique is known as ‘green fist’. This fist technique is created by my Green Jade School’s ancestor. Cultivating this fist technique can help you refine your skin. See clearly.” Biyi took a few steps backward and begun to practice the fist technique. The fist technique was not too over complicated, not hard and not soft, not heavy and not light. To newcomers who just entered into the school, this fist technique was indeed very suitable for them to refine their skin. Looking at Biyi’s serious look as she practiced the fist technique, Tang Qing could not help but think back to a very long time ago when he had just entered into a sect. Seemingly, he was also this serious and fearless like her. No matter how hard it was, he also had to persevere, not for anyone else, but just for himself. Thinking back of himself in the past, back then he was such a frivolous youngster, to dare to go against the heaven and step on the earth. To begin cultivating at the age of 5, after cultivating for 20 years, he had already reached the peak at 25 years old. But who would have thought that he would failed to overcome the tribulation, and after stepping on the path of a scattered immortal, he would fell into such a pitiful state. Path of a scattered immortal, unreturning road, endless tribulation, life determined by the heaven, life and death set…… As for how many years had passed since he stepped onto the path of a scattered immortal, he himself also did not know. Perhaps it was 100 years, perhaps it was 200 years, or perhaps even much more than that. He really could not remember already. Master, senior brothers, junior brothers, are you all still all right? The sect in the past, the master in the past, and the junior and senior brothers in the past…… Ever since Tang Qing stepped onto the path of a scattered immortal, he had never went back to his sect. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but it was that he didn’t dare to, because the expectation of tens of thousands in the sect when he was overcoming the tribulation was still clear and imprinted in his mind up to this very day. After failing to overcome the tribulation, Tang Qing did not know how he should face against the sect which placed high hopes on him. Especially the words his master told him just when he was about to undergo the tribulation, every time he think back of it, it would make him feel painful for quite a while. Tang Qing shook his head and did not continue thinking onwards. Checking his own body once again, his meridians were still disorderly interweaved, dantian smashed into pieces and bones shattered, it was truly……The Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation that belonged to a scattered immortal was truly worthy to be called Life and Death Tribulation, it was just sickening to the core. The state of Tang Qing’s corporeal body was very terrible. But if he wanted to recover back his body to how it was, it wasn’t that it was not possible too, all he had to do was just go into closed-door cultivation for a few hundred years and his corporeal body would probably be recovered. But he did not want to be the same as in the past where he would go into close-door cultivation and wait for the Heavenly Tribulation to descend upon him. Ever since he stepped onto the path of a scattered immortal, the road of no return, he seemed to have always been going into closed-door cultivation, then undergo tribulation, then go back into closed-door cultivation again, then undergo tribulation again…… Tang Qing sincerely felt that it was enough already! He had undergo and overcome tribulation to the point that he was disgusted with it! Although this corporeal body of his was currently a spectacle to horrible to endure, but it was after all still the Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Body and there was still a bit of immortal spiritual energy in it which enables the body to be able to recover automatically on it owns. Even though the recover speed might be somewhat slow, but Tang Qing was not in a rush, and more importantly, he was also too lazy to do anything about it. In this lifetime of his, he did not have any dreams or wishes. Even if he had, it had also long been shattered into pieces by the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation. Right now, he just wants to change a new way to live his life. He didn’t want to live for the sake of undergoing tribulation anymore. Even if he had to live aimlessly, he also didn’t want to live for the sake of undergoing tribulation. As for what kind of way to live, he currently still doesn’t have any plans and was intending to decide again after his corporeal body recovered. Right now, with Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Body as the root, Tang Qing was able to reconstruct his corporeal body and gather immortal spiritual energy. This way, with immortal spiritual energy enveloping his body, the speed of his corporeal body recovering would be a bit faster. However, his corporeal body was a bit weak right now and was totally not able to endure the pressure that would be brought forth when his body reconstruct. Thus, he could only rest for a period of time first, until he could be able to reconstruct his body. The sun sets in the west. After Biyi left, Tang Qing felt somewhat bored as he took a stretch. Only now then did he realized that after coming here for so many days, he seemed to have never left the courtyard. Walking out of the courtyard and taking a look around, he decided to go to the mountain forest to the east to take a look. It would be nice if he was able to hunt a few wild animals to eat in the mountain forest. However, Tang Qing was somewhat disappointed. After walking for 2 hours, forget about wild animals, he had not even seen till any fur around at all. Just when he was pondering about going back, a sound could be heard coming from somewhere. Listening to the sound carefully, it seemed to be someone humming a song, but the humming was somewhat unpleasant to hear. Very quickly, Tang Qing saw a person. It was a fatty, a fatty who was wearing a robe and had oil glistening all over his face. On the fatty’s waist, there was an embroidered pouch suspended there. The fatty had his hands clasped behind his back and his head hung high as he hummed a song, seemingly that he was in a very good mood. “Oh?” The fatty seemed to have also discovered Tang Qing, “Fellow, are you also going inside to gamble a few hands?” Gamble a few hands? There was even a gambling den in this Green Jade School? Tang Qing was somewhat puzzled, but since he was bored, he nodded his head. “Let’s go together then.” The fatty walked over and placed one of his hand over Tang Qing’s shoulder, “Fellow, you seem to be a new face. A new disciple I presume? Wait, that’s not right, if you are a new disciple, I should have seen you before.” The fatty seized Tang Qing up and down and thought for a while as he stroke his chin with his hand, “Since you are not a new disciple, which direction did you come here from? You should be a new servant right?” “Yeah, I indeed just came here a few days ago.” “Oh, didn’t expect that your guts would be this big! To have only come here for a few days and you dare to go gamble. However, I like it, hahaha!” While chatting, Tang Qing learned that this fatty was called Wang Kuan, a nominal disciple who had entered Green Jade School for 8 years. Within the numerous nominal disciples, his seniority was rather big and his position was also very high too. Fatty Wang pat onto Tang Qing’s shoulder and said with loyalty, “Fellow, I see that you are also an honest person. Today your brother I will give you a few pointers. Working as a servant within the inner-school, you must learn how to bootlick and especially bootlick those direct disciples. Those direct disciples enjoy getting bootlicked, so if you bootlick them well, they may even award you with a spirit pill.” Through fatty Wang, Tang Qing finally had the initial understanding of Green Jade School. Green Jade School was divided into inner-school and outer-school. Within the inner-school, it was where the school head, elders, and direct disciples lived. Within the outer-school, most of the disciple who lived there were the nominal disciples because most nominal disciples all begun from working as a servant. “Hehe, we have arrived. Fellow, brother I will reveal to you two hands today!”

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