Scattered Immortal Chapter 14 – Inner-school’s big matter

Tang Qing looked at the somewhat shabby wooden house and couldn’t help but went into a daze. Could it be that this was the place to gamble at? Fatty Wang, on the other hand, appeared to be very excited, as he touched the embroidered pouch on his waist and said with a grin, “I will win back everything that I lost during the previous two time today!” After finish speaking, he went straight into the wooden house. Tang Qing also followed after fatty Wang into the wooden house. Within the wooden house, two tables were laid out, with eight people gathered around the two tables. However, those eight people were not gambling and were instead chatting with one another. “Yo! Everyone came quite early today huh! Is boss Zhang still not here yet?” Fatty Wang greeted everyone with a smile. “Fatty Wang, I heard that you lost to the point that you even took off your pants the last time. What are you prepared to lose this time?” One of the youths who appeared to be at the age of 20+ teased fatty Wang with a smile. “Senior brother Li, what are you talking about?” Fatty Wang laughed foolishly and awkwardly, “Haha! It is just because my luck was bad the previous time!” “Oh? This fellow looks unfamiliar. Why have I not seen this guy before, is he someone new?” Everyone noticed that there was a new person standing right at the door. “Oh? This person? He is a servant within the inner-school who just came a few days ago. He is the same kind of people as us, he came here to gamble!” Fatty Wang introduced Tang Qing to everyone else, then walked to Tang Qing’s side and said, “Fellow, boss Zhang is the banker, but he is still not here yet, so we have to wait for him to arrive before we can start betting.” Hearing that Tang Qing was a new servant within the inner-school, everyone did not bother paying attention to Tang Qing anymore and continued to chat among themselves. After a few moments, a youth wearing a blue color robe whom temperament appeared to be somewhat gloomy walked into the wooden house. “Boss Zhang! You are finally here!” “Haha! Boss Zhang, we have waited for you for quite a while already!” The gloomy youth just walked into the wooden house, and practically everyone in the wooden house all stood up to greet him, evidently showing that the identity of this boss Zhang was not simple. Towards the greetings, the youth nodded his head and said, “We are not gambling today. Everyone can all go back.” “Ah! Why are we not gambling? Boss Zhang, what is the matter?” Boss Zhang’s expression seemed to be displeased and said unhappily, “Something big happened within the inner-school.” Something big happened within the inner-school? What happened? Everyone asked hurriedly, and boss Zhang muttered to himself for a while then said, “Since you all will know of this matter sooner or later, there’s no harm in telling you guys about it. You all should be clear about what day is it a month later right?” “Of course, it will be the outer school’s Martial Advancement Competition in a month. The final victor will be able to be promoted to a direct disciple within the inner-school.” Green Jade School have been passed on from one generation to another generation for a very long time and has a very high prestige within Harmony Sun City. If one was to be able to become an inner-school direct disciple, not only would they be able to get an elder to guide them personally, they would also be to get spirit pills and formations to assist them in their cultivation. More importantly, the status of a direct disciple in Harmony Sun City represents a kind of noble identity. At the same time, only direct disciples had the qualification to enter into the great sect. Within Green Jade School, some people were lucky enough to be able to immediately become a direct disciple. However, those people had to fulfill two conditions. The first condition was to possess a top grade aptitude and the second condition was to possess an impressive family background. Of course, if a person didn’t have a top grade aptitude and also didn’t have an impressive family background, as long as they were willing to work hard and achieved victory during the outer-school Martial Advance Competition that was held once every 5 years, they would also be able to become a direct disciple. “The upcoming Martial Advance Competition might be canceled.” Hearing what boss Zhang said, everyone was shocked and asked about why the competition might be canceled one after another. Boss Zhang then said, “I myself also only heard about it from young master Li there. It is said that the school head had appointed a disciple to become the direct disciple and filled the only vacancy left for a new direct disciple. Therefore, with that happening, there is no point in holding the upcoming Martial Advance Competition anymore.” Within the three big school at Harmony Sun City, the quota for the number of direct disciples was regulated. This regulation naturally came from Holy Sect. Since it was regulated by Holy Sect, naturally none of the school would dare to go against the regulation. Therefore, every time when there was a vacancy for the spot of the direct disciple within a school, every great family in Harmony Sun City would spare no effort to recommend their own people to be the new direct disciple. Because of that, this upcoming Martial Advancement Competition was extremely important as there were who knows how many people and relationships implicated behind the scene. And right now, school head Shangguan actually appointed a disciple to become the direct disciple. Just how could this information not make others feel shocked? “School head appointed a disciple to be the new direct disciple? Who is the person that was appointed?” Within Green Jade School, to be able to be appointed and straightforwardly become the new direct disciple, one must have top grade aptitude and an impressive family background, but was there still such a person like this that exist within Harmony Sun City? Although everyone here was all ordinary disciples, but they all grew up in Harmony Sun City and understood clearly that if there was really someone like that in Harmony Sun City, that person would have long become a direct disciple and not until now as even if Green Jade School does not intend to take in the person, the two other school within Harmony Sun City would also fight to recruit the person. “As for who that person is, I myself also don’t know!” “Although our school head has the authority to appoint someone to become the new direct disciple, but isn’t this too sudden? If our school head really intends to cancel the Martial Advancement Competition, would those elders even be willing?” Fatty Wang asked a very crucial question. Fatty Wang has always been smart and he knew that the Martial Advancement Competition that was held once every 5 years was tied with the benefits of the elders and big families within Harmony Sun City. “Is it rumored that the elders and school head are still disputing about the matter. As for what the outcome will be, I do not know. I have said all that should be said. Just a heads up, young master Li’s mood is not very good so there won’t be any gambling for a period of time.” The young master Li that boss Zhang spoke of was one of the popular candidates for the upcoming Martial Advancement Competition. After such a thing had happened, young mater Li’s mood would naturally be terrible and everyone who was present all expressed that they understood as they left the wooden house one by one. The school head appointed the new direct disciple? Tang Qing had a bad premonition, “That woman is not intending to appoint me to become the new direct disciple right? If that is really the case, this is really……” From the discussion of those people just now, Tang Qing learned that if Shangguan Qixue was to really appoint someone to become the new direct disciple, she would definitely be provoking trouble for herself. Just what does this woman want to do? For Shangguan Qixue to force him to cultivate, Tang Qing could totally understand because since he, Shangguan Ling and Yun Mo had already become heaven affinity dao companions, if he were to not have any cultivation, those two women would definitely be affected. Although Tang Qing was very clear that his situation was not that simple where just by cultivating, he would have cultivation. But even if Shangguan Qixue wanted to make him cultivate, there was also no need for her to provoke trouble for herself and appoint him to become the new direct disciple right? Couldn’t she have just secretly appointed him to become the new direct disciple instead? “Hey! Fellow, what are you still in a daze for? Come on, let’s go!” Fatty Wang waved at Tang Qing and said, “You also heard it just now right? Something big happened within the inner-school. As for what the matter is specifically, you may not understand it that well, but I will warn you first. In the upcoming days, you must be honest and must by all means not get into any trouble.” “Why?” Tang Qing asked. “You are new here so you may not understand the situation well. This new school head of ours has always been fighting with the inner-school’s elders. All those elders relied on their deep experience and high seniority and could not stand seeing the new school head, and as for the school head, it is rumored that the school head’s background is very big. Although I do not know what background the school head has, but you just think about it, since someone from above send her down here to uphold the position of school head, the school head’s background must definitely not be small.” After fatty Wang finished speaking, he sighed and looked at the sun setting in the west as he said rather wisely, “When the school head and the elders fight, due to their identity, they cannot use force and are only able to seethe. Since they all have anger contained within them, they naturally have to find a place to vent. How do they vent you ask? They would definitely vent on those unlucky people who are not cautious during this period of time. Therefore, I am warning you not to make mistake, to prevent bringing unwanted disaster to yourself!”

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