Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 1 - Rebirth

“Woo!” “Woo!” “Woo!” At a platform, over a hundred of people were shouting and cheering together. Around the crowd of people, there were 10+ cars, with most of them being supercars. The place where most of the attention was focused at was the 2 cars that were about to race against each other. One of the cars was the Crimson Ferrari 488, which was the most expensive car at the venue, valued at the price of 4 million plus rmb. At the Crimson Ferrari 488’s side was a Ford Mustang, which was the cheapest car at the venue, valued at the price of 500 hundred-thousand rmb. With both of the cars side by side together, there was an obvious contrast between both of the cars when seen by others. This was the contest between Shangjing City’s new up and rising great young master, Liu Feng, and one of the top 4 young masters, Zhang Han. At the Ford Mustang’s side, Zhang Han silently leaned on the car’s door. His clothes were sloppy and his hair was very long. When he lowered his head, his fringe would cover his eyes, causing others to not be able to see his tightly closed eyes. From the bottom half of his face which was not covered by his hair, the handsomeness of him back in the days could still vaguely be seen. But right now, all that was left of young master Zhang’s temperament was one that was utterly dispirited. And as for Liu Feng, he was currently at the right side of the crowd, like a moon being surrounded by stars. The expression on Liu Feng’s face was as if that he was saying that this entire world was under his feet. “Let us go and take a look at the once high and mighty young master Zhang.” Liu Feng waved his hand and hung a sneer on the corner of his mouth as he walked towards Zhang Han. “Young master Zhang?” After walking near to Zhang Han, Liu Feng saw that Zhang Han did not have any reaction at all and thus said eccentrically, “What’s the matter? Fell asleep? For the once arrogant and conceited young master Zhang to fall into such a pitiful state, tsk tsk. The competition is about to start already, so what are you still trying to feign indifferent for, my fellow young master Zhang!” After Liu Feng opened his mouth, the lackeys at his side who wanted to bootlick him all started to agree in succession: “The way he looks right now, in my opinion, he is just a poor guy who begs for food!” “No, that is not correct. I think that he is worse than someone who begs for food. Who knows, he may even be someone who survives on eating pig’s food.” “……” Near the Ford Mustang stood a fat male who wore spectacles. At the side of the male’s leg, there was a little girl who seemed to be at the age of 3-4. The little girl wore a white dress and her skin was fair and clear. Her delicate little face was just like an adorable princess in a fairy tale. Apart from her somewhat messy hair, all other aspects of the little girl were perfect. However, at this moment, tears of grievance could be seen accumulating in the little girl’s clear big eyes. Hearing everyone’s criticism towards Zhang Han, she seemed to be on the verge of crying. If today was a normal day, this little girl’s adorable look would probably attract many people’s attention. But right now, it was Liu Feng’s time to perform. The succession of ridiculing and taunting finally gotten a trace of reaction from Zhang Han. The moment when Zhang Han opened his eyes, there was a lost look in his expression. Then, upon seeing the actions of the people in front of him, his expression was filled with a kind of contempt for everything under the heaven. “You bunch of insects dare to bark in front of me?” Such an ineffable sentence suddenly came out from Zhang Han’s mouth. Upon hearing what Zhang Han said, everyone turned silent, then in the next moment, a bunch of laughter and mocks rang out. “Zhang Han, from the looks of it, you must be crazy already right?” “I’m afraid he has turned into a fool.” “……” Everyone began to once again ridicule Zhang Han, but when Zhang Han looked at what was happening in front of him, he instead went into a daze. “Isn’t this year 09, the year where I raced against Liu Feng at Wolf Mountain?” “Why am I here?” “Wasn’t I undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation?” “Could it be…that I have come back?” “I got destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation’s Ninth Heaven God Thunder and rebirth?” A trace of tremble flashed through Zhang Han’s eyes. In Zhang Han’s memories, five years ago, Zhang Family was one of the eight big family of Shangjing City. Zhang Han’s father was the family head at the time, and therefore Zhang Han did not fear anyone at all. However, on a certain day when his family were taking the plane to travel afar, they were met with an aviation incident and both his parents and sister died. After the incident, Zhang Han’s second uncle Zhang Ming assumed the position of the family head. However, Zhang Ming was not able to prevent Zhang Family’s decline. At that time, Zhang Han suffered a huge blow from the incident and believed that his family’s death was conspired by someone. Thus, he began to secretly investigate Zhang Ming who had always viewed his father as an enemy. However, he was discovered by Zhang Ming, and adding on that he had offended quite a few people in the past, he was chased out of Zhang Family in the end. Up until now, five years have passed and Zhang Han was still not willing to leave Shangjing City. With the intention of wanting to get to the bottom of the incident, he persevered on even if he had to live his days with hardship. He had persevered all the way up until the incident that happened at Wolf Mountain. He remembered that back then when he raced against Liu Feng at Wolf Mountain, he had a car accident and got seriously injured, which caused him to lose both of his arms. Barely lived for five years, he jumped off a cliff to suicide in the end. But, who would have thought that he would enter into the cultivation world by accident. After Zhang Han came into contact with cultivation, he awakened his innate magic power – Treasure Smelling Nose, where his own nose could smell the aura of a treasure within a certain range. Relying on this magic power of his, in the span of 500 years, Zhang Han forcibly used various kinds of treasure to rise his cultivation to the peak, reaching the Tribulation Realm, and becoming famous in the myriad worlds. But who would have thought that, right when Zhang Han was overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation, due to his foundation not being stable, he was unable to withstand even a single blow from the Heavenly Tribulation. “Why is it not five years ago instead?” A trace of desolate appeared in Zhang Han’s expression. To not have done his filial piety has always been Zhang Han’s biggest regret. Before his family left him, he was still a frivolous young man who was not sensible and had always stirred up lots of troubles for his father. Furthermore, he even said quite a few stuffs which made his mother felt deeply hurt. All of this, no matter how much he remorse, he would still not be able to redeem for what he had done. Of all virtues, filial piety was the most important. Although Zhang Han was rebellious back then, but deep within his heart, his love for his parents was not any less than his parents’ love for him. Even after 500 years of cultivation, those words would always appear time to time in Zhang Han’s heart: “The trees long for peace but the wind will never cease. The child desires to support his family, but his parents have already passed away.” (The trees refers to humans, and the wind refers to time. This whole sentence is basically saying, time won’t stop for anyone.”) “Zhang Han!” A cold and gloomy voice interrupted Zhang Han’s pondering. Raising up his head, Zhang Han saw Liu Feng looking at him with a cold gaze. “Five years ago, you chased me out of Shangjing City! Today which is five years later, I, Los Angeles’s car king, Liu Feng have returned with might, and you Zhang Han is however living worse than an animal! Remember, I, Liu Feng, will chase you out of Shangjing City today!” “Oh, so powerful?” Zhang Han said bewilderedly, then rejected, “I am not competing anymore then.” After hearing what Zhang Han said, Liu Feng went into a daze and the muscle on his face twitched. He felt as if he had punched into the air. “Zhang Han! I will add a bit of something for you in this competition.” Liu Feng shook the Ferrari’s key in his hand and said, “So long as you win me, this car will be yours.” “I will accept your magnificent hospitality then.” Zhang Han said as he raised his brows in delight. “Heh.” Liu Feng sneered, then raised his hand to instruct the people around him, “Bring up the screens!” After Liu Feng finished speaking, the people behind him propped up a number of television screens. At the same time, a few remote control airplane raised upwards at every corner of Wolf Mountain. Opening up the screens, the entire race course at Wolf Mountain could be seen transmitted through the camera lens on each and every remote control airplane. “Prepare to begin!” Liu Feng secretly nodded his head towards the spectacled fat male near the Ford Mustang before entering into his Ferrari. However, when Zhang Han was about to enter into the Ford Mustang, a shy and sweet sounding light shout rang out behind him: “Daddy (??), come on (??), beat the bad guys (????)!” (When I bracket the Chinese words, in those cases, the speech is being spoke in English the raw. Do note that this is a Chinese novel after all and all speech are normally spoke in Chinese, so when the speech is in English in the raw, I will put bracket with Chinese words to let the readers know.) Zhang Han went into a daze upon hearing that and turned his head. Upon turning his head, he saw a little princess standing right next to the fat male’s leg. “Quite a lovely looking little girl. But how can she just anyhow call someone her dad?” Zhang Han shook his head as he laughed. “Brother Han, you must win this!” The fat male had an encouraging expression as he clenched his fist towards Zhang Han. “With those words of yours, your car will bring me good luck.” Zhang Han took a look at him indifferently and entered into the Ford Mustang. A tall and slim beautiful woman who wore a bikini walked to the front of the two cars and raised up the two small flag she held in her hands: “Ready!” At the same time, the engine of both of the cars let out their fury roar. Within the Ferrari, a trace of complacent smile hang up on the corner of Liu Feng’s mouth. The fat male who was at the back revealed a meaningful smile. At the side of the fat male’s leg, the adorable little princess’s gaze was filled with fright and worry. Tears could be seen welling up in the little princess’s eyes, giving her a look which would attract the pity of others. And as for Zhang Han who was within the Ford Mustang, a trace of sneer hang on the corner of his mouth. “Want to try to harm me by colluding together?” “What a pity. I am already no longer the old me back then.” “Even if I do not have any cultivation right now, I am not someone you bunch of insects can provoke.”


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