Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 2 - Extremely skillful

“Start!” Suddenly, the bikini woman waved downwards the colored flags in her hands. In an instant, within the screeching and cheering of the crowd, the two cars rushed forward at lightning speed. The crowd all ran towards the front of the television screens to watch the race between the two cars from the angle of the remote control airplanes in the sky. “Brother Feng’s starting speed is so fast!” “What do you expect? From the start, the quality of both cars was not at the same level to begin with.” “That is not completely true. After all, brother Feng has the strength of a professional racer. And as for that Zhang Han, I think he has most likely not touched a sports car for five years already right?” From the screens, it could be seen that Liu Feng’s Ferrari was already leading in ten meters after five seconds. Don’t look down on this ten meters. Normally in races, being in the lead by some distance would often represent in one having hold of the advantage and initiative. At the first few road curves, both cars executed various kind of meticulous drifting. Even the distant crowd at the mountaintop was able to hear the sound of the friction between the tires and the ground. “Liu Feng is indeed worthy of being Los Angela’s car king. He has his own unique understanding and talent. The drifts at the few simple road curves were just perfect.” A bald head middle age man who was a professional race car commentator was currently commentating. While speaking, he suddenly let out a bewildered voice, “Eh? Who would have expected that those few drifts that Zhang Han made would actually be better compared to Liu Feng. Zhang Han’s grasp towards distance and strength is at the point of perfection! Seems like he indeed has some skills.” Looking at the screen, the blue Ford Mustang’s drifting speed and precision control were a little smoother compared to the Ferrari. Gradually, the distance between the two cars became closer and closer. Just when the Ford Mustang was about to overtake the Ferrari, the Ferrari began to sway left and right, executing out an incisive blocking strategy. This caused the surging momentum of the Ford Mustang to slow down. “Hmm, Liu Feng’s blocking is not bad. Just that, he will have to pay attention to the next long road curve. If there is a slight incautious, he will get overtaken by the Ford Mustang.” The bald male stared at the screen attentively and said. Both cars, one in the back and one in the front entered into the long road curve. While drifting, Liu Feng controlled his car to continue blocking, preventing Zhang Han from overtaking him. Upon seeing that, the bald male praised, “Not bad, not bad. Liu Feng’s manipulation is remarkable.” “Indeed, he is after all my brother Feng!” “How can a mere Zhang Han even be worthy of being brother Feng’s opponent?” “……” “The next section is a straight road. After the straight road, it would be Wolf Mountain’s final and also hardest road, Extreme Road Curves. At the straight road, both of them will definitely go at full speed. But up until the entrance of the Extreme Road Curve, they will have to decrease their speed to half, or else there will the danger of them meeting with a car accident.” The bald male stroked his chin and said. Just as expected, right after entering the straight road, both of the cars surged forward at full speed. Right at this moment, a trace of sneer flickered in the fat male’s eyes. And currently within the Ford Mustang, there was also a similar kind of smile in the corner of Zhang Han’s mouth. “As expected, have the car‘s brake system stopped working?” In Zhang Han’s previous life, he got seriously injured and even almost died because his car wasn’t able to slow down at the Extreme Road Curves. The cause of all of this was the doings of his former follower, Dong Hu. Dong Hu was the fat male who cheered on him just now. A few years ago, Dong Hu was a migrant worker. Due to a coincidental opportunity, Dong Hu followed after Zhang Han. Although Zhang Han was frivolous back then, he was very good towards his followers. Under Zhang Han’s help, Dong Hu began to have a career, opened a second-hand car company, own a house and car in Shangjing City and had a bank deposit of over 500k rmb. It could be said that Dong Hu’s life was very comfortable. But five years ago when Zhang Han suffered a huge blow, he did not send any concerns to him at all. It was only up until a few days ago that Dong Hu hypocritically got in touch with Zhang Han, wanting to ‘fix’ their friendship. But in reality, Dong Hu’s purpose in contacting Zhang Han was for today’s competition. “However…This time, I do not have the intention to reduce my car’s speed at all!” Zhang Han laughed faintly. Commonly speaking, it was hard to drift without braking. However, nothing was absolute in this world. Zhang Han’s precise control over power was able to break the shackle of drifting without braking. At this moment, Liu Feng was still continuously controlling his car to block Zhang Han. When he was about to reach the entrance of Extreme Road Curves, Liu Feng moderately drove his car to the right side. “You have discovered that you can’t reduce your car’s speed right?” Liu Feng sneered as he watched the Ford Mustang overtake him. In his eyes, there was a trace of excitement towards the death of a person dying in a car accident. At the other side, the numerous people who were watching the screens all gasped when they saw what was happening! “He is not reducing his speed? Is he tired of living? Extreme Road Curves is the most deadly of all road curve. If he is not careful, he will fall off the precipice!” “My god, isn’t Zhang Han’s guts a bit too big?” “I say he is truly tired of living already!” “If you die early, you reincarnate early. I reckon he finally accepted his situation and moved on.” “……” At a corner in the back, the adorable little girl who was beside Dong Hu’s leg was only able to see the legs of others in front of her. But upon hearing everyone’s ridicule towards Zhang Han, she started to cry out sadly. “Daddy……” “Shut up! If you continue crying, I will beat you!” Dong Hu glared and shouted at the little girl. How would a little girl who was at the age of 3-4 be able to understand that much things? A moment after she got frightened by Dong Hu, she began to cry out much more loudly. Anger appeared on Dong Hu’s face and he raised his hand with the intention of hitting towards the little girl. But upon seeing that quite a few people in front of him turned their face towards him, he retreated back the hand he raised and smiled awkwardly. “What an adorable little girl.” A female who was in her twenties saw that the little princess was crying out so pitifully and couldn’t help but ran over to console her. “What! What did I just saw?!” At the front of the crowd, a cry of shock came out from the bald male’s mouth. On the screen, it could be seen that the Ford Mustang straightforwardly rushed into the Extreme Road Curves without decreasing its speed! The first road curve was semi-circular. With a beautiful drift, the Ford Mustang passed through the first road curve and entered into the second road curve without decreasing its speed. The second road curve was a ninety-degree road curve, followed by the third road curve which was conical. Because the distance of the two road curve was very close, the difficulty was therefore very high. With a high speed, it would be very easy for one to fly out of the conical road curve and fall off the mountain. Under the gaze of numerous people, the Ford Mustang was still at full speed. Just like a phantom war chariot, the Ford Mustang went through the second road curve and just when it was about to enter into the third road curve…… “He is finished! The car’s speed simply cannot come to a halt!” The bald male sighed as feelings of pity raised in his gaze. However, the following scene that unfolded caused him to open his eyes wide. On the screen, just when the high-speed Ford Mustang was about to enter into the third road curve, the Ford Mustang suddenly spun 360 degrees. After spinning the first round, the Ford Mustang entered into the road curve. At the second spin, the Ford Mustang traveled through the road curve. And at the third spin, the Ford Mustang was already about to enter into the forth road curve! “My…my god!” “Just what kind of car skills is this? Three 360 degree turn…Just how did he do it……” “He is the first person to enter into the Extreme Road Curves at Wolf Mountain without slowing down!” “Is…Is Zhang Han intending to make himself the legend of Wolf Mountain?” Dumbstruck, the crowd exclaimed with astonishment as they watched the Ford Mustang beautifully go through road curve after road curve, and passed through the Extreme Road Curves in full speed from the beginning to the end. After passing through the Extreme Road Curves, the Ford Mustang was just like a galloping ferocious beast that was advancing forward at lightning speed. And currently, the Ferrari that Liu Feng drove gave others the feeling that it was just like a snail, being only able to just pass through the fourth road curve now. A few minutes later, amidst the fierce rumbling engine sound, the Ford Mustang arrived back at the platform. Still with full speed, after 10 beautiful 360 degree spin then did the car came to a stop, facing towards the precipitous mountain slope. “Bang!” Zhang Han got out of the car and leaned his body onto the car’s door. His clothes was still sloppy, hair was still messy, and even his action was same as the beginning, but right now, everyone’s gaze towards him all changed. “Timed at 7 minutes 30 second. This is a frightening record that has never been set before by anyone!” The bald male said with respect, “If he had also driven a Ferrari, the time will definitely be even shorter!” “The fastest record at Wolf Mountain is 10 minutes 20 second right? My god, isn’t Zhang Han too strong already?!” “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have definitely not believed it. Sigh, losing to Zhang Han, I reckon brother Feng is going to explode!” “……” Everyone all started sighing. And as for Dong Hu, his face began to turn ugly. When he turned his head and saw the teary-eyed little girl who kept calling out ‘daddy’, his face changed to a smile as he carried the little girl by force and walked towards Zhang Han. “As expected of my brother Han! Formidable!” Dong Hu flattered. “Heh, it was because that your car is good, or else I wouldn’t be able to win this race.” Zhang Han said as he laughed faintly. “Daddy……” At this time, the little princess who was within Dong Hu’s embrace struggled continuously as she stretched out her small arms to request for a hug from Zhang Han. Her tone was soft and there was still tears in her eyes, causing her to look lovely and pitiful at the same time. Subconsciously, Zhang Han held over the little princess and placed her in his embrace as he said with a faint smile: “Pretty little girl, why are you calling me your daddy?” However, the little girl got tired from crying, and adding on that she had stood for half a day, she fell asleep while leaning onto Zhang Han within his embrace. “This is your daughter?” Zhang Han asked indifferently. “How would I even have such an adorable daughter? Haha, brother Han, isn’t this your daughter?” Dong Hu asked as he laughed. “How would I even have a daughter?” “That is not something that I know. Anyway, you were the one who brought this little girl with you and she kept on calling you her father. Have you forgotten that you asked me to help you take care of her for a while just now?” Dong Hu asked strangely. “My daughter?” Zhang Han thought to himself as his gaze which was hidden under his fringe congealed. “For a daughter to appear out of nowhere…What is going on?” Before Zhang Han was able to think about what was going on, amidst the rumbling sound of an engine, Liu Feng’s Ferrari returned. The Ferrari stopped at one side, and after a while, Liu Feng whose face was pale came out of his car. With the gaze of 30% astonishment and 70% resentment, he gazed at Zhang Han as he walked over in big strides. At this moment, Wolf Mountain was entirely quiet, with everyone’s gaze all focused here. “Do you dare to race against me one more time?!” Liu Feng asked while gnashing his teeth. “Haha, I have no interest in wasting my time against someone who I have defeated.” Zhang Han laughed faintly, “Hand over the car key.” Hearing that, Liu Feng eyes turned red. With his left hand tightly holding onto the car key, he said with hatred: “We will have another race one month later!” Looking at Liu Feng’s attitude, it was reckoned that if Zhang Han does not agree, he would definitely not let the matter drop. “Sure, sure, sure. Hand over the key.” Zhang Han stretched out his hand. Liu Feng indignantly placed the car key onto Zhang Han’s hand. This was the car that he just bought! But the first time after he drove it, he already had to give it away. Zhang Han took the key and entered into the red Ferrari. Placing the little princess in his embrace onto the front passenger seat, Zhang Han started the car engine. After driving 100 meters away from the platform, he stopped at a side and looked in the rearview mirror to see the scene behind him. After the racing competition ended, the crowd all started dispersing in groups.


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