Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 19 - Reconstructing the domain

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 19 – Reconstructing the domain The Thunder-Yang Tree had finished growing and its tree roots had occupied the entire Crescent Mountain. However, right now, the reconstruction of the domain has only just begun! At the center of Crescent Mountain, within a narrow space, there was a small pond of spiritual water, which Zhang Han needed. Thus, the tree roots of Thunder-Yang Tree trembled continuously, seemingly just like an octopus brandishing its tentacles. The tree roots directly moved the narrow space to right below the Thunder-Yang Tree. As for the other tree roots, they were sweeping and trembling within the underground, seemingly just like they were opening up tunnels. Not long after, within the inside of Crescent Mountain, a winding corridor shape space was built. “Suck in!” A branch of the Thunder-Yang Tree plunged into the spiritual water and absorbed all of the spiritual water. In the next moment, the tree roots that were within the winding corridor shape cave suddenly released out water. Those water, all of it were spiritual water! In a moment, the entire winding corridor shape cave was filled with spiritual water. And right below the Thunder-Yang Tree, at the tree roots part, drips of water were slowly dripping downwards. The water droplets had a milky white color and were sparkling and translucent. This water was rank 1 spiritual treasure, Pure-Yang Water! “Raise!” Zhang Han’s mouth lightly spat out a word. Immediately, Thunder-Yang Tree began to operate. At the mountaintop of Crescent Mountain, all of the precipitous terrains swelled upward. After smoothening out to a moderate level, then did the change stop. At the surroundings of Crescent Mountain, the ground started trembling, at the 3 sides of the mountain, the ground terrain started to rise upwards, forming a small scale steep cliff which was 3 meters tall. At the direction towards Crescent Gulf, the road there did not change at all. The reason why Zhang Han made those small-scale steep cliff was to prevent other people from coming to Crescent Mountain! Crescent Mountain has already been occupied by me and you people still want to come here to climb mountain? Go to other places instead! The exterior appearance reconstruction had been finished. Right now, all that was left were the specific details. Zhang Han pressed his palm onto Thunder-Yang Tree and closed his eyes. He was able to feel and sense everything that was within Crescent Mountain. A grass, a wood, a granule, a stone, all of it were within his mind. The current situation of Crescent Mountain right now was that there were a lot of trees and very little space. But this was a small later. Zhang Han used his own consciousness to connect to Thunder-Yang Tree’s energy and began another part of the reconstruction. In the middle of Crescent Mountain, the ground rolled continuously and the trees began to move outwards in all directions. In a moment, a large vacant space appeared in the middle of Crescent Mountain, while the trees were all situated all around the large vacant space, seemingly just like a perimeter wall that was formed around the large vacant space. The trees were densely packed together, especially the side that was near the road, where trees stood in great numbers, seemingly just like a city wall. At the 3 other sides of Crescent Mountain, the gap of each trees was also very short, and furthermore, under Zhang Han’s control, the branches of all the different trees extended downwards, forming a big net. Therefore, even if someone was to climb over the 3 meters tall steep cliff, when faced against those messy and hard branches, even if they wanted to climb up to the mountaintop of Crescent Mountain, they would also have to spend a large amount of time. In addition, normally when trees were assembled at the edge of a mountain and were crowded together, it was disadvantageous for the trees to grow. But at Crescent Mountain, under the nourishment of spiritual soil, there was no disadvantageous for the trees to grow at all. Even if the trees were all packed too closely, it wouldn’t even matter too. But, if the trees were all packed too closely together, the aesthetic of it would be somewhat unpleasing to the eyes. If this kind of transformation was to be seen by someone else, they would surely shout out load that a miracle was happening in front of their eyes. Although no human was able to see it, a dog was able to see it. It was the Chinese rural dog that had come into contact with Zhang Han once. Seeing that the trees there were around him continuously moving around, the dog had already been frightened dumb and was shivering its body as it stood on the ground. After a while, the moving of the trees stopped and the dog that was standing on the ground saw Zhang Han who was below the huge tree that was situated at the mountaintop. “It is him?” The doggy’s memory was very good. With just a look, it recognized Zhang Han. After mustering up its courage, the dog quietly walked towards Zhang Han. After walking up to the point that it was approximately 10 meters away from Zhang Han, it sat on the ground at looked at Zhang Han curiously. Towards the arrival of the doggy, Zhang Han was naturally well aware. However, he did not bother about the dog and continued reconstructing Crescent Mountain. Right now, all that was left was to make the areas. At Crescent Mountain, there was not only tall trees, there was also quite a few flowers and plants. There was even a few hollies that was normally used for the purpose of making fence at city neighborhood. Within cities, holly was commonly seen. Sometimes, holly was even able to seen at the roadside. The growth of holly was somewhat tiny, with a height growth of about 1 meter. The holly that could be seen within cities were normally trimmed nicely, and was a nice sight to look at. Upon seeing the holly, Zhang Han decided to use holly to separate out each different area. However…the amount of holly was just too little! No problem! Using the energy that the Thunder-Yang Tree released out right now as it occupied the land, transplanting the holly and making it grow was just a matter of a blink of an eye. “Raise!” Zhang Han lightly said. Immediately, all of the weeds that were growing on the ground were all plucked out and blew away by the cold breeze. Within a few breathes, all of the weeds were cleaned out. “Plant!” The few hollies flew into the sky, then fell into the different spots that Zhang Han wanted to it be planted at. The holly grew out one by one, just like dominoes, spreading outwards in all of the different areas, forming 3 big areas at the back of the mountain. At the direction that Zhang Han was facing against, the left side was the planting area, the middle was the poultry area, and the right side was the pet area. All of the flowers that were at the back of the mountain, like the Chinese redbuds, few roses, moutan peony, frangipanis that were a cross between yellow and white, and so on other flowers, were all moved to the left area of the front of the mountain. The was a limit to the Thunder-Yang Tree’s energy, therefore, Zhang Han could only first reconstruct the back of the mountain for the first reconstruction. As for the front of the mountain, that would have to wait for the second reconstruction. Originally, the second reconstruction would need 2 to 3 year time. But with the nourishment of Pure-Yang Water, the amount time would be reduced. Furthermore, the Thunder-Yang Wood did not need 5 years that long amount of time to grow. Towards Zhang Han, this was indeed an extremely good news. “Sweet scent grass!” Zhang Han palm was still pressed onto Thunder-Yang Tree, as he lightly said out 3 words. Immediately, from within the leaves of the Thunder-Yang Tree, seeds of sweet scent grass were sprinkled out. Apart from the planting area, the seeds of sweet scent grass were sprinkled out to everywhere else. Sweet scent grass was a very common grass in the Cultivation World. Its growth was not big, and was able to grow to become just like the lawn of a football field. As its name implies, the main thing it could do was release out a sweet scent, which could help improve the air of a domain. Its use was equivalent to an air purifier! Sweet scent grass could not even be counted as a rank 1 spiritual treasure. But back then, Zhang Han would still always store some sweet scent grass seeds within Thunder-Yang Tree, for the use of planting it every time when he changed a domain. Evidently, the use of sweet scent grass right now was quite useful. After finish planting sweet scent grass, Zhang Han planted Yuanqing Tree 10 meters away from Thunder-Yang Tree, then used holly to surround around the Yuanqing Tree. Right now, Yuanqing Tree was still a small tree, just like a small poplar tree. According to its growth speed, it was reckoned that within a year, it would be able to grow out Yuanqing Fruit. When that time comes, Zhang Han would be able to refine Yuan Cultivation Pill and reach the Foundation Establishment Realm. At Foundation Establishment Realm, Zhang Han would be able to release out spiritual strength from his body and use some small abilities. When that time comes, it would also mean that Zhang Han was able to stand firmly at Earth. “That’s right, heaven fragrant wood also have to be planted.” Thus, Zhang Han used holly to make a small circle right beside Yuanqing Tree and placed heaven fragrant wood within the circle. Heaven fragrant wood was a tree trunk. The usefulness of heaven fragrant wood could be either said to be big or small. For its usefulness to be small, it was because that heaven fragrant wood could only be used when cooking food, and for its usefulness to be big, it was because that the food that was made with the used of heaven fragrant wood was indeed very fragrant! After finishing settling those things, it was time to subdivide the 3 areas. “The planting area will temporarily be split into crop area and orchard area. The few fruit tree saplings that I have collected cannot be planted currently. The amount of energy those few fruit tree saplings need to absorbs is just too much already. I will preserve this area first then.” After Zhang Han pondered, the holly grew once again and split the planting area into 2. “What should I plant in the crop area? There are rice, wheat, corn, soybean, broad bean and so on other things…I will consider planting rice and wheat first for now.” The Thunder-Yang Tree operated once again. At the back area of the planting area, the soil started protruding upwards, forming a piece of rice field. “That’s right, I have to make a vegetable area too.” The holly grew once again, separating out a vegetable area in the planting area. There were much more choices for what vegetables to grow. The lowest minimal was to let Meng Meng eat all different kind of vegetables. For the vegetables that were grown in Crescent Mountain, there was no such thing as being picky because all the vegetables would definitely taste good. “Nutrition must be balanced!” Zhang Han was very satisfied with the areas he split apart in the planting area. The next was the poultry area. “There needs to be a pond to use for raising fish. In addition, Meng Meng has to drink milk, eat chicken meat, duck meat, fish meat, goat meat and so on other things. Let’s split into a small, middle and big body type poultry areas then.” Followed by Zhang Han’s thoughts, the holly began growing once again and split the poultry area into different areas. Within the most inner side of the poultry area, the ground of the pond area concaved downwards, forming a pond that was 5 meters deep. At the poultry area, a separate 3 meters deep small pond was able made for the poultry and cattle to drink water and swim at. “For the pet area, I can only consider some adorable dogs and cats right now, which are able to accompany Meng Meng play. For tigers and lions, those can be set aside for now. I will first make a pond in the pet area.” For the pet area, it was much simpler. All there was to do was to make a long rectangular pond. After subdividing finish, a trace of satisfaction flashed across Zhang Han’s face. Although it was not the best, it could only be like this for now. “Oh, that’s right, I still have to build house for them to be protected from the rain.” Zhang Han almost forgot about this matter. The energy of the Thunder-Yang Tree was used once again. The tall trees that were in the distant flew into the air one by one. While it was flying, the trees were shaved and became a plank. Planks after planks landed onto each different areas and formed into a few different houses. The house of the chickens was a chicken coop, where it was half a meter high away from the ground. The weeds that were swept away by the breeze, some of it flew back and was placed into each of the chicken coops. With weeds, the chickens would be able to make its own nest. The ducks, gooses and other animals all have their own houses. Those houses were all situated near the edge of the forest, seemingly somewhat neat. Of course, the dogs and cats have their own houses too. The row of houses was just like a bunch of personal small villas “Although it does look neat, the aesthetic doesn’t seem to be enough.” Zhang Han muttered to himself. Using his own conscious to control the Thunder-Yang Tree’s energy again, a bunch of green leaves covered the top of all the small houses, seemingly just like houses which were piled up by leaves. The use of the leaves was not only for aesthetic, but it was also able to prevent the rain from soaking the wood below. “This time’s reconstruction is more or less finished.” Zhang Han smiled slightly, then took a deep breath. “Let’s begin!” The Thunder-Yang Tree emitted out a deep noise and half of the spiritual water within the mountain cave was absorbed by Thunder-Yang Tree. On the leaves of the Thunder-Yang Tree, droplets of water enveloped the entire Crescent Mountain. Seemingly just like a light rainfall. The energy of Thunder-Yang Tree cleansed Crescent Mountain one time after another time, all the way until the soil transformed into spiritual soil. At the ground of Crescent Mountain, sweet scent grass broke out through the ground. Apart from the planting area, the rest of Crescent Mountain was covered by an entire sheet of green color. In a moment, Crescent Mountain was brimming with full of vitality!


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