Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 26 - Aura Of A Tyrant King

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 26 – Aura Of A Tyrant King “Daddy, daddy, Meng Meng have been obedient, I have not kiss Aunt Feifei. Mommy also has been obedient, only after showering nice nice then will she let Meng Meng kiss her.” Hearing Zhou Fei’s words, Meng Meng then remembered. After finish speaking, she waited for her daddy’s praise with full of expectation. Regarding this aspect, Zhang Han had never let the little princess be disappointed before. Zhang Han could be seen saying with a smile, “Meng Meng is so obedient! Daddy will reward you with an ice cream later on alright? “Alright, alright, daddy is the best!” Meng Meng giggled with a happy face. “Zhang Han, what is the meaning of this! This is truly angering me to death!” Zhou Fei glared at Zhang Han and said, “Where would people teach children like this. I have watched Meng meng grow up since she was small. You only came for a few days and you are already teaching children about bad things!” “Alright Xiao Fei, let’s eat. After finish eating, we still have to go to the company.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Also, I feel that what Zhang Han said is quite true. Kissing onto makeup foundation is indeed not very good.” “Ah?” Hearing that, Zhou Fei went into a daze, then opened her eyes wide as she said in an exaggerated tone, “Alright, alright, alright. You family are coming together to bully me. Big Sister Yan, I have truly misjudged you! Zhang Han has only come for two days and you are already just like a woman who follows along with her man!” “What are you anyhow talking about?” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei. “Hehehe, let’s eat, let’s eat!” Zhou Fei laughed and ran to the front of the dining table. “Let’s go eat.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng to the dining table. “Daddy, that tall tall chair is mine.” Meng Meng said as she pointed to the tallest chair. Zhang Han placed Meng Meng on the chair, then sat on her right side, intending to feed Meng Meng. Originally, feeding Meng Meng was Wang Juan’s daily work, but seeing Zhang Han was intending on personally feed Meng Meng, Wang Juan slightly smiled and went back to the kitchen to tidy up. “Mommy, come and sit here.” Upon seeing Zi Yan sitting in front of her, Meng Meng was somewhat dissatisfied, thus she pointed to the chair on her left side and commanded. “Alright, alright, alright, listen to you.” Zi Yan slightly smiled, then took the tableware and sat on the left side of Meng Meng. Seeing that the left side was her mommy, and the right side was her daddy, Meng Meng raised her little arms with a happy and blessed face. “Come, Meng Meng, have a mouth of porridge. Have a mouth of milk. Eat the egg yolk, don’t be picky about food, egg yolk has the most nutrition. Don’t eat the salted vegetables, it is not good to eat too much of salted vegetables……” Zhang Han sat at the right side and did not start eating first but instead started feeding Meng Meng a mouthful by another mouthful. The trace of tenderness in his expression was caught by Zi Yan’s eyes. Having her parents accompany her, Meng Meng was truly very happy. Even the egg yolk which she usually did not like to eat was now eaten by her eagerly. Also, after coming into contact with Zhang Han, Meng Meng had also become cheerful. A father’s love was truly very important. Zi Yan once again thought to herself as she slightly sighed in her heart. She and Zhang Han both had their own respective live and social circle. It was uncertain if they would be able to be together in the future. Who knows how long this kind of happy period of time would last for Meng Meng. Just thinking about it was enough to make Zi Yan feel at a loss, because when that time comes, Meng Meng would definitely be very broken-hearted. ‘Should I really get together with Zhang Han?’ This question has recently been lingering in ZI Yan’s heart. Zhang Han was once a second generation rich, and was currently down and out. Although Zi Yan had seen Zhang Han’s gentle side, he was still not the type of guy Zi Yan was looking for in her heart. ‘Love cannot be compromised.’ Zi Yan shook her head once again. For this kind of thing, there was no other choice but to take a step forward step by step and see how things go with every step. Furthermore, it was going to be very busy in the coming days, so there was no time to think about personal matters. Zi Yan thought in her heart. If Zhang Han was to know her thoughts, it was reckoned he would definitely curl his lips and say, ‘I haven’t even say that I was going to get together with you and you are already thinking about it. Moreover, how can getting together with me, Han Yang Immortal Monarch, be counted as you sacrificing?’ However, Zhang Han did not know Zi Yan’s thoughts and Zi Yan would also not say out her current thoughts. Who could even be sure about what would happen in the future? After finish eating, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stood up and left. They intended to carefully alter those songs that they have chosen for a bit, and the workload for that was not small. Furthermore, Zi Yan wanted to ask Mei Qi about the matter regarding shooting the MV. After they left, the little princess also more or less finish eating. Zhang Han simply ate a few mouthfuls, then carried Meng Meng to sit on the sofa on the first floor to rest. After Wang Juang finished tidying up the dining room, she walked over and asked with a smile, “Mr Zhang, where are you from?” “Shangjing.” Zhang Han replied. “Is Mr Zhang used to being here?” Wang Juang asked. She knew that Zi Yan was a big celebrity in the past, and thus was somewhat curious about Zhang Han in her heart. However, even though she was curious, her evaluation towards Zhang Han was not high. She felt that men who came to live at a woman’s house had no big capability. Zi Yan stayed in such a big house, and furthermore, a house which was in Xiangjiang, thus Zi Yan was definitely wealthy. Wang Juan was somewhat worried in her heart that Zhang Han was the kind of scum male who would come find Zi Yan to ask for money. After all, there were too many such cases in the society. However, seeing how things were currently, Zhang Han was quite conforming to the norms of society. But that wasn’t enough to dispel Wang Juan’s bit of vigilance. Thus, she intended to simply ask about Zhang Han’s situation. “Still okay.” Zhang Han faintly replied, not having the intention to chat with Wang Juan, he carried Meng Meng who was watching the television on the sofa. “Aiya, smelly daddy, Meng Meng is watching the television.” Meng Meng said with an unwilling face. “Meng Meng, daddy bring you to go out play.” Zhang Han kissed onto Meng Meng’s cheek and said. “Eh?” Meng Meng’s eyes lighted up and stopped watching the television as she turned her head towards Zhang Han and said happily, “Really?” “Daddy bring you to Paradise Land which we went to yesterday alright?” Zhang Han said gently. “Oh yay, alright, alright, go out play!” In a moment, Meng Meng became extremely happy. Normally when mommy was not home, Meng Meng was not able to go out play and was only able to stay at home. Now when daddy was here, he was able to bring Meng Meng to go out play. This straightforwardly made Zhang Han’s figure in Meng Meng’s heart became much taller. “Muack, muack, muack.” Meng Meng kissed a few times onto Zhang Han’s face. “Daddy bring you to go change clothes first.” Zhang Han smiled and carried Meng Meng to the second floor. When going out to play, it was only natural to not wear pajamas. At this time, Wang Juan’s expression froze for a moment. Normally when Zi Yan was not home, she did not allow others to bring Meng Meng out to play. Of course, Wang Juan herself was an outsider, and she also subconsciously took Zhang Han as an outsider too. She was after all hired by Zi Yan. If there was anything, she naturally had to ask Zi Yan. Thus, she took out her face, walked to the kitchen and dialed Zi Yan’s phone, “Hello, miss, Meng Meng’s father wants to bring her out to play.” “Out where?” She originally thought that Zhang Han would leave by himself today during the morning since he still had that mountain he needed to tend to, and the restaurant was still renovating. The important thing was that, within Zi Yan’s complicated heart, she did not want to let Meng Meng come into contact with Zhang Han every day. She was still really afraid that in the future, there would come a day when Zhang Han would take Meng Meng away from her. “I don’t know, I only heard him saying that he was bringing Meng Meng to Paradise Land or something. They are currently on the second floor changing their clothes.” Wang Juan said in a low voice. “That place?” Zi Yan’s brows wrinkled and said, “Go to that place for what? That place is sunny during the day. Let Zhang Han go by himself. Alright, Aunt Wang, I have to go to work already.” After finish speaking, Zi Yan hanged up the phone and straightforwardly walked towards Mei Qi’s office. At another side. Zhang Han helped Meng Meng changed into her clothes. A thin jacket, with a short-sleeved shirt worn on the inside, and on the lower part of the body was a blue color trendy jeans. “Let’s go!” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms while within Zhang Han’s embrace and said in high spirits. “Let’s go!” Zhang Han smiled while shaking his head. Coming down to the first floor, he saw Wang Juan silently standing right at the door. Just when Zhang Han was intending to change his shoes, Wang Juan smiled awkwardly and said, “I’m sorry Mr Zhang, I just called and asked the miss, and she said that she did not want to let Meng Meng go out as the weather outside is somewhat hot. Therefore…Mr Zhang, if you are busy……” From her words, it could be seen there was somewhat of the intention of seeing a visitor out. “No! I want to go out play with daddy!” Upon hearing that, Meng Meng said very angrily. “She told you that?” Zhang Han took a look at Wang Juan. “Yes.” Wang Juan nodded her head. “I will talk to her about it then.” Zhang Han took out his phone, wanting to call Zi Yan to ask her what the matter was. But, after calling 3 times, Zi Yan still did not pick up the phone. “Never pick up?” Zhang Han kept his phone, not intending to continue calling. Taking a look at Wang Juan, he said indifferently, “You tell her later on that, no matter where I want to bring Meng Meng to play, I don't need to obtain her consent.” What kind of joke was that? If I want to bring my own daughter out to play, I still have to first ask for her approval? Even with Zhang Han’s indifferent temperament, he still felt somewhat unhappy right now in his heart. If this situation was substituted with the Zhang Han who was still a hedonistic young master, it was reckoned he would have exploded right from the start. Right now, Zhang Han did not want to bother about any things, did not want to care about fame and fortune, did not want to pay attention to things of the world, and did not want to get into any dispute. He only wanted to take good care of Meng Meng and enjoy the carefree and worry-free country lifestyle. “This……” Wang Juan’s face became bitter. Zhang Han did not pay attention to her. After helping Meng Meng wore a pair of white color small sports shoes, and wore his leisure shoes, he was intending to leave the house next. Upon seeing that, Wang Juan hurriedly moved her body to block Zhang Han and said with a bitter smile, “Mr Zhang, please don’t make things difficult for me. If I were to let Meng Meng go out, miss will blame me when she gets back home.” “Oh? You afraid of her blaming you and not afraid of me blaming you?” Zhang Han’s gaze congealed. “You really cannot bring Meng Meng out. Mr Zhang……” Wang Juan still wanted to persuade Zhang Han, but Meng Meng interrupted her angrily, “Old witch, you, you quickly move away, you are blocking the path. Careful I let my daddy beat you!” A child’s learning ability was extremely strong. Zhou Fei said ‘old witch’ in the house a few times and Meng Meng was able to remember it. Wang Juan’s expression froze. She was rather helpless, she also did not want to be the bad person. But she had no choice, she must follow her miss’s words. “It will be alright, you can be at ease, Zi Yan she will not blame you.” Zhang Han smiled faintly, as he intends to go around Wang Juan’s body, but who knew, Wang Juan moved and blocked him again. “Mr Zhang, please understand, it is also very difficult for me.” Wang Juan said bitterly. This time, Zhang Han’s complexion became indifferent. A tiger doesn’t show his might and you take me as a hello kitty? He gazed at Wang Juan with a tranquil look, but he was just like an emperor gazing at a commoner. It was seen, Zhang Han indifferently said out two words, “Move aside.” The words were ordinary, but Wang Juan felt an astonishing pressure! This kind of pressure was the kind of pressure she felt before on those people who had stayed in the upper position for a long time. Also, the pressure she felt from Zhang Han was the one which had the biggest pressure, there was no other. She herself was also not sure why Zhang Han was able to give her such a big pressure. Wang Juan was slightly somewhat absent-minded, and in the end, she moved her body aside. Zhang Han faintly took a look at her, then carried Meng Meng and went out. “Sigh.” Wang Juan took a sigh. Although the pay for working in the house of a big figure was high, it was also not simple.


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