Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 32 – Buy dogs 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 32 - Buy dogs 2/2 The next day, after eating breakfast, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to work. This time when Zhang Han brought Meng Meng out, Wang Juan did not stop him anymore, and instead even saw them off to the door with a face full of smile, then took out a blue color circled shape elevator card and said, “Mr Zhang, take this elevator card with you, it will be more convenient when coming up and down.” “Alright.” Zhang Han kept the elevator card and nodded his head. Coming downstairs, after placing Meng Meng at the back seat, Zhang Han drove the car and left Yunyin Garden. “Daddy, you are so stupid, you went to the wrong direction.” Meng Meng looked at the surroundings of the street and said with her cute voice. She remembered the road well and knew that this was not the way that went towards Crescent Gulf. “We are going to buy some pets. Yesterday we promised Xiao Hei to bring some playmates for him.” Zhang Han said with a smile. “Buy pets, alright, alright! Aiya!” Meng Meng suddenly cried out. “What’s the matter Meng Meng?” Zhang Han asked with a smile. “I, I forget to bring toys for Xiao Hei……” Meng Meng said with an anxious and guilty face. “It’s alright, we will go back home to take the toys alright?” Zhang Han immediately drove the car to the left side, preparing to turn around and go back to Yunyin Garden. The little princess immediately became happy when she heard that and said repeatedly, “Alright, alright, alright, daddy is the best.” Seeing her attitude, if she was in Zhang Han’s embrace, she would definitely give him a ‘muack, muack, muack’! Returned back to Yunyin Garden, the little princess picked 10 small stuffed dolls, then went back downstairs happily with her father. Zhang Han drove the car to a pet store which was called Pamper Pavilion that was located at the East District. The shop front of the store was not small. Inside the store was a hall of the size of 100 square. At the lateral side, there were some dog cages and cat cages. Inside those cages were some fully grown pets. Walking into the house, a somewhat strange smell could be smelled. After all, the pets were all in this house, thus the smell was unavoidable. “Hello mister, do you need anything?” A 25 year old spectacled male walked up and greeted with a smile. “Buy, buy pets.” Meng Meng said in her cute voice. “Oh, such an adorable little girl.” The male praised Meng Meng with a smile, then looked towards Zhang Han and said, “Not sure what pet mister you would like to buy?” “Buy some dogs first.” Zhang Han’s gaze swept through the pets in the cages. There were quite a lot of different breeds of dogs. There were Alaskan Malamute, husky, Samoyed dog, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Poodle and so on others. Zhang Han was somewhat knowledgeable about the temperament and characteristic of those dogs. For example, he had raised before Alaskan Malamute and Golden Retriever. Alaskan Malamute was clever, extremely intimate to its master and had a very high obeying nature. Golden Retriever was famous for being docile, no matter if it was towards its master or outsiders, they were very friendly, and they were also very clever, when they saw that their master’s expression was amiss, they would immediately lie down on the ground and act pitiful. And as for the other different breeds of dogs, Zhang Han also more or less knew what kind of temper they had. Back then when he brought his dogs out to walk, he would always come across some other people who were walking their dog too. After coming into contact with others for a while, he would more or less also understand the temper and characteristic of the other person’s dog. Let’s say the poodle who would fuck here and there for example. If it was possible, it was reckoned that it would even dare to fuck the sky. (Actually literally translate to fuck in the raw. Too lazy to rephrase and make it less vulgar.) (Context: Poodle seems to tend to climb onto other dogs and...you know. Not really sure though.) “Not sure what kind of dog mister you would want to buy? The dogs that we sell here are all roughly a year old and have all already finish taking 3 injections. We also have some purebred ones and have the certificate to prove it too, just that the price would be somewhat more expensive.” The male said with a smile. “We are going to buy a lot a lot of dogs.” Meng Meng blinked her bright big eyes and said. “En, we will roughly be buying dozen of dogs.” Zhang Han added. The male slightly went into a daze, then immediately became extremely happy. Seems like he was going to be able to open a big bill today, thus he looked towards the female who was sitting at the counter and said, “Big Sister Zhao, I will bring the customer to pick the dogs.” “Go ahead.” The female nodded her head. “Mister, come this way, the small pets in our store are all at next door.” The male took the lead and walked out. At next door, small cages could be seen inside. Within the small cages were all dogs that were a year old. “Mister, those blue cages that are at the inner side are all purebred. The label and price are all on the top side of the cage. The cages that are at the outer sider are all normal dogs.” The male introduced. “En.” Zhang Han nodded and straightforwardly walked towards the inner side. In the end, there were still some differences between purebred and normal dogs. If not, the price of purebred dogs would also not be much more expensive than the normal dogs.No matter was it the build or appearance, purebred dogs were slightly better looking. “This and this.” Zhang Han pointed at a male and female Alaskan Malamute. The male Alaskan Malamute was 8k and the female one was 8.8k. “Alright, alright.” The spectacled male’s face became happy as he quickly took out the two cages where the male and female Alaskan Malamute were in and placed it on the aisle. Just those two dogs alone were able to be sold for 16.6k, and he would also be able to take some commission too. “This and this.” Zhang Han pointed at a male and female pug. 5k and 5.6k, another 10k rmb! “This and this.” Zhang Han pointed at two Beagle.


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