Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 34 – Start 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 34 – Start 1/2 198k rmb for 22 animals, approximately equivalent to 10k rmb for an animal. Furthermore, the animals that Zhang Han bought were young animals, if he were to buy fully grown ones, it would be more expensive. However, all those were things that he had to buy. Zhang Han had no concept towards money, there was never a time where Han Yang Immortal Monarch was in lack of money. Although he had just been reborn and was not rich currently, Zhang Han believes that it won't be long before he would be able to become extremely rich again. After paying the bill and telling the person the address to deliver the goods to, Zhang Han drove the car towards the end of the street. The time was currently 10 am. After driving for 10 minutes, Zhang Han saw the farmers’ market. There was a lot of people at the farmers’ market. Although the busiest period was over, there was still a lot of people entering and leaving the farmers' market. It seemed that it would require some effort to drive the car into the farmers’ market, thus Zhang Han parked the car at the roadside, then carried Meng Meng and walked towards the farmers’ market. All sorts of things were sold at the market. There were melon seeds, mineral spring water, clothes, pants, canvas shoes, cooked food, vegetables, and so on other things. The variety of things sold here was very wide. As everyone knows, markets have been circulated down from the ancient time up to this day and had never been cut off, just that, along with the gradual development of science and technology, the number of markets had also become much lesser. Compared to the younger generation, the older generation likes to go to the market more. After all, the market was a place that was linked to tens of years of their memories. Whereas the young people these days like to go to supermarkets that were diverse to buy their life necessities. “There are so many, so many grandpas and grandmas here!” Meng Meng mumbled within her father’s embrace. The little princess did not saw the stalls at both sides of the road, all she could see in her sight were adults that were walking. After walking into the inner side of the farmers’ market for 5 minutes, Zhang Han finally saw the person who sold free-range chickens. This was a 50+ years old woman whose hair was ash-colored. The woman was currently chatting with the elderly lady who was in charge of the vegetable stall beside her. “How much is one free-range chicken?” Zhang Han coughed lightly and asked. “You have a customer.” The stall owner was chatting enthusiastically and did not hear Zhang Han talking. Only after the vegetable stall owner reminded her, then did she turned her head around, took a look at Zhang Han and replied, “200 rmb each.” “I want thirty.” Zhang Han said. “How many?” The stall owner slightly went into a daze. “We want thirty.” Meng Meng replied for her father. “That many?” A smiling expression appeared on the stall owner in an instant as she said, “You will have to follow me to my house to get the chickens.” “En.” Zhang Han nodded his head. “Er’ya, help me look after my stall for a while, I’m going back home to get the chickens for him.” The stall owner said, then brought Zhang Han towards the house area at the side. While walking, she looked towards Meng Meng and said with a smile, “Oh my, this child sure is adorable and pretty. Young man, you are truly blessed.” “Haha, she is my daughter after all.” Zhang Han grinned and laughed. At outside, when others praise your own child, as a parent, one would feel very happy. No matter if the praise was real or formality, it was still nice listening to the praise. “This child is your biological child? Doesn’t seems like it though?” The stall owner sized up and down and said. Zhang Han’s smiling expression immediately became stiff. What do you mean by that? Saying that I am ugly? The corner of Zhang Han’s mouth slightly twitched as he said, “She is my biological child.” “Eh, hahaha……” The stall owner also realized what she said didn't seem right. After laughing awkwardly, she said, “The child resembles her mother I suppose. Her mother must be really pretty.” “My, my mommy is especially pretty! My daddy is also very handsome too.” Meng Meng said with her small voice. “Yes, yes, your father is indeed actually quite spirited.” The stall owner smiled and said. Following the stall owner to her house, the stall owner’s house was like a siheyuan, there was quite a lot of free-range chicken raised at the back of the house. (四合院: Siheyuan - A siheyuan is a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing and rural Shanxi. Throughout Chinese history, the siheyuan composition was the basic pattern used for residences, palaces, temples, monasteries, family businesses, and government offices.) Zhang Han bought 30 female chickens and 1 male chicken. The chickens he bought were all fully grown. After bringing those chickens to Crescent Mountain, they could start laying eggs immediately. However, speaking of the constitution of the chickens, they were definitely not comparable to the chickens that would, later on, grow up at Crescent Mountain from when they were only chicks. However, Zhang Han also prepared to spend some capital. He intends to feed the dairy cows, dairy sheep and those chickens some Pure-Yang Water to improve their constitution. After thinking for a bit, he bought 30 chicks, At Crescent Mountain, their growth speed would be very high. In all likelihood, after the first batch of chickens had been eaten finish, those chicks would also have grown up. Zhang Han also wanted to buy ducks and gooses, so he asked the stall owner where he could buy them. With the stall owner guiding him, he bought 30 ducks and 30 gooses, with all them being young animals. The amount of Pure-Yang Water was limited and could not be used excessively. If not, Zhang Han could have just bought fully grown ducks and gooses and just fed them Pure-Yang Water. Because he knew that he could not swipe card, Zhang Han withdrew some money in advance. After finish paying, the stall owner found a truck driver. After placing the chickens, ducks, and gooses in the truck, the truck driver followed along the Jeep that Zhang Han drove and drove towards Crescent Mountain.


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