Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 34 – Start 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 34 – Start 2/2 After reaching Crescent Mountain, because there was only a truck driver that helped deliver the goods, Zhang Han had no other choice but to do the work himself. The fully grown chickens had their legs tied up and placed into a bag, and the small ducks and gooses were placed in a paper box. Making a few trips back and forth, Zhang Han placed the chickens, ducks, and gooses in their respective area. At the start, having arrived at an unfamiliar environment, they were running all around the place. Upon seeing that, Zhang Han waved his hand and called over Xiao Hei who was playing toys with Meng Meng. “Xiao Hei, come here.” Zhang Han pointed to the respective area of the chickens, ducks, and gooses and said, “This is their place, don’t let them run all around the place.” “Woof!” Hearing that, Xiao Hei’s eyes lighted. It was time to act cool! Xiao Hei revealed out his fangs and ran out at the speed of lightning. Originally, there were some chickens, ducks, and gooses which wanted to go to other places, but they were scared stupid by the imitating Xiao Hei. After a few times, they all were conscious of their own living space. Although their living space was a circle formed by holly trees, but the size of this circle was just like the size of a small public square, which was big enough for them to play and move around as they like. “Daddy, I am still waiting to play with Xiao Hei.” Meng Meng played by herself at one side for a few minutes and saw that Xiao Hei was still not coming back and thus pouted her mouth and said dissatisfiedly. “Alright, alright, Xiao Hei, you can go back and play with Meng Meng.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and said. Hearing that, Xiao Hei grinned and once again let out a deep and low threatening sound towards the chickens, ducks, and gooses, as if he was saying, “All of you better be honest for me this Chinese rural emperor dog, if not I will eat you all!” After howling finish, Xiao Hei turned around and ran towards Meng Meng. Xiao Hei’s expression also immediately changed, the look on Xiao Hei was that of a very well-behaved dog. Right now, Xiao Hei had already realized that he must fawn his little master, as the little master had the most speech authority. Xiao Hei and Meng Meng played together, while Zhang Han sat on one side, took out his phone and continued learning a foreign language. The spiritual strength continuously converged at Zhang Han’s head, enabling him to reach a state close to being able to remember something with just a look. Adding on with listening to some foreign spoken words, it caused Zhang Han’s learning speed to be incredibly fast. The 2 hours of learning yesterday night and the learning in the morning had already made Zhang Han’s English reached level 6. Seems like that a person whose English was level 8 would appear soon. Furthermore, after finish learning English, Zhang Han still intends to learn other languages. In front of Meng Meng, he must be multi-talented and proficient in everything! After learning for an hour, the delivery personnel of the pet store called Zhang Han’s phone. “Meng Meng, the pets that we bought have arrived, let’s go and receive them.” Zhang Han stood up and said. “Alright,” Meng Meng immediately stood up. She patted Xiao Hei’s head and said, “Xiao, Xiao Hei, I picked lots of lots of little friends for you.” “Woof, woof.” Xiao Hei barked out two times happily. At Crescent Mountain, it was boring if it was just him alone. How stifling would it be if others were not able to see such an almighty emperor dog? But it was all good now, with new companions coming, wouldn’t he be able to show off how almighty he was whenever he wants? Wouldn’t he be able to act cool whenever he wants? Arriving at the bottom of Crescent Mountain, the delivery guy was currently placing dog cage after dog cage at right beside the Jeep. “Oh my god, what is this thing?!” The delivery guy who was a youth suddenly saw Xiao Hei and was scared. “Don’t need to be scared, he won’t bite.” Zhang Han gave him a reassuring glance. “He really won’t bite? Don’t this dog seem to have grown too big?” The youth said while feeling somewhat afraid. “You can be at ease.” Zhang Han laughed lightly. After waiting 5 seconds and seeing Xiao Hei’s haughty expression, which was just like that of an emperor who was overlooking the world and did not pay any slight trace of attention to him, the youth was then able to feel at ease. The youth took a few looks at Xiao Hei attentively and said, “Eh? This dog seems to be a Chinese rural dog, how did it grow so big? Chinese rural dog shouldn’t be able to grow this big? Furthermore, it is even this pretty, what kind of dog is this mister?” “Chinese rural emperor dog.” Meng Meng patted on Xiao Hei’s head and said. “F**k! It is the first time that I have seen a Chinese rural dog have this kind of physical appearance, it is truly inconceivable. For a Chinese rural dog to be able to grow up this well, if this was spread outside, it is most likely that it would cause quite a stir, this is practically a miracle!” The youth said with a surprised face. “You can let the dogs out of their cage and take back the cages, I don’t need the cages.” Zhang Han took a look at the dogs which were anxious to get out of their cage and said. “Eh? There is so many dogs here, if they were all let out, they would definitely run around, and just the two of us won’t be able look after them.” The youth hesitated and said. 30+ dogs that were worth a total of 230k rmb, if a few of them were to actually ran away, just thinking about it would make one feel heartache. “It’s all right, you can feel at ease and let them out of their cage.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said. “This…alright then.” The youth laughed bitterly and walked to the cages. When he opened the first cage, inside the cage was a husky, famous for being ‘disappear once let go’. Upon leaving the cage, the little fellow ran towards one side happily. “Woof!” Xiao Hei’s expression became fierce-looking. It was time to establish prestige! After barking one time, just like a lightning, he dashed to the front of the little husky in a few steps and bit towards the little husky. The sharp fangs caused the delivery guy's heart to jump. If the husky was to be bitten by those fangs, the life of that little husky would definitely be gone. However, the following image caused the youth to be dazed. The sound of thunder was big but the rain was small, Xiao Hei’s fierce bite only held the little husky in his mouth. After holding the little husky in his mouth, Xiao Hei’s shook his head and straightforwardly threw the little husky to the front of the cage. “Plop!” The little husky fell onto the ground and rolled two times before standing up. Shaking its dizzy head, the little husky did not know just what actually happened. “Woof, woof, woof!” Xiao Hei fiercely barked a few times towards the dogs that were in the cages, immediately scaring the dogs to the point that they were shivering and had an afraid look on their face. The youth looked at Xiao Hei with a somewhat stupefied and sluggish expression. Only after Zhang Han reminded him then did he came back to his senses and continued letting the dogs out of their cage. This time, the dogs were all honest and there was none that dared to run towards one side. Note: About just what dog Xiao Hei is, I swear to god finding out and confirming what dog Xiao Hei was extremely triggering because, in the raw, the name of what dog Xiao Hei is kept on changing, and there is also no direct translation of the names of the dog in English. After searching the google for quite a while, I have confirmed what dog that Xiao Hei is. So, Xiao Hei is basically a four-eyed Chinese rural dog, aka, in the raws, “四眼铁包金小土狗‘ / '铁包金土狗' / '中华田园犬'/ '土狗'. It is also written that Xiao Hei is a Chinese rural emperor dog, aka, in the raws, '铁包金帝王狗', which is basically a non-existent species, adding the 'emperor' was most likely author way of saying Xiao Hei is special or something. Also, in a few chapters back, I wrote that Xiao Hei is a Tibetian Mastiff, which was wrong, and I have corrected it. So if anyone was confused about what dog Xiao Hei was, hope this helped.


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