Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 35 – Diarrhea water 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 35 – Diarrhea water 1/2 “Mister, you have really raised a god-dog!” Before the delivery guy left in his vehicle, he took a look at Xiao Hei and praised. 30+ dogs, under Xiao Hei’s prestige, all of them lined up properly and went to the pet area obediently. Only until Xiao Hei went to play with Meng Meng, then did they start running around. Fortunately, the pet area was very big and the dogs did not have any thoughts of running outside. After half an hour, the livestock were delivered to Crescent Mountain. The number of delivery personnel this time was 6, and even the amount of vehicles that were driven was 5 vehicles. When they delivered the livestock up the mountain, same with the previous batch of people, they were just like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Garden and exclaimed in admiration for quite a while. After finish taking photos, they turned around and left. Zhang Han stood under the Thunder-Yang Tree and swept the surroundings with his eyes. At the livestock area, the fully grown free-range chickens were inside their house, fiddling with their nest, the small ducks and small gooses were playing around back and forth, running around the underbrush in a moment, swimming in the pond in another moment, and running to the meat grass which was at the left side to eat in another moment. The fully grown dairy cows were unhurriedly strolling around in its domain. The Japanese Blacks were relatively lively, continuously sizing up the new environment. The dairy sheep, Ujimqin Sheep, and Taihu Black pigs were strolling around in their own respective area. They all knew that the meat grass was their food. However, even if they did not know what the meat grass was, when they smelled the rather enticing smell that the meat grass emits out, they would not be able to help but go up to the meat grass and taste the meat grass. Fortunately, the meat grass was a rank 1 spiritual treasure, after eating finish, the meat grass would be able to mature within a few days. With this cycle continuing back and forth, there was enough meat grass to use. Looking at the planting area, the rice paddy was somewhat taller than yesterday, and the wheat, corn, and soybean were also growing rapidly. If the person who sold the seeds and seedlings was to saw this scene, he would surely be shocked. This kind of situation, only the word ‘unimaginable’ would be able to describe it. However, Zhang Han had long been accustomed to this kind of situation. Within Zhang Han’s eyes, Crescent Mountain was not even really counted as a treasure land. If it was really a treasure land, how could it be this simple? The pet area was much lively, Meng Meng sat on the underbrush and threw the toys to the doggies. Within her embrace, there was a hairy Teacup Poodle, at her side, the 2 boot-licking Golden Retrievers snuggled up on her, the aloof Chow Chow lied down on the ground lazily, and the other dogs were gathered together, playing with the toys as much as they liked. Where was Xiao Hei? He, of course, could not let go the chance of establishing his prestige. Glaring with his eyes wide and surveying around the surroundings, Xiao Hei was just like an emperor looking at his own people. Every time when there was a dog who wanted to go to other places, Xiao Hei would first observe the dog, and when the dog was about to run out of the pet area, Xiao Hei would bark one time and rush towards the dog, bite the dog up, shake his head, and throw the dog into the air. Thump, thump, thump. The dog would drop down on the underbrush. Although it was not painful, the dog would also become somewhat dazed. Gradually, the dogs also became honest, and did not ran towards the area outside the pet area, and instead revolved around Meng Meng and played together. After Zhang Han finished looking at those, he nodded his head in satisfaction. Same with the plan, the domain had to develop slowly, and right now, the domain was already beginning to take shape. Soon after, Zhang Han picked up a milk bucket and filled it up with 2 liters of Pure-Yang Water. After feeding the dairy cows, dairy sheep and fully grown chickens True-Yang Water, Zhang Han came to the pet area and accompanied Meng Meng to play. Close to noon, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng down the mountain to eat, and at the same time go and take a look at the restaurant. Because the house was undergoing renovation, there was dust inside the house, thus Zhang Han did not bring Meng Meng inside and went inside on his own. Taking a look, the renovation was about to be finished. The vivid and lifelike lotus jadeite television wall had been completed, and even the surroundings of the lotus had been installed with color lights. When the lights were turned on, the image of the lotus jadeite television wall would definitely be extremely beautiful. The pattern on the roof was half completed, and the floor and wall had all been completed. “Mister Zhang, you have come.” After Zhao Kai saw Zhang Han, he came up and welcomed Zhang Han with a smile. “The pace is pretty good.” Zhang Han nodded his head, feeling somewhat satisfied. “Of course, since Mister Zhang you have opened your mouth, I definitely had to do the job well. In probably about 2 days, everything will be complete. That’s right, Mister Zhang, about the board outside this restaurant of yours, do you want to also change it?” Zhao Kai said. “En, I have to change it indeed.” Zhang Han also forgot about this matter. Muttering to himself, he pondered about what name would be nice to name the restaurant. “I have a relative who does boards. Mister Zhang, you can think of a name for the restaurant and I can make a board for you for free.” Zhao Kai laughed while scratching his head. “For the name, it will be……'Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant'.” Towards picking a name, Zhang Han had always been casual about it when thinking of a name. “Alright, Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant. Do you have any request for the color and font?” Zhao Kai asked. “Normal black and white will do. At the front of ‘Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant’, add a cartoon design there. I will pass you the design later on at night. Make the board a bit more refined too, I will give you the money as per normal.” Zhang Han thought for a bit and answered. “Alright, I will have to thank Mister Zhang then.” Zhao Kai laughed and said. After finishing this matter, Zhang Han drove the car and brought Meng Meng back to Crescent Mountain.


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