Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 36 – Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 36 – Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant 2/2 During the time in the next 3 days. Zhang Han and Meng Meng left early and returned late. During this period of time, at Crescent Mountain, Zhang Han planted some spring onions, potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, green beans, garlic chives, big chilis, small chilis and so on other things. Also, Zhang Han would bring some fresh milk for Zhang Li every day, causing the fridge in her rented apartment to be completely filled with milk. Without choice, Zhang Li could only give some to her friends. In this 3 days, Zi Yan finished recording all her songs and was prepared to go to mainland to film the music video for her song. On that night, Zhang Han talked to Zi Yan about the restaurant’s renovation being completed, and him wanting to bring Meng Meng over there to stay. Zi Yan pondered for a while, and upon seeing the incomparable expectation on Meng Meng’s face, she agreed to it, and furthermore personally packed two big suitcases that were filled with Meng Meng’s stuff. Because, she faintly felt in her heart that, this time when Meng Meng went over to Zhang Han’s place to stay, it would probably be quite a while before Meng Meng comes back Yunyin Garden. Also, I myself am going to extremely busy until the 15th, so during this period of time, I will just let Zhang Han take care of Meng Meng I guess. During the night, Zi Yan and Zhang Han chatted again for a while, she told Zhang Han about every specific detail of how to look after Meng Meng. Evidently not very reassured towards Zhang Han this convenient father. After chatting till it was late, Zi Yan then went to rest. The second day, after Meng Meng said goodbye to her mommy, she followed Zhang Han downstairs with an excited face. “Meng Meng, look and see what the board says?” Zhang Han stopped the car at the front of the restaurant and said with a smile as he pointed to the board. “Eh……” Meng Meng attentively and seriously looked at the board, then said somewhat hesitatingly, “Meng…Meng’s…Leisure!” “You are correct, however, one word was still missing. What is the word at the front of the word leisure?” “Eh…eh……” Meng Meng mumbled for a while, then said somewhat shyly, “Aiya, I don’t recognize the word!” “What is this that we are opening?” Zhang Han pointed to the house and said, “What is the place that we eat food at called?” “Restaurant?” Meng Meng seemed to have remembered. With her eyes lighted up, she said, “Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant?” “Correct!” Zhang Han laughed brightly. Upon seeing that, the little princess also started giggling, while saying, “Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant, hooray, it is my restaurant!” “Let’s go in and take a look.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked into the house. The house was swept very cleanly. This was thanks to Zhao Kai who had specially looked for cleaners to clean the house after the renovation of the house had finished. Only after entering into the house then was one able to feel how beautiful the house was. The round dining table was surrounded by 4 crescent shaped wood carvings. There were 4 entrances, with each facing against the north, south, east and west. The wood carvings were openwork, and on the top of the wood carvings, there were all sorts of designs. Furthermore, the wood carvings were only half a meter high and were pleasurable to look at. At the right side, against the wall, there was a small stage. On the small stage, there was a black luxurious Steinway Model O Grand Piano. At the somewhat outer side place, there was a small bar counter. On the small bar counter, there was a white color Apple MacBook. At each corner of the house, a high quality sound system was set up. Looking at the inner side of the house, there was a small round table for eating snacks and drinking drinks. The ball chairs that were at the small round table were filled with a kind of characteristic. Whereas, the white color sofa and coffee table had a kind of family feeling. The most eye-catching was the television wall at the front of the sofa. The jadeite lotus on the wall was vivid and lifelike, and also very beautiful. However, Zhang Han’s gaze was sizing up the kitchen that was on the left side. At the outside of the square shaped open kitchen, it was a bright white color. The entrance was at the inner side and there was a sliding door at the entrance. The stove and range hood was top grade brand. At the inner side of the kitchen, there was a customized oven, microwave oven, rice cooker, and steamer. At the bottom side was a cupboard to place the utensils. On the surrounding walls, 2/3 of the walls were filled with various kinds of flowers. On the upper part of the walls, which was the remaining 1/3 of the walls, there were 800cm x 800cm photo frames filled on the walls. Within the photo frames, the photos of some cartoon characters were casually placed in some of the photo frames. Zhao Kai knew that Zhang Han was definitely going to place his daughter’s photos in the photo frames. With the boost of the house as a whole, even the 3 small white tables and 6 chairs that were situated by the left window also seemed to be of high quality. Comparably speaking, the second floor was somewhat lacking compared to the first floor. However, the style of the second floor was much comforting. Light blue wallpapers were pasted on all the walls. The sofa, television, coffee table and other furniture were also all chosen by Zhang Han himself, thus the standard of the furniture was naturally not low.


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Translator: Wigglegui