Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 38 – Thinking of selling songs 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 38 – Thinking of selling songs 1/2 “Okay……” Meng Meng said pitifully. Zhang Han shook his head, placed the trolley at one side, turned around and carried Meng Meng towards the crowd. At the same time, Zhang Han slightly sighed in his heart. Meng Meng was still too kindhearted already. But it also still made sense, a person’s first nature was originally benevolent, there was not a single person who was an evil person right after they were born. A person’s growing environment and the kind of education the person had received had a very huge impact on what kind of person he or she would become in the future. Remember that there was a specialized organization who said that, from the moment when a child was born up to they were 7 years old, was the period where their temperament was basically decided. Thus, it was obvious that a child’s education was very important when they were small. However, Zhang Han felt that if a person was too kind-hearted, then they would bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind. To pity every pitiful person, then that would be somewhat over the top already. Seems like I still have to find a time to let Meng Meng take a look at society’s true appearance. Zhang Han thought to himself while walking towards the crowd. Pushing aside people and squeezing into the crowd, the elegant and cool woman and her son were crying harder, and the complexion of the old man was also getting paler and paler. Even the 2 staff members also gave up on the first aid treatment and stood at one side helplessly. “Let me take a look at him.” Zhang Han took a look indifferently at the elegant and cool woman, and not waiting for the woman to answer, after finish speaking, he placed one of his hand onto the old man’s wrist, while carrying Meng Meng with his other hand. Spiritual strength moved from Zhang Han’s vessels to his fingers, then penetrated into the old man’s body and started swimming around. 1 second, 2 seconds…… Finally, after 20 seconds, Zhang Han discovered the location of the abnormality. At this time, Zhang Han’s expression was tranquil. Zhang Han stretched out his hand and place his palm onto the old man’s chest, then immediately clapped downwards! “Bang!” A dull sound rang out and immediately gave the entire crowd a shock. The old man’s situation was already very terrible and this guy actually dared to beat onto the old man’s chest with that much? Everyone did not understand just what happened and glared at Zhang Han who had a tranquil face. Even that cool and elegant woman was also somewhat dazed. Just when she was about to open her mouth, “Pfff…cough, cough, cough…pfff……” The old man who was on the ground suddenly started coughing and phlegm was sput out from his mouth in quick succession. “Ah? Father, father, how are you? Father, how are you……” The cool and elegant woman was pleasantly surprised as she asked while shedding tears of joy. “Pant, pant……” The old man took a few deep breaths, and said lightly, “Aiyo, I felt so stuffy just now. I’m feeling better after spitting out the phlegm. I’m fine……” Upon seeing that Zhang Han saved the old man, the crowd couldn’t help but start clapping. A bunch of surprised gazes was looking at Zhang Han and incessant words of praise could be heard coming from the crowd. Zhang Han did not have any expression, but the little princess within his embrace was extremely happy. On the little princess’s face, an incomparably proud radiance sparkled, as if saying, “Look, my daddy is awesome right?” “Thank you mister, thank you mister.” After the cool and elegant woman saw that the old man became well, she ran to Zhang Han’s side and thanked him repeatedly, and said somewhat incoherently, “I also don’t know how I can repay you. Can, can you leave your contact details.” “You don’t have to repay me, I simply did not want to see my daughter’s tears.” Zhang Han shook his head and said indifferently, “Ask your father to smoke less, eat lesser greasy food, and exercise when he has the time in the future. That way, perhaps he will be able to live a bit longer.” After finish speaking, Zhang Han turned around and left while carrying Meng Meng, leaving the cool and elegant woman who had a complicated expression. “Wait, mister, please wait a moment.” The middle age doctor who took a look at the old man just now ran over and asked lightly with a respectful expression, “Mister, how were you able to make out the old man’s situation?” Zhang Han took a look at him and said indifferently, “You can try learning more about traditional Chinese medicine.” After finish speaking, he pushed the trolley and walked forward. “Try learning, learning more about traditional Chinese medicine okay……” Meng Meng imitated Zhang Han’s tone and said solemnly towards the middle age man. This sentence was, of course, a random sentence that he made up to deal with the middle age doctor. However, Zhang Han also knew that, if an experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner was here, they would also be able to make out the old man’s situation. However, what Zhang Han did not know was that, because of this sentence of his, it caused that middle age doctor to become known as a highly skilled traditional Chinese medicine practitioner in several years in the future. When it was time to pay the bill, just when half of the goods had been scanned, the manager of the supermarket walked quickly towards Zhang Han. The manager decided that he would excuse Zhang Han’s bill to express his gratitude towards Zhang Han. After the manager spoke some words of gratitude and the cashier had packed everything, Zhang Han nodded his head, carried the goods and left the supermarket. “Daddy, you are my hero.” Meng Meng said with a worshipping look. “Hahaha……” Zhang Han laughed and used pure English to reply, “Darling, I only want to be your hero.” “No, no, no! There is also mommy too!” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and said. “Alright, I will count her too then.” Zhang Han used fluent English to reply. “Eh? Daddy, how did you know how to speak English?” Meng Meng asked, feeling puzzled. “I learned it of course. For Meng Meng, daddy has to, of course, be an omnipotent daddy!” Zhang Han replied with English. “Aiyo, daddy, you are already my hero.” With an adorable expression, Meng Meng replied with her small voice. Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked towards the car while conversing using English. The number of people that were at the entrance of the supermarket was quite a lot. When those parents who brought their child saw that, those who knew English was still okay, while those who did not know English had a face of envy, jealousy, and hate. Seemingly, the grudging voice of a woman could be heard saying, “Look at other people’s father and children, then look at you two, one old food eater, and one small food eater. Only know how to eat, eat, and eat. Other than eating whole day, you all don’t even do anything else!” ……


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