Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 39 – Experience Life 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 39 – Experience Life 1/2 “Eh? Mister, where is this rice grown at?” The master who was in charge of processing the rice picked up a rice stalk and sized up the rice attentively. The more he looked at it, the more astonished he was. The outward appearance of the rice was very good. The connoisseur recognizes the artistry while the layman simply enjoys the show. The processing master had been working at the factory for a very long time and had processed a lot of rice, and had also seen before finished products that were very good. But, never had he before seen rice that was plump to this degree. The rice ear presented a gold color, and the rice grains of the rice connected to each other in succession, appearing very neat and tidy. Even without processing the rice, a faint rice fragrance could still be smelled. To the master, all those things were somewhat bizarre. Upon hearing that, Zhang Han shook his head and did not reply. “This is Daohuaxiang rice number 2 right?” The master asked in wonder. “En.” Zhang Han nodded his head. “Ah, this is the first time that I have seen rice that has such a good physical appearance.” The master exclaimed, then began operating the machine. However, after the rice was processed and grains of white smooth and round rice was processed out from the rice, the rice fragrance which could cause one to be infatuated made the processing master became more astonished in his heart. “How could it be this fragrant? Just how fragrant would the rice be after it had been cooked? This rice is truly dope!” The processing master looked at each grain of rice and praised without ceasing. There was two sack of processed rice, with each sack being 30kg. “What are those two sacks?” Zhang Han pointed to the two sacks of fine power state thing and asked. “Those are the rice husks that were processed out. They could be used as livestock’s feed.” The processing master said with a smile. “I don’t want the rice husks, you can have it. How much is the processing fee?” Zhang Han said casually. “Since you gave me two sacks of rice husks, there is no need for the processing fee.” The processing master smiled and waved with his hand. The amount of rice that was processed out was very little and did not need much money anyway. “En.” Zhang Han nodded his head slightly, carried the 2 sacks of rice and walked out of the factory. Returned back to the restaurant, Zhang Han placed the 2 sacks of rice in the cabinet. The time right now has not even reach 4pm, and thus naturally, it was still not yet time to eat dinner. Zhang Han sat down for a while and suddenly remembered about him wanting to bring Meng Meng to have a look at society’s true appearance. I almost forgot about this matter! After muttering for a while, Zhang Han had an idea. He remembered that a few days ago, he saw on the news that, at high grade clothing specialty store, some attendants would look down on those people who seemed very poor and mock and ridicule them. Let’s wear clothes that are a bit damaged and bring Meng Meng to a high grade clothing specialty store! Upon deciding what to do, Zhang Han immediately sprung to action. Zhang Han went upstairs, took out a set of white casual clothes, and then took out Meng Meng’s light blue cowboy outfit. Lastly, he took out a scissor from the drawer! “Snap, snap, snap……” With a few cuts of the scissors, the two set of clothes immediately became in tatters. There were different kind of holes in the shirt and pants. However, as the clothes were brand new, having holes in the clothes made it seemed as if a new style of clothes. “It will seem real if the clothes are a bit dirty!” Zhang Han took the two set of clothes and came downstairs. “Meng Meng, let’s go, daddy bring you to go out play.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and said. “Alright, go out play! Daddy, where are we going to play?” Meng Meng asked happily. “We will go to Crescent Mountain first.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and said. “Yay!” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms and swayed her little arms around happily. Driving the car for 10 minutes, they arrived at Crescent Mountain. Meng Meng happily went to play with the doggies, whereas Zhang Han came to the side of a pond. Zhang Han rubbed the two set of clothes back and forth on the soil. After rubbing for a while, Zhang Han finally revealed out a trace of satisfied smile. Now, the clothes were truly in tatters and dirty. Not bad! After settling with the clothes, Zhang Han came to under the Thunder-Yang Tree. The growth of the heaven fragrant wood that was at the side was pretty good. The heaven fragrant wood was more or less as thick as a thigh and was close to 1.5m tall. After using a sickle to cut off 10cm of heaven fragrant wood, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and went back to the car that was below the mountain. “Daddy, we just arrived here a while ago. Meng Meng still hasn’t played enough.” Meng Meng pouted with her small mouth and said with an unhappy tone. “We will come back again tomorrow to play okay? Let’s change our clothes, daddy will bring you to go experience the true appearance of society.” Zhang Han changed his own clothes, then moved to the backseat to help Meng Meng change her clothes. “Aiya, daddy, the clothes are so dirty, Meng Meng doesn’t want to wear it.” Meng Meng was very fond of being clean, although she would always make dirty her own clothes. “We can only go play fun things after wearing the clothes.” Zhang Han said. “Eh? What fun things?” Meng Meng blinked her clear eyes, looked at Zhang Han and asked curiously. “You will know in a while. Daddy will bring you to go experience life. After experiencing finish, we will go back to the restaurant, and daddy will cook something delicious for you.” Zhang Han laughed and said. “Okay, okay then. But Meng Meng doesn't want to wear those clothes, those clothes are too dirty.” Meng Meng pouted her small mouth and said softly. “We can only experience life after wearing the clothes. Come, daddy will help you wear the clothes.” With a smile, Zhang Han helped the unwilling little princess to change into the dirty clothes. If Zi Yan was here, she would definitely reprimand Zhang Han this improper person. Other people’s family would be the children being the naughty one, and in this family, Zhang Han seemed to have become the naughty one. However, ‘if’ was just a kind of reverie, and there was no way Zi Yan could be here.


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