Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 40 – First customer 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 40 – First customer 1/2 “My mommy is very beautiful.” Meng Meng pouted with her small mouth and said, “Daddy is also very handsome. Daddy, daddy, you have never buy clothes for mommy before, this clothing looks very nice, can you buy it for mommy please?” Hearing that, Zhang Han took a few looks at Meng Meng. In the end, he said with a somewhat helpless tone, “I will take this clothing then……” In the end, Zhang Han carried a brand new fur clothing and left the shopping mall. Zhang Han was not going to try anymore, he had admitted defeat. He felt that the plan today had failed already. “Manager, your eyes are indeed vicious. I really did not expect that person would be able to just casually buy the clothing that costs 28k rmb. In the start, I still thought that the person was just coming in to casually have a look.” The shop assistant sighed repeatedly. “I say, you have to learn a bit more. No matter what is it, you have to observe first. You look at that adorable and pretty little lady, do you think that a normal person would be able to give birth to such a child? With a look and I knew that the mister was just here to look for fun. People like this are normally big shots who really have nothing better to do. If you were to have deeply offended him, just think about what kind of consequence would follow you after on?” The manager earnestly guided the shop assistant. “Manager, you are right.” …… When they returned back to the restaurant, the sky was also becoming dark. Zhang Han was intending to prepare a meal for Meng Meng for the first time. Just when he was about to cook the rice, Zhang Han went into a daze for a while. “Meng Meng, we have to take a trip back to Crescent Mountain.” Zhang Han opened his mouth and said. “Eh?” Meng Meng slightly went into a daze, then became overjoyed at the unexpected good news as she said, “Alright, alright, go play with the doggies!” Thus, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng back to Crescent Mountain. The reason for coming back to Crescent Mountain was because Zhang Han thought of a matter, the water for cooking the rice! Zhang Han did not want to use tap water to cook the rice. After thinking about it, he decided to use spiritual water to cook the rice. Although the rice was already at the highest quality, although using spiritual water to cook the rice could be considered as decorating something that was already perfect, but Zhang Han just wanted to use spiritual water to cook the rice. Zhang Han was just this willful! Under Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han’s spiritual strength revolved, and connected to Thunder-Yang Tree, causing a branch to come out from the Thunder-Yang Tree. Like a tap, the spiritual water that was within the underground winding corridor shape cave flowed upwards and flowed out from the branch. Zhang Han filled 2 milk buckets with spiritual water, then called out for Meng Meng. The little princess was currently playing happily and did not hear Zhang Han’s voice. Upon seeing that, Zhang Han let Meng Meng played for another 10+ minutes. The sun was gradually getting darker. Normally at this timing, at mountains where there were lots of underbrush, there would be quite a lot of mosquitos. However, there was no need to worry about things like mosquitos at Crescent Mountain. The sweet scent grass’s function was not merely being beautiful and emitting out a sweet scent. Sweet scent grass also had the function of driving insects away. No matter was it mosquito, housefly or grass-eating insects, sweet scent grass would drive them away from Crescent Mountain by emitting a smell that was targeted against them. How does the sweet scent grass differentiate what kind of pests to drive away? Because this area was Thunder-Yang Tree’s domain, when the domain was constructed, it used Zhang Han’s thoughts to define what insects were counted as pests. Standing under Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han’s gaze swept through the vegetable area. The vegetables were planted a few days late and were still not yet mature right now. I will just have to wait a few more days. The ingredients that were available right now were rice, chicken eggs, a few spring onion and other ingredients that were bought from the supermarket, for example, carrot, onion, tomato and so on…… What should I make tonight? Stir-fried onion and egg, stir-fried tomato and egg? Thinking back and forth, only eggs were available to eat right now, thus Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while, and decided to make egg fried rice tonight. Egg fried rice was a common delicious food and was also something that most people knew how to make. Sometimes after finish eating a meal, there would be some rice left over. When waking up on the second day, a plate of egg fried rice could be made with the leftover rice. It was economical and tasty at the same time. It was relatively simple to cook egg fried rice. After preparing the ingredients, just a few minutes was enough to cook egg fried rice. Also, not only egg fried rice, there were other fried rice dishes that were very simple and convenient too. Say, for example, Yangzhou fried rice, soy sauce fried rice, sausage fried rice, shrimp and vegetable fried rice, and so on…… There were even roadside stalls that sold fried rice specially and were loved by people. Zhang Han wanted to make something better for Meng Meng to eat. But the ingredients that were available right now was not able to support Zhang Han. Furthermore, the planting area at Crescent Mountain had only just taken form and still was still far from being complete. After deciding, Zhang Han stood up and walked to Meng Meng’s side. “Meng Meng, the sky is dark already, we have to go back to eat dinner.” Zhang Han said with a light laugh. “Aiya, alright then. Xiao Hei, bye bye, big Golden Retriever, small Golden Retriever, big Husky, small Husky, big Chow Chow, small Chow Chow, big poodle, small poodle……” Meng Meng one by one said goodbye to the doggies. The doggies also very gave face, gathering to the front of Meng Meng and shaking their tongue in response to Meng Meng. Xiao Hei personally saw off Zhang Han and Meng Meng to the bottom of the mountain. All the way until the Jeep left his line of sight, then did he turned around and headed back to the mountain top. Perhaps before Zhang Han transformed him, he treated Zhang Han as just a passer-by. But after Zhang Han transformed him, he treated Zhang Han as his master for the rest of his life, and also the master which he firmly believed that he had to protect for his entire life.


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