Scattered Immortal Chapter 2 – Shangguan Ling

The space within the carriage was very spacious. After entering into the carriage, Tang Qing looked around and discovered that there were some profound talisman writings and mysterious designs drawn within the carriage. What those profound talisman writings and mysterious designs formed was a formation, a formation used to decrease the jolting of the carriage, and with a look, it could be seen that it was the masterpiece of a great master. “Hey, what is your name?” “Tang Qing.” Within the carriage, Shangguan Ling gazed attentively at Tang Qing with curiosity. Hearing Tang Qing said out his name, she then spoke again, “So your name is Tang Qing. How did you know about beast taming communication technique?” From what she knows, beast taming communication technique was unorthodox and the number of people who knew of it was very sparse. Even within some big sects, there were very few people who knew of it. She really could not understand just how someone like Tang Qing who wanders around the Jianghu would know of it. Tang Qing lied down on his back within the carriage, with his head casually drooped. He who was currently extremely tired and weak just wanted to have a good sleep right now. “Can you teach me beast taming communication technique?” Shangguan Ling seemed to be very interested in the beast taming communication technique and said, “Of course, I will not learn for free. What do you want? How about I give you a huge amount of spirit stones so you can enjoy your life in the future and don’t have to wander around everywhere anymore? What do you think?” Tang Qing closed his eyes, acting as if he did not heard anything. “Or how about I give you a magic treasure? You should have heard about magic treasure while you were wandering around the Jianghu right? Let me tell you, magic treasures are very valuable. Even for cultivators, they may also not be able to possess a magic treasure in their lifetime. How about it?” To get Tang Qing to teach her beast taming communication technique, she had practically offered everything that she could think of to him. But the fellow in front of her was still indifferent and have been just lying down there from the beginning and completely ignored her. “Hey! Can you at least say something!” Tang Qing slightly opened his eyes and said lazily, “Young lady, I myself only know a bit of beast taming communication technique, so how am I going to teach you. What’s more, I also do not know how to teach people.” “If you don’t want to teach then just say so, what’s the big deal!” Shangguan Ling pouted her mouth and turned her body around, no longer insisting on Tang Qin to teach her. But beast taming communication technique was really rare and she did not just want to give up like this. After coughing two times, Shangguan Ling used her best possible gentle and kind tone and said, “Tang Qing, it should be very tiring for technique users like you to wander around Jianghu right? Furthermore, it is often to meet with all kind of dangers while wandering around the Jianghu. Since you know beast taming communication technique, how about you be my groom from now on? A groom specialized to take care of my horse? How about it?” Seeing Tang Qing not answering, she continued speaking, “If you are willing to be my groom, I will give you an abundant amount of spirit stones every month. If you perform well, I can give you some cultivation pills and medicines. And if you are willing to bear hardships, I can also help you step into the road of cultivation. I know of many experts and within those experts, many of them are all master of a school. Snow Mountain School? Green Jade School? Donghua School? Zhongtian School? Whatever school you want to go to, you can choose as you please. Now you should be satisfied already right?” From what Shangguan Ling thought after she had offered such an attractive condition, if it were any ordinary person, they would agree without the slightest hesitation because no matter was it Snow Mountain School or was it Green Jade School, and even Donghua School and Zhongtian School, they were all top grade cultivation school. Ordinary people would do anything just to become the school’s disciple. But however, the recruiting standards of those school were all extremely strict. Without an outstanding family background and good aptitude, it would be impossible for one to be able to enter into the school, letting those ordinary people to only be able to gaze from afar. Not sure what identity this Shangguan Ling has, to actually dare to say that she could allow Tang Qing to enter any school he wants. Shangguan Ling expected to see the look of surprise and happiness on Tang Qing’s face, but however, she quickly discovered that on this goddamned swindler’s face, other than exhaustion, there was not a trace of other emotion at all. “I’m sorry, I am really not interested.” Tang Qing shook his head and rejected Shangguan Ling. Right now, he only wanted to find a cozy place and have a smooth and peaceful sleep. As for other things, he was just too lazy to give a care. Seeing this fellow straightforwardly close his eyes, obviously not preparing to pay attention to her anymore, Shangguan Ling felt indignant in her heart. Damned swindler, I pleaded you with such good intentions and yet you actually rejected me time and time again. I saw that you helped cure my horse, so I was kind enough to help you and give you a chance to cultivate, and yet you actually say that you are not interested? Humph! Damned swindler! Just because you know a bit of beast taming communication technique, you really think you are an expert already? Humph! Shangguan Ling frowned and glared viciously at Tang Qing who was sleeping. Suddenly, a trace of cunningness flashed across her beautiful eyes as she mumbled to herself softly, “Goddamned swindler, the people that I have my eyes on, none of them can escape from me. You just wait, sooner or later, I will make you teach me obediently!” After finish speaking, she did not speak anymore and lifted up the curtain as she went out of the carriage to rush the horse while singing a melodious folk song. After finish singing the song, she called out to Tang Qing two times. After discovering that there was no respond from within the carriage, she lifted up the curtain and discovered that the goddamned swindler was actually asleep deeply. She did not disturb him and instead started to laugh complacently, “ A look at this goddamned swindler and I know that he is still just a beginner who does not know the danger of a human’s heart. To actually fall asleep like this and not scared that I will sell him away……Oh, while this guy is asleep, I can take this chance to bring him to Big Sister Mo’s place, hehe……See if you will teach me or not.” The more Shangguan Ling thought in her mind, the more proud she got, and the speed of her rushing the horse also suddenly got quicker. …… It is said that, scattered immortal was an existence that was cursed by the heaven. The Ninth Heaven doesn’t accept, Ninth Underworld doesn’t want, an existence that was only able to wander within heaven and earth, waiting for layer upon layer of heavenly tribulation to descend upon them till they finally die. Some people say that the heavenly tribulation which belongs to a scattered immortal was not actually heavenly tribulation, but a kind of trail, and it was also a kind of endless trail, where only until you are judged to death by the trail then would the trail finally stop. Having experienced the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation, Tang Qing understood just how sickening each layer upon layer of the heavenly tribulation that belongs to a scattered immortal was, especially the third, sixth and ninth tribulation. The Third Layer Heavenly Tribulation was referred as Earth Punishment Tribulation, implying that, if you want to wander around the earth, you will first have to go through the earth’s trail. The Sixth Layer Heavenly Tribulation was referred as Heaven Punishment Tribulation, implying that, if you want to wander around underneath the heaven, you will have to go through the heaven’s trail. The Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation was referred Life and Death Tribulation. As for where Life and Death Tribulation comes from and whose trail it belongs to, Tang Qing was currently still not sure. Despite Earth Punishment Tribulation and Heaven Punishment Tribulation being extremely frightening, after Tang Qing passed through those two tribulations, although he was in a sorry state, it was however only in a sorry state only, with at most his corporeal body suffering a devastating setback. He absolutely did not expect that the Ninth Layer Heavenly Tribulation, Life and Death Tribulation would actually be that frightening. Not only did it caused his cultivation to be completely lost, it also caused his corporeal body to become extremely damaged and weakened. At the same time, it also even completely destroyed the cave-dwelling which he spent everything to build. Since the cave-dwelling has been destroyed, then so be it. In any case, Tang Qing did not want to continue going into close door cultivation anymore. Even if his cave-dwelling was not destroyed, he would also not continue going into close door cultivation. Going into close door cultivation, cultivate, overcome tribulation, repeating those cycle on and on...Tang Qing seriously felt that is was enough. If he continued on like this, he would really not be able to prevent himself from going insane and breaking apart. Therefore, this time he told himself that no matter what, he had to change to another way to live. As for how he wants to live, he was not sure and did not have any plans. All he could do for now was take a step forward and see how things go.

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