Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 42 – Customer that was conquered 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 42 – Customer that was conquered 1/2 Wang Long’s egg fried rice, compared to this egg fried rice was truly the difference between earth and heaven! After eating a few mouths, Liang Mengqi took the chopsticks that were at the side, picked up a grain of the rice and took a few looks at it attentively. The grain of rice was plump and snow white. She tried biting onto the grain of rice, and the sturdiness of the rice made her exclaimed repeatedly, Seems like what this boss said was true, even if that Thailand rice was dried for a hundred years, it still wouldn’t be comparable to his rice. Soon after, she picked up a small piece of egg and tasted it. When she tasted the egg, it actually gave her a feeling that she had never tasted egg before. When she tasted the carrot cube, she finally regained back her conscious. “This carrot is real.” Liang Mengqi’s gaze was somewhat in a daze, the taste of the carrot finally made her felt that she found a familiar taste. “This fried rice is truly worth 50k rmb. For the boss to sell it for 280 rmb, he is really a merchant who has a conscience.” Liang Mengqi sighed for a bit. She suddenly thought of the 2 females. If they were to know the taste of the egg fried rice, they would most likely regret that they left the restaurant! Liang Mengqi started eating the egg fried rice mouth by mouth. As she eats, she gradually forgot about everything. In her eyes, there was only the egg fried rice in front of her! All the way until she finished eating the egg fried rice, Liang Mengqi still sub-consciously moved the spoon to the plate. When she realized that there was no more food, a sense of loss actually welled up in her heart. She turned her head around and took a look at the inner side. She saw that Meng Meng and Zhang Han had finished eating and the little princess was currently praising that the food her daddy cooked was really delicious. “Boss.” Liang Mengqi called out softly. “En?” “About that……” Liang Mengqi said somewhat shyly, “I’m still not full yet, I want another plate of egg fried rice and another cup of cow milk.” “En.” Zhang Han nodded his head and walked to the kitchen counter. There was still a plate worth of egg fried rice left. After placing the egg fried rice onto a plate and pouring a cup of cow milk, he wanted to carry it over to Liang Mengqi, but discovered that the girl was following behind him and looking at him anxiously. Thus, Zhang Han just straightforwardly placed the plate and cup on the kitchen counter. As if obtaining a treasure, Liang Mengqi carried the food very carefully to the dining table. “Daddy, Meng Meng still wants to eat, but, but I am already full.” Meng Meng sat on the chair and said with a somewhat perplex expression. On her plate, there was still 1/3 of egg fried rice left. “You cannot eat anymore if you are full. Daddy will cook for you again tomorrow morning.” Zhang Han walked over and laughed as he patted onto Meng Meng’s little head. “Humph! But why can big sister eat two plates?” Meng Meng lightly snorted and said. “Because when a person grows up, their appetite will also become bigger.” “Then, then when can Meng Meng grow up? Meng Meng also wants to eat.” With her eyes not leaving the egg fried rice that was left on the plate, Meng Meng pouted her mouth and said. “Meng Meng will slowly grow up.” Zhang Han said as he took the plate away and placed it in the kitchen sink. Not being able to see the egg fried rice, Meng Meng’s thoughts of it diminished somewhat.


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Translator: Wigglegui

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