Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 42 – Customer that was conquered 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 42 – Customer that was conquered 2/2 Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and sat on the sofa that was at the side of the piano. “Daddy, what are we sitting at here for? Meng Meng still wants to go play toys.” Meng Meng asked curiously. “We have to rest for a while first after we have finished eating. Listen to daddy play for you two piece of songs first. You can go and play after finish listening okay?” Zhang Han said with a slight smile. Some people would say that after eating, one has to walk a hundred steps to be able to live to 99 years old. But little did they know that this saying was incorrect. Normally after a meal, one has to rest for at least half an hour, and it would only do if they sit down for a short period of time before exercise. If a person was to start exercising immediately after they just had their meal, it would affect their digestive system. When Meng Meng heard that she could not play, her little mouth started pouting. But when she heard that Zhang Han was going to play the piano, she immediately became interested as she raised her little arms and welcomed her daddy to present his piano skill. Zhang Han sat on the piano chair, opened the piano cover and dragged his finger from the left side of the piano key to the right side of the piano key. Hearing the piano’s tone, Zhang Han nodded his head in satisfaction. The piano was tuned well. Seems like that friend of Zhao Kai’s was indeed a professional. “I dedicate...Variations on Canon to my adorable darling Meng Meng.” Zhang Han spread out both of his hands, and before playing, looked towards Meng Meng and said with a laugh. This sentence caused Meng Meng to be delighted as she said with her small voice, “Daddy, you are the most handsome!” “Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed lightly as he shook his head. After lightly taking a breath in, his fingers started pressing down on the piano keys. A classic piece which had been passed down from ancient times, Variations on Canon, began playing. At this time, Liang Mengqi also finished eating the egg fried rice. She patted onto her stuffed belly and sighed while shaking her head. Isn’t this fried rice just too delicious already? Even Liang Mengqi’s picky tongue was also able to finish two plates of egg fried rice. This alone was enough to show just what kind of existence Zhang Han’s egg fried rice was to a foodie. I really don’t know how he is able to cook out such a tasty egg fried rice! Liang Mengqi drank a small mouth of cow milk, slowly savoring the pure fragrant of the milk. Suddenly, a piano sound came pouring into her ears. She couldn’t help but turned her head around and looked towards the source of the piano sound. Eh? He even knows how to play the piano? Liang Mengqi felt somewhat curious in her heart. This is unexpected. He also seems to be able to play the piano quite well. Liang Mengqi looked at the side of Zhang Han’s face. Right after her tongue had finished enjoying, another enjoyment was here for her ears. In a moment, she was somewhat dazed and lost in thought. There was some difference in the tempo of the Variations on Canon that Zhang Han played. The tempo was occasionally fast and occasionally slow. Although the piece of music was still Canon, the occasional fast and slow tempo seemed to make the Canon became alive. The music was occasionally lively and occasionally melodious. But no matter what, this shows that Zhang Han’s piano skill was already at a certain level. He is a master pianist! Liang Mengqi looked at the side of Zhang Han’s face and thought to herself. She understood a bit about pianos and also liked listening to a lot of piano songs. She knew that, when a person did not need a musical score and was able to control the tempo of the piano song and not be controlled by the musical score, it means that the person was already a master pianist! Just like the China genius pianist, Liang Zong. Liang Zong was this world’s first rate pianist master. Before returning back to his country, he conquered the conductors of 10 symphony orchestra, conquered the master pianists who were still alive in this world and conquered his teacher, the president of Curtis Institute of Music, Gary. Curtis Institute of Music was one of the top 3 within the world’s classic musical academy. But ever since Liang Zong became famous worldwide, Curtis Institute of Music had been ranked first in successive years. When Curtis Institute of Music got those honor, the people in the country still did not know who Liang Zong was. Remember that, there was a time when he came back to the country, and because he had no reputation, the organization requested to change out Liang Zong. This action immediately caused the conductor of the world’s top rate symphony orchestra that was accompanying Liang Zong to fly into a rage on the spot and criticized the organization to be as blind as a bet, to not even know one of the world’s top pianist. Why do I feel that he……is more formidable than Liang Zong? As Liang Mengqi listens to Zhang Han play the piano, this kind of feeling suddenly bubbled up from her heart. Even she herself was somewhat surprised at this feeling. It must be known that Liang Zong was one of this world’s renowned top pianist! If Zhang Han was to know Liang Mengqi’s thoughts, he would definitely laugh lightly in his heart. If you had 500 years, you would also be able to be this good at the piano! “This piece is finished. I will now dedicate Joe Hisashi’s Summer for Meng Meng” Zhang Han laughed lightly and said. “Daddy is so awesome……” Meng Meng said with a worshipping look on her face. Although she was somewhat in a daze when listening to the piano song her daddy played, but seeing her daddy’s fingers moving at lightning speed on the piano keys, she felt that her daddy was very awesome. Liang Mengqi sat on the chair, having no thoughts of leaving. She somewhat acknowledged Zhang Han in her heart, although the first meeting they had wasn’t pleasant. Just when Zhang Han was about to begin playing the piano again, another batch of customers came to the restaurant. The customers this time was finally males. 4 young guys who seemed to be of the age of 17 walked into the restaurant. “Boss, what food do you have here?” One of the young guys opened his mouth and asked. Seeing this, Liang Mengqi lightly sighed in her heart. She felt that the boss was going to start working since there were customers now, thus she also intended to leave. Just that, out of her expectation, Zhang Han did not even turn his head around and replied indifferently, “We are sold for the day.” “Oh.” The few young guys turned around and left. This caused Liang Mengqi to could not help but slightly went into a daze, as she once again felt how formidable Zhang Han was. If she had not already eaten 2 plates of egg fried rice, she would think that this was a fake restaurant. Where would people open a restaurant like this? Conveniently selling 2 plates of egg fried rice when he was cooking for his daughter, and not selling anymore afterward? “What a strange person.” Liang Mengqi mumbled to herself. At the next moment, the melodious piano sound rang out once again. The lively tempo of Joe Hisashi’s Summer was played well by Zhang Han. After finishing playing this piece, Zhang Han closed the piano cover and ended his performance. “Awesome, awesome!” Meng Meng praised. “Clap, clap, clap……” Liang Mengqi couldn’t help but applaud. “What is your name?” Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Han and asked somewhat curiously. “My, my daddy is called Zhang…Han. I am called Meng Meng.” Meng Meng replied with her small voice. “Zhang Han……” Liang Mengqi laughed and said, “You played the piano quite well.” “En.” Zhang Han nodded his head slightly. “The egg fried rice that you made is much tastier, and the cow milk is also super delicious. How did you make those? Is it because the original ingredients are good or something?” Liang Mengqi asked extremely curiously. “My ingredients cannot be eaten at any other place.” Zhang Han laughed slightly and replied. “Cannot be eaten at any other place? What do I do? My mouth has already been raised picky by you. After eating your rice, I don’t even want to eat the rice of other restaurants.” Liang Mengqi muttered for a while, then asked hurriedly, “What time do your restaurant normally open for business?” “Depends on my mood I guess.” Zhang Han had also never considered about the operating hours for the restaurant. However, he only intended to sell food when he was cooking for Meng Meng. Seems like I have to make a sign at the door to prevent people from entering during the time when I am not opened for business. Zhang Han stroked his chin and muttered to himself. “Depends on your mood?” Liang Mengqi slightly went into a daze. It was still the first time that she had seen such a restaurant. However, after thinking about the taste of the egg fried rice just now, she actually had no more interest in any other food and was already thinking about coming here the next day to eat. Thus, she asked, “Then, do you have any specific time where you will be opened for business? I still want to come here to eat egg fried rice tomorrow.” While talking, Liang Mengqi’s expression changed into a pitiful look, seemingly as if saying that if she can’t eat the egg fried rice, she would be unhappy. “Probably morning, noon and night. Morning 7am to 8am, noon 12pm to 1pm, night 6pm to 7pm. The restaurant will be opened for business at those time.” After thinking about it, Zhang Han gave the precise timings where he would be opened for business.


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