Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 43 – Actor 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 43 – Actor 1/2 “Besides egg fried rice, are there any other foods?” Liang Mengqi asked. “There are. There will be more foods in the future, and the foods will only get better and better.” Zhang Han said with a calm tone. Towards his first customer, Zhang Han decided to reply to some of her questions. “That’s great! Then, will the dishes be as delicious as the egg fried rice?” A trace of excitement appeared on Liang Mengqi’s expression. “Of course.” Zhang Han took a look at this beautiful foodie and said with a slight smile. “I look forward to eating your food, I had a great time eating today. Here is the money for the food, you don’t have to give me the change, I will come again tomorrow morning at 7 am.” Liang Mengqi placed a few hundred dollar bills on the table and said to Zhang Han with a smile. Afterward, she looked towards Meng Meng, stretched out her hand and said, “Meng Meng, see you tomorrow.” “Goodbye!” Meng Meng stretched out her little palm and waved. Liang Mengqi waved her hand and left with a smile. Zhang Han walked to the table and picked up the money. There was a total of 800 rmb on the table. Liang Mengqi got 2 plates of egg fried rice and 2 cups of cow milk. According to the price that Zhang Han gave, it was 720 rmb. Originally, with Zhang Han’s temperament, he would just charge it as 700 rmb. Seems like that Liang Mengqi had quite an enjoyable meal. Zhang Han casually placed the money in the drawer of the table which the laptop was placed on. Within the drawer, there was roughly 70k+ cash, and within the car that Zhang Han drove, there was also roughly about 60k+ cash. After placing the money in the drawer, Zhang Han originally wanted to play with Meng Meng for a while, but when he turned his head, he discovered that the little princess had already ran to the sofa and was currently playing with her toys on the sofa. Zhang Han smiled and shook his head. After muttering to himself for a bit, he decided to begin writing out those songs. Thus, Zhang Han first went on the internet and searched for a bit. There is quite a lot of negative news regarding Joker Xue huh. When Zhang Han opened the web page, at first sight, he saw Joker Xue’s news on the popular search. Since he had nothing to do, he clicked into the news and took a few looks. After looking at the news, he discovered that Joker Xue’s circumstance was not that good. When a person became popular and attracted attention, all sorts of news regarding them would surface from time to time. Every popular celebrity had a lot of negative news regarding them. Recently, there was a lot of negative news regarding Joker Xue and the situation had gotten more and more problematic. Being afraid of being affected, variety shows, commercial performances and so on all canceled their collaboration with Joker Xue. “Joker Xue will be forcibly holding a concert at Linhai on the 15th.” Zhang Han saw another news. The editor who wrote that news seems to be a fan of Joker Xue. At the bottom of the news, ‘your fans still love you’, was written. There were also some photos attached to the news, and the news was more or less saying that his fans have not abandoned him, the tickets of the concert were all sold out within an hour and right now, and the price of scalper tickets had already increased 5 times of the original price. Which also means that, right now, the price of an ordinary ticket was already at 3k rmb+ and the price of a vip ticket was already over 10k rmb. This kind of situation was evidently rarely seen. This situation may also have some relation with that things would develop in the opposite direction when they reached an extreme. Joker Xue’s popularity was high, and right now, all of the news was about negative things regarding him, which caused his fans to be indignant. Just nice, Joker Xue was going to hold a concert on the 15th and many fans felt that, although the sponsors had abandoned Joker Xue, they would not abandon him, and thus the tickets were all sold out very quickly. (物极必反: Things would develop in the opposite direction when they reached an extreme – Meaning like, when a bad thing becomes incredibly bad, it can become good/turn out to have a positive effect. Something like that I think.) Zhang Han muttered to himself for a bit. “I can write the song, ‘actor’.” Although Zhang Han had never chase after celebrities, but there were some singers that he like listening to, and Joker Xue was one of them. Joker Xue’s songs were quite nice, and the voice of Joker Xue was deep and pleasant to listen to. Talking about the song ‘actor’, it could be counted as one of his most famous songs. This song had once obtained champion on the world’s Chinese music chart. This song had the route of a sad love song, the lyrics interpreted the love, hate, and entanglement of a romantic fable. I will write this song I guess. Zhang Han took out a paper and pen from another drawer, sat on the chair that was in front of the piano, opened the piano cover, closed his eyes and began recalling the accompaniment of ‘actor’. The accompaniment was not complicated. The goodness of this song was completely reflected through Joker Xue’s singing skill. Very quickly, Zhang Han recalled the piano accompaniment and tried playing it once. After discovering that the piano accompaniment was the same as the accompaniment in his memory, he took the pen and wrote it down. “I still have to make finish the complete version of the accompaniment.” Zhang Han muttered to himself for a bit. On the internet, he searched for a recording studio that was nearby Crescent Gulf, intending to go there to finish making the music. After searching the location, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and left the house, and came to a recording studio that was at Crescent Gulf. Although Zhang Han did not understand much about the equipment of the recording studio, music was within one’s heart. Through the tuning master’s 3 hours of hard work, the background music of ‘actor’ was manufactured. 3 hours at the recording cost Zhang Han 1.2k rmb. After finishing with those, it was already 10pm night. Returning back to the restaurant, Zhang Han recorded the piano song of ‘actor’ with his phone and began writing down the lyrics on the file, “Simply, talk simply. Please ignore the recent state of mind. You aren’t an actor. Don’t make up any of those plots. No motives, I only just want to see how you justify. Your expression of discomfort like an actor of no skill that the audience discern at first glance……” (Song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytXArovDteY ) The lyrics were written out very quickly. After finishing everything, and furthermore indicated the matters to take note of, Zhang Han arranged everything into a file and sent it over as an email. At this time, Meng Meng who was waiting at one side was somewhat impatient already, mumbling about when was it time to go sleep. Zhang Han hurriedly carried Meng Meng and walked towards the bedroom that was on the 2nd floor, preparing to coax Meng Meng to sleep. Meng Meng wanted to listen to a story and thus Zhang Han told a story for her to listen to. All those Snow White and so on, Meng Meng had already listened before. Even stories like Alice in Wonderland and Frozen, Meng Meng had also listened to it multiple times. Zi Yan knew about stories like those and thus told Meng Meng about those stories a lot of times. There were only stories that Zhang Han did not know, and no stories that Zi Yan could not tell. However, Zhang Han had his own ways, he could tell Meng Meng stories about him searching for treasures. “Do you know how Han Yang Immortal Monarch got the Heaven Connecting Tree? Let me tell you, the story about how he got it is quite complicated……” ……


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