Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 43 – Actor 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 43 – Actor 2/2 At the same time, at a high-level apartment that was located very nearby to Zhang Han. “Yawn……” Manager Li Fan took off the high-quality headphones and took a yawn. Taking a look at Joker Xue who was playing the guitar and looking for a feeling, he mumbled, “Sigh, just what are those songs that were delivered to us? They are practically a bunch of freaks! Some of them even said that they don’t need any money, but in the end, the songs that they made were all like nursery rhyme. Hearing that Old Xue you want to open a concert and intend to release a new song, everyone wants to try their luck.” “Not anyone can write out a classic song, and also not just anyone is able to sing out the classic song. It doesn’t matter if there is no good song, I can just sing old songs during the concert.” Joker Xue smiled slightly and replied. “That’s true, rather sing old songs than allowing a lousy song to affect the quality of the concert. I am still too rushed already, how can receiving a good song be that simple.” Li Fan shook his head and a trace of smile appeared on his face as he said, “That’s right, those allegation news of yours are very favorable for you. Right now, the public opinion are already leaning towards us. Your fans also did not let you down, the tickets of the concert this time had already raise like crazy.” “Did the scalpers hoard the tickets?” Joker Xue frowned slightly and said, “Contact the organizer and tell them that I do not want to see my fans having to spend a very huge sum of money to be able to see my concert. If things like them cooperating with the scalpers arises, I will not work together with them anymore in the future.” “Alright, I will contact them tomorrow.” Li Fan opened a bottle of cocktail, drank 2 mouths, then said, “Other people would rather hope that their tickets would sell for a higher price, while you are the exact opposite.” “Without the fans, the me right now would not exist. We cannot place the cart before the horse.” Joker Xue said very seriously. (本末倒置: Place the cart before the horse – To neglect the fundamental and instead pay attention to secondary things.) “Understood, I will ask them properly tomorrow.” Li Fan nodded his head solemnly. Not talking about other things, just talking about Joker Xue's attitude towards his fans alone, Li Fan sincerely admires Joker Xue. The current celebrities right now, quite a lot of them would act like they were a big shot, but they had forgotten that the source of them being able to be a big shot was their fans. ……. Linhai, as the east pearl of China, Linhai was naturally very developed. Linhai’s nightscape was very beautiful. At the beach, on a boat. Zi Yan was currently shooting the mv for her song. The current scene she was shooting was her looking deeply in love with a male. The background was the twinkling east pearl, and that male was Prince Li, Li Cheng, who was ‘requested’ over by the director. This scene of having to look passionately at Li Cheng made Zi Yan felt very awkward. This was already the fifth shot. Although Zi Yan was currently looking at Li Cheng, in her mind, she was trying hard to think of Meng Meng’s figure. Only by doing that, then could she make her expression become somewhat gentle. However, while thinking about Meng Meng, Zhang Han’s figure would float pass her mind, which made her felt somewhat baffling. “Alright, we are done with this scene, let’s shoot the next scene. Zi Yan, you will stand at the edge of the boat with Prince Li. It will still be this angle. After looking at each other passionately for 2 seconds, the two of you will begin kissing. Remember, the kiss has to be a bit lifelike.” “Kiss scene?” Zi Yan’s brows wrinkled. “Didn’t we said that there will be no kiss scene?” Zhou Fei who was standing at one side opened her eyes wide, looked towards the director and said loudly, “The script of the music video that I saw previously didn’t have a kiss scene in it right? Why was a kiss scene added in at the last moment?” “What about the script? The name of this song is called ‘light kiss’, so isn’t it normal to have a kiss scene? As a celebrity, is there not a single bit of this attainment at all?” Towards Zhou Fei’s questioning, the director’s expression sunk. “Hey! I have previously told you about not having a kiss scene. Don’t tell me that the promise of yours at that time was a fart?” Zhou Fei was somewhat angry in her heart. She knew Zi Yan’s temperament. Not talking about that Zi Yan would not accept a kiss scene in the past, right now there was Meng Meng and she was also unclear with that Zhang Han, thus the more that she would not accept kiss scene. Therefore, Zhou Fei’s tone was already somewhat cold. “Oh?” Hearing that, the director felt angry in his heart as he glared and said in a very loud voice, “Do you want to shoot the mv or not? Ah? Still want to get angry with me? Was it you all who requested me to help you all shoot the mv or was it me who requested you all? I will just ask you one sentence, do you want to shoot the mv or not? If you all do not want to shoot the mv, leave immediately!” “You!” Zhou Fei’s brows twitched. Just when she was about to counter back, Zi Yan who was wearing a gown opened her mouth and said, “Shoot, but we won’t shoot the kiss scene.” Zi Yan’s tone was cold. There was also no expression on her face, making others not able to make out what she was feeling in her heart. Li Cheng who was at Zi Yan’s side looked at the scene with the eye of a bystander from the start to finish. However, there was a trace of profound smile in the corner of his mouth.


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