Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 44 – Zi Yan’s toughness 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 44 – Zi Yan’s toughness 1/2 Zi Yan was the woman who he had his eyes on, thus he, of course, had to use some tricks. At Imperial Entertainment, no matter who he had his eyes on, there was not a time that Li Cheng had fail! Upon hearing Zi Yan’s words, the director turned over, looked at her and said with a sneer, “Zi Yan oh Zi Yan, don’t you have any bit of idea just what state you are in right now? How can a has-been celebrity become famous again without paying some price? Not talking about a mere kiss scene, even if it is a passion scene, you also have to accept it. As an older generation in the entertainment industry, don’t tell me that you don’t even understand this bit of logic?” Hearing the director’s words which were just like a reprimand, a trace of light smile flashed through the depth of Li Cheng’s eyes. Zi Yan’s expression was still the same. With a cold tone, she said, “I understand this logic, but I won’t shoot the kiss scene. Also, the reason the company let you come here is to coordinate with me to shoot the mv, not for you to teach me how to do things. If you insist on adding the kiss scene, I don’t mind not shooting this mv!” “What did you say?” The director’s expression became thoroughly gloomy. However, in a moment of time, he also did not have any idea in his heart. He never thought that Zi Yin would be this tough. At a loss, he secretly looked at Li Cheng, wanting to see what Li Cheng wanted to do. Seeing that the situation became cold, Li Cheng finally opened his mouth, “Zi Yan, how about I place a protective membrane on my lips for the kiss scene? What do you think about it?” A protective membrane was like a plastic membrane, which would sometimes be used when filming a kiss scene. However, most of the time, for the kiss scene to be lifelike, the protective membrane wouldn’t be used. Also, within Li Cheng’s mind, protective membrane that kind of thing was able to be removed easily. During the kiss scene, just fiddle with it for a bit and it would fall off. At that time, wouldn’t it be the same as having to kiss for real? Looking at Zi Yan’s delicate face and alluring figure, Li Cheng’s heart immediately became somewhat hot, especially Zi Yan’s red lips which he looks forward to very much in the next scene. However, Zi Yan’s answer caused him to be dazed. “I won’t shoot any kiss scene.” Zi Yan rejected coldly and stiffly. Her tone was extremely resolute. No one suspected that if the director was to insist on the kiss scene, Zi Yan would definitely not shoot the mv. “It won’t do even with a protective membrane?” Li Cheng somewhat couldn’t control his expression anymore. Under everyone’s gaze, Zi Yan’s continuous rejection made him felt somewhat losing face. In any case, Li Cheng was the prince of the Member of the Board of Directors, possessing a high position and Zi Yan was but a has-been celebrity. If not for having a good face, he wouldn’t even pay attention to her. However, she actually didn’t give Li Cheng any face right now. How could Li Cheng not felt angry about this? “Won’t do!” Zi Yan rejected coldly once again. In the past, she did not shoot passion scene because she did not want to shoot it. And right now, she had Meng Meng, which was one more reason for her to not want to shoot passion scene. “Alright.” Li Cheng’s gaze sunk as he said with a fake smile, “You can shoot the mv however you like.” After finish speaking, Li Cheng left in large steps. “You…….” The director glared at Zi Yan, “Humph! Shoot it yourself then!” After the director spoke, he turned around and followed with quick steps towards the direction Li Cheng left. “We will shoot the mv ourselves then, who do you even think you are? Idiot.” Zhou Fei took a look ferociously at the director and said loudly, “Come, come, come, listen to my command and shoot the mv. With or without that director, it is still the same.” Upon hearing that, the director who was leaving almost tripped over. After turning around and glared at Zhou Fei, he stormed off in a huff. …….


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Translator: Wigglegui