Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 45 – The restaurant which has entered into the right track 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 45 – The restaurant which has entered into the right track 1/2 “There are only egg fried rice and cow milk for the time being.” Zhang Han turned his head around, took a look at the woman and replied. “Mainlander?” The female slightly went into a daze. From Zhang Han’s Mandarin, she could make out that he was a mainlander. In her gaze, a trace of disdain couldn’t help but flash through her gaze. Zhang Han took a look at her indifferently and did not pay attention to her. When a mainlander spoke Mandarin, there would always be some Xiangjiang natives who would reveal out expression of disdain. This was not really discrimination and was instead a kind of dislike. Remember when Zhang Han chat with Zhang Li, Zhang Li spoke about this matter. After coming to Xiangjiang for a few years, she also understood why the natives dislike the mainlanders. She said that a lot of mainlanders would use various kinds of methods to give birth in Xiangjiang’s hospitals, forcing quite a lot of native pregnant woman to have to go to private hospitals that were more expensive. Gradually, the spots of private hospitals were also snatched. You think that you are rich? Sorry, mainlanders are much richer than you. It was so serious to the point that later on, Xiangjiang’s government released out a statute that restricts mainlander pregnant woman to come to Xiangjiang to give birth. This statute was met with various kinds of protest. Every time when it was the weekend, especially during public holiday, large quantities of mainlanders would go to Xiangjiang to shop. During that time, there would be mainlanders who don’t queue up, shout loudly, crossing road during a red light……There would also be a lot of goods being bought frenetically until it was sold out. Due to various reasons, Xiangjiang natives dislike mainlanders. But in actual fact, when a forest became big, there would be all kind of birds in it. In every place, there would be both high and low inner quality people. There were also a lot of scums who were Xiangjiang natives too. Just that, there was just too many mainlanders who goes to Xiangjiang. However, towards this kind of gaze, Zhang Han had always chosen to disregard it. Why would an ant-eater care about the gaze of a mere ant? Don’t talk about Xiangjiang natives, even if it was foreigners, aliens, or cultivators, Zhang Han wouldn’t care too. “Just those two? I will have a plate of egg fried rice and a cup of cow milk then.” The female took out her wallet and asked, “How much is the total?” “A plate of egg fried rice is 280 rmb and a cup of cow milk is 80 rmb.” Zhang Han said, “If you want to eat, you will have to wait for half an hour.” “That expensive? Forget it then.” The female put away her wallet very quickly. After taking a look at Zhang Han very disdainfully, she turned around and left. After leaving, she went back to the Chuangxiang Restaurant that was next door in quick steps. The decor and layout of the inside of the restaurant were quite good. The restaurant’s focus was spicy Chuan dishes, and the chef was also hired from Xichuan with a high price. Because there was not much business in the morning, therefore it was quite idle, and the attendants were only in charge of cleaning the restaurant in the morning. Right now, the restaurant’s manager and 5 attendants were sitting on a round table that was situated beside the door. “Manager, manager, I went to take a look already. The restaurant at the side is opened by a mainlander.” The female returned hurriedly and said as she sat down on the chair. “Opened by a mainlander?” “Another mainlander who wants to come to Crescent Gulf to fish for a quick buck.” “……” The few attendants discussed for a bit. The manager muttered to himself for a bit and said, “What food does that restaurant sell?” The female’s expression paused for a while, with a trace of laughing in her tone, she spoke out 3 words, “Egg fried rice.” Everyone first went into a daze for a while. Soon after, they all burst out laughing. “There is also cow milk too.” The female quickly added on, “Guess how much he is selling those two items? A plate of egg fried rice cost 280 rmb and a cup of milk cost 80 rmb.” Those words immediately made the few attendants went into a daze. “Haha, has he gone mad from thinking about earning money?” A 20+ years old male sneered. “Is he even opening a restaurant? It would be strange if he can even have customers!” “That’s right, does he think that he is a chef god? To sell the food that expensive, he is not trying to be funny right?” While discussing spiritedly, the few people could see the trace of sneer in each other’s eyes. Although they didn’t say it out, in their heart, they felt that there was definitely a problem with the boss’s mental. “This is really interesting.” The middle age manager laughed and shook his head, “I was wondering why the customers that went into that restaurant during the past 2 days all left in less than 2 minutes. So it was a problem with the price.” As he spoke, the manager couldn’t help but laugh out. Looking towards the female, he asked, “Why didn’t you try and see what the taste of an egg fried rice that costs 280 rmb taste like?” “I am also not sick.” The female curled her lips and laughed. In her heart, she felt that eating a plate of egg fried rice that costs 280 rmb was the action that a sick person would do. If it was according to her statement, right now, 3 ‘sick’ people had arrived at the front of Zhang Han’s restaurant. ......


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