Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 46 – The entice of culinary delicacies 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 46 – The entice of culinary delicacies 1/2 Yu Qingqing ate the egg fried rice with a blurred expression. Even when there was no more egg fried rice in her plate, she was also totally unaware of it and was still moving her spoon to pick up the egg fried rice. After moving a few times, Yu Qingqing finally discovered that she had already eaten finish the plate of egg fried rice. “Boss, I want another plate……” Yu Qingqing only felt that she was much hungrier after eating that plate of egg fried rice, thus, without even thinking about it, she said out the sentence. “Go get it yourself then.” Without turning his head, Zhang Han replied indifferently. “Oh.” Yu Qingqing nodded her head. When she stood up, she saw that Liang Mengqi had already gotten another plate of egg fried rice and another cup of milk and was walking back to the dining table. Oh, that’s right, I haven’t drink the sheep milk yet. While Yu Qingqing was eating the egg fried rice, she completely forgot about the surroundings and had even forgotten about the sheep milk that was beside her plate. Thus, Yu Qingqing hurriedly picked up the cup of sheep milk. Drinking it in one gulp, Yu Qingqing couldn’t help but closed her eyes and experience the taste of the sheep milk. After drinking it, the taste still lingered in her memory. “Qingqing.” Liang Mengqi had after all eaten a plate already and her consciousness was back to normal at the moment. Calling out to Yu Qingqing, she couldn’t help but reminded her, “There is only a plate worth of egg fried rice in the rice pot. If you want to eat it, you have to be quick.” “Ah?” Liang Mengqi’s words pulled Yu Qingqing back to reality. After coming back to her senses, she rushed to the counter with lightning fast speed and immediately transferred all the remaining egg fried rice that was in the rice pot to her plate. There was no more sheep milk, so she poured herself a cup of cow milk instead. After finishing all those, she walked back to the dining table leisurely. After placing down her plate and cup, she took a look at Liang Mengqi and discovered that Liang Mengqi was eating very slowly. After thinking about it for a bit, she came to an understanding. There was only those egg fried rice left, so naturally, she would have to eat it slowly and properly enjoy the taste of the egg fried rice. After they had finished eating, the 2 of them faintly heard a sobbing sound coming from Zhao Dahu's direction. “Eh?” The 2 of them stood up and walked to the front of Zhao Dahu. Upon seeing Zhao Dahu, they discovered that Zhao Dahu was actually really crying. “What are you crying for?” Yu Qingqing said petulantly. “Boohoo……” Zhao Dahu ate the egg fried rice while sobbing at the same time, “It is too delicious already……” “If it is delicious, then it is delicious. What is there to cry for?” Liang Mengqi said while laughing. “I have to leave for a business trip next week. Once I leave, it is going to be for half a year. It was already very hard to not be able to see my Qingqing for half a year. But right now, after eating such a delicious egg fried rice, I’m afraid that I will starve to death when I leave for my business trip.” Zhao Dahu said very sadly. “Look at you this sissy look. Didn’t you want to change a company since long ago? If you don’t want to leave for the business trip, you can just resign!” Yu Qingqing rolled her eyes at him. Although Zhao Dahu’s name seemed very strong-willed, his temperament was quite indecisive and was relatively sissy. Adding his tone with his originally delicate and pretty looks, it made him seemed even more sissy. This made Yu Qingqing felt really anxious in her heart! If he was to be a bit more strong-willed, wouldn’t I have accepted him long ago? Tsk, who would accept him! Yu Qingqing spat at herself in her heart. “That’s right, if you were to leave for the business trip for half a year, after you come back, I reckon that Yu Qingqing would have already been chased by someone else.” Liang Mengqi teased. “What?” Zhao Dahu went into a daze. His eyes looked around for a while, and after a while, with a red face, he said resolutely, “I go will and resign later on then! Eat! I will eat 3 plates of egg fried rice today! After eating finish, I will go and find the head and have a good talk with him. Humph!” “Pfft……” When Liang Mengqi saw Zhao Dahu speaking such resolute words in such an ‘effeminate’ way, she couldn’t help but laugh. “A dog can’t stop himself from eating shit!” Yu Qingqing’s tone was filled with helplessness. Pulling onto Liang Mengqi’s hand, she went back to the dining table and slowly tasted the cow milk.


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Translator: Wigglegui