Scattered Immortal Chapter 3 – The otherworldly fairy

In the midst of Tang Qing’s peaceful sleep, he had a dream. Within his dream, he was lying down on a chair and enjoying the tanning of the sun while drinking wine and listening to folk tunes. How very free and easy……This has always been his dream, and a dream which he was prepared to fulfill after he had woke up within his destroyed cave-dwelling. However, such a beautiful dreamland which he was currently enjoying, without him having enjoy to his fill, he suddenly heard a severe angry voice and his dreamland immediately scattered and broke apart. With his dreamland scattered and broke apart, Tang Qing has also completely woke up from his sleep. Opening his hazy eyes, he saw a face. A naturally beautiful, white as the autumn moon and gorgeous face. But, on such a perfect face, that pair of beautiful eye was however filled with flames of indignant. Seeing Tang Qing wake up, the furious look in Shangguan Ling's eyes immediately vanished without a trace and a kind of sinister smiling expression could now be seen instead. “Young master Tang, did you have a comfortable sleep? Do you need this humble servant to massage your shoulders for you? Hmm?” “There is no need.” Tang Qing shook his murky head and kneaded his forehead continuously. “Damned swindler! You can dream on!” Shangguan Ling’s smiling expression immediately disappeared as she glared at Tang Qing and said, “I have been rushing the carriage for a whole day while you sleep comfortably! Still don’t quickly come down?!” “Young lady, thanks really, for giving me a lift!” Ever since Tang Qing regained his consciousness, he had continuously been digging upwards and walking around. It has already been a long time since he have had such a good sleep. Waking up from his sleep this time, he felt refreshed and full of energy. Getting off the carriage, he couldn’t help but stretch his body and raise his head to look around. Within the beautiful sky, rainbow light could faintly be seen. At the east side, there was a rugged mountain range. Around the mountain range, a bunch of red color red cloud tree surrounded the mountain range. At the summit of the mountain range, a silver white color waterfall flowed straight down, flowing into the lake at the west side, allowing the ladder-shaped lake to filter layer upon layer, letting the color of the water to become more and more transparent. Waterfall, color forest, odd mountain, this was just like a marvelous, fantasy and beautiful piece of nature and scenery picture. A human world’s paradise was but no more than this. “Eh?” Tang Qing gasped lightly, he was be able to see that this was a cave-dwelling. Within the cave-dwelling, the formation which enveloped the cave-dwelling was truly all-embracing. Within the formation, just a quick glance with his eyes, he discovered that 36 kind of natural formation was contained with it, which enables the formation to be able to create such a beautiful and unique space. The owner of this place was clearly an expert in playing around with formation. “Hey! Tang Qing, I originally wanted to ask you where you wanted to go on our way here. But unfortunately you were asleep and I also did not have the heart to wake you up when I saw that you were sleeping so deeply. Therefore, I just brought you to this place first.” Shangguan Ling explained very naturally, as if what she said was really the truth. “Oh, so it is like this! I haven’t slept since ages so I possibly could have slept somewhat deeply.” Although Tang Qing was very weak right now, but because he possessed Ninth Layer Scattered Immortal Body, ordinary cultivators were not able to deal any harm to him at all. Also, he was just too tired and thus straightforwardly fell asleep. Taking a yawn, Tang Qing asked, “What is this place?” “Oh, this is my big sister Mo’s cave-dwelling. Cave-dwelling you know? Forget it! You also won’t understand if I tell you. In anyway, there are a lot, a lot of things that you have not seen before this. Seeing that you helped cure my horse, I will help you broaden your view of this world today. Also count as I Shuangguan Ling’s repay to your help.” “Sure thing!” Tang Qing has always been a very casual person. What’s more, the scenery created within this cave-dwelling was truly pleasing to the eyes. And the more crucial point was that, his stomach was somewhat hungry right now. “Big sister Mo! I am here……” After settling her carriage, Shangguan Ling undid her cloak and ran straight towards a manor at the front. Within the manor, jade green grass grew all around, chipping of birds could be heard and the fragrance of flowers drifted around. Tang Qing also followed Shangguan Ling into the hall room of the manor. “Hey! You wait here first. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you, there are a lot of formations outside. It is incredibly dangerous, so don’t run around. If you lose your life don’t blame me.” After finish speaking, Shangguan Ling walked towards the other building. Tang Qing nodded his head in response as he looks around. The hall room was bright and clean, giving others a kind of very cozy feeling. The tables and chairs within the hall room were built with stones that were pure white as jade, and although it didn’t seem gorgeous as a whole, it was however extremely exquisite. There was also a room which was linked together to the hall room. Taking a casual glance at the other room, most of the things in the room were just some antique books and scrolls, hinting the room should be a study room. He did not have any interest towards those antique books and scrolls, but a painting that was laid out on the study table however caught his attention. It was a damaged painting, seemingly to only be the remains of half of the original painting as a trace of tearing could be seen on the corner of the painting. This was a starry sky painting. Above the starry sky, a group of stars glittered. Amount the stars, there was the mysterious three straight star palace, might of the four division, mystical constellations……This painting seemed ordinary, but the conception of the painting was however hard to comprehend by any ordinary person. The reason the painting caught Tang Qing’s attention was not because it was damaged. It was also not because of the profound conception within the painting, but because that the painting seemed very familiar looking to him. Not only did it seemed familiar, when he walked into the study room and took a close look at the painting, he could practically dare to confirm that the painting was definitely the painting he drew back then. He still vaguely remembered that back then he lost against his old friend in chess and therefore drew the painting to give his friend as payment for the ‘gamble money’. But, why was this painting here? And why was it also split into two parts? Just when Tang Qing was about to touch the trace of tearing on the corner of the painting, a severe shouting sound came from his back. “Swindler! What are you doing?!” The person who came was not anyone else but precisely Shangguan Ling. Glaring angrily at Tang Qing with a very fierce look, she said, “Little swindler, your guts is quite big huh. Didn’t I tell you not to anyhow touch things? To even dare to come into big sister Mo’s study room, are you tired of living?” Shangguan Ling walked into the study room, and when she saw the damaged painting that was laid out of the study table, not knowing why, her expression suddenly got solemn. “Did you touch this painting just now?” “Yeah.” Tang Qing replied honestly, “Why?” “Do you know that this is big sister Mo’s most treasured and fond paining? Do you know just how precious this painting is? You actually dare to touch it without permission, I see that you are really tired of living already!” “It is just a painting only,” Tang Qing explained, “I will not touch it then.” “What did you say? Just a painting only? Only? Oh my god! Just how ignorant are you!” With a shocked and disdain expression, she said with her eyes opened wide, “Do you know who this painting belonged to? This piece of Myriad Star Gauze Painting is Wuwang Jushi’s authentic work! There are a myriad amount of profound conceptions contained within the painting, and if one is able to comprehend even one of those profound conceptions, they would be able to benefit endlessly! Yet you actually say that it is just a painting?!” “Is it……” Tang Qing did not say anything, and also did not know what to say, because Wuwang Jushi was indeed another name of his. “What do you mean ‘is it’? Could you actually not even know who Wuwang Jushi is?” Seeing that Tang Qing did not reply, Shangguan Ling had a look of defeat on her and the expression which she had as she looked at Tang Qing was like she was looking at a hopeless country bumpkin. Shaking her head, “It can’t be right? To think that there is actually someone in this world who do not know who Wuwang Jushi is. He is the man who I worship the most! With no other exception! You actually never hear before his name? I don’t even know what to say to you. You are simply……simply a king of country bumpkin of all country bumpkins!” Tang Qing was feeling complicated at the moment, but there were also some awkwardness and helplessness. However, the feeling that he felt the most was curiosity, “How did this painting split into two parts?” “Your big sister’s mood today is quite good, so I will help you grow a bit of knowledge. Listen carefully, this painting is called as Myriad Star Gauze Painting. It is the work of the most talented person in the current era, Wuwang Jushi. It is rumored that Wuwang Jushi gave this painting to his old friend, senior Wine God. But a pity, senior Wine God did not know how to treasure it and lusted for a woman’s beauty. To gain the beautiful woman’s affection, senior Wine God gave this painting to the woman. It is rumored that although the woman comprehended the profound within the painting, she however also went into qi deviation and became deranged. Later on, she was met with the Holy Temple’s encirclement suppress and during the fight, this painting was split into two. As for why this piece of painting fell into big sister Mo’s hands, there is no need for you to know about it.” “Incautious in making friends!” Tang Qing cried out in his heart loudly, “That drunkard actually took my painting to seek a beauty’s favor…Your grandpa!” This time, a sweet-sounding and moving sound came from outside the house. “Ling’er, is that you?” A voice which sounds just like sounds of nature and heavenly zither, reaching upon one’s ears, it could actually reach deep into one’s heart. After the sound finished, a woman who was looking around with her serene eyes walked towards Tang Qing and Shangguan Ling. The woman wore a pure white clothing, with her black long hair naturally dangling down up to her butt. Her complexion was white as jade and perfect without any flaws. If Shangguan Ling’s beauty was similar to a ball of flame, pressingly gorgeous, just like a demon girl which came from the Ninth Underworld, then this woman’s beauty was like the azure ocean, tranquil beauty, just like the fairy in the Ninth Heaven. “Wa! Big sister Mo, Ling’er missed you to death!” Shangguan Ling laughed happily and straightforwardly opened her arms and hugged the so-called big sister Mo of hers. “Stupid girl, I am going to be strangled to death by you already.” Yun Mo smiled lightly. Seemingly to have just discovered that a youth was standing at the side, her long eyebrows couldn’t help but raise slightly, “Eh? Ling’er, it is you who brought this prince here?” “How could he be a prince, he is but just a Jianghu technique user who I met on my way here.” Shangguan Ling said snappishly, “On my way here, my horse suddenly went on a strike. Lucky for this person whose name is what again? Tang Qing right? He helped cure my horse and as for me, I naturally have to properly repay him for his help.” “Is it?” Yun Mo carefully seized Tang Qing up and down with her serene eyes, and later on looked at Shangguan Ling with interest and said with a light laugh, “Only cured your horse and you bring him here? Oh…….Seems like within Ling’er’s eyes, this prince Tang is not just simply a Jianghu technique user that simple oh.” “It can’t be right? Big sister Mo, where are you thinking to already, how could I……” To get teased at by Yun Mo, Shangguan Ling completely did not have the shyness a young lady should have and only just wrinkled her nose as she went close to Yun Mo’s ears and speak in a small voice, “This fellow knows how to use beast taming communication technique. I asked him to teach me but he just wouldn’t agree, so I just brought him here first.” The two woman here could be counted as the few most beautiful woman that exists in this world. But Tang Qing however did not have any slightest bit of interest at all. Just lying against the window while standing, he casually looked at the two woman chat idly. “Hey! Tang Qing, you go outside and play on your own first. Big sister Mo and I have something important to talk about. However, you must stay in the vicinity and don’t anyhow run around!” Tang Qing nodded his head. Just nice, he had wanted to go out and take a look around. After responding, he left immediately. “Ling’er, when will you change this temper of yours? So fierce for what? No matter what, he has also helped you out before.” “Big sister Mo, you don’t know just how arrogant this fellow is! I proposed so many good conditions for him to let him teach me beast taming communication technique, but this fellow actually say that he doesn't have any interest and ignored me over and over again! Humph! Only know of a bit of beast taming communication technique and he thinks that he a peerless expert. To actually dare to ignore young lady me, damned swindler!” The reason why Shangguan Ling brought Tang Qing to this place, aside from wanting to learn beast taming communication technique from him, it was also because that indifferent attitude of his made her felt very uncomfortable. Especially that expression within his eyes which seems to think nothing is worthwhile and everything doesn’t matter made her felt very unsatisfied. “Is it? ...... ” Yun Mo seemed to have also noticed the indifferent attitude of Tang Qing's. After thinking for a while, she asked, “You said that he know of beast taming communication technique?” “If he doesn’t know, you think I would bring him here?” “Beast taming communication technique belongs to unorthodox and very few people in this world know about it. If it is really as you say and he is just an ordinary Jianghu technique user, how would he know about this kind of secret technique?” “Who in the hell even know just how did swindler even learn it.” Shangguan Ling shrugged her shoulders and pulled onto Yun Mo’s hand and walked outside, “Don’t talk about this. Big sister Mo, it has been so long since I drink your heaven spring wine. I’m craving it to death already, hurry and prepare some for me, we can chat while drinking right?”

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