Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 46 – The entice of culinary delicacies 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 46 – The entice of culinary delicacies 2/2 “Mengqi, the food here is really as delicious as you described. How could an egg fried rice be cooked this deliciously? I totally can’t imagine it at all. Don’t say 280 rmb, even if it was 2.8k rmb, I would also feel that it was worth it.” Yu Qingqing drank small mouthfuls of cow milk while sighing at the same time. “When I ate it for the first time, I myself also couldn’t believe it. But the fact was that, the food here was just that delicious. Furthermore……” When Liang Mengqi spoke halfway, 2 middle age man suddenly walked into the restaurant. “Excuse me, what breakfast do you have here?” The cultured and refined looking middle age man asked. “We are sold out.” After Zhang Han used the wet towel to wipe his hands, he turned his head around and said. “You are sold out that fast? Won’t it do if you cook another breakfast on the spot?” The middle age man asked confusedly. “No time.” Zhang Han replied indifferently. When Zhang Han said that, everyone who was present all slightly went into a daze. You open a restaurant and yet you tell your customers that you don’t have the time to cook? Those words also made the expression of the 2 middle age man to become somewhat stiff, and evidently revealing out a dissatisfied expression. However, the 2 of them did not say anything and just left while slightly wrinkling their brows. At this time, Liang Mengqi took a look at Yu Qingqing whose gaze was somewhat sluggish. Laughing slightly, she continued, “Furthermore, the boss’s restaurant is only open for business when he is cooking for his daughter. The restaurant isn’t open for business during normal business hours. You should know how hard it is to eat his food now right?” “Yes…is it very hard.” A trace of grave expression appeared on Yu Qingqing’s face as she said, “Seems like we will have to come on time next time. If the egg fried rice was to be tasted by other people, it will be very bad!” “What do you mean by that?” Liang Mengqi asked curiously. Such good food like this, there was most likely no foodie who would be able to resist it. Not being able to eat the restaurant’s food could be even counted as a kind of regret. Letting other people taste the food of the restaurant and blessing the foodies, isn’t it quite a wonderful thing? “You think about it.” Yu Qingqing said with a heavy expression, “If other people were to know how delicious the food here is, with just that tiny amount of food that the boss cooks every time, wouldn’t it cause us to not be able to have enough to eat?” “Ah!” Laing Mengqi’s expression changed slightly and was shocked by just thinking about it. Thinking about having to queue up when she comes to the restaurant to eat in the future, yet not being to eat a single grain of egg fried rice after queuing for half a day, just the thought of it was enough to make her feel afraid! “It won’t do! We will have to come the earliest in the future, we cannot let others be in front of us.” Liang Mengqi said anxiously. “Actually, I have a method to solve this problem.” Yu Qingqing’s eyes shined as she said with a mysterious smile. “What method?” Lang Mengqi asked hurriedly. “That is……” Yu Qingqing stretched her head to the front and said in a small voice, “Wouldn’t it do if you chase until that fellow? You can get an adorable daughter for free, and we would also be able to eat such fragrant food every day. Furthermore, you look at him, he is actually quite handsome, isn’t he? Also, he has good taste, knows how to cook delicious food, and even knows how to take care of people. He is definitely the best choice as your other half!” After Liang Mengqi listened to what Yu Qingqing said, her eyes gradually opened bigger and bigger. “What are you even saying!” Liang Mengqi’s face immediately became red and her expression was somewhat shy. “Look at that blushing expression of yours. Wait for me, I will go and ask him.” Yu Qingqing grinned, stood up and walked towards the dining table that Zhang Han was at. “Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing, quickly come back……” Liang Mengqi did not know why, upon seeing that, her heart started jumping and she became anxious. This kind of nervous feeling made her felt somewhat at a loss and helpless, and even made her to not dare to turn her head around to see what would happen next. The shyness only occupied a small part in her heart, most of it was her feeling embarrassed about this kind of thing. She felt that the since the boss already has a daughter, he would definitely have a wife too, and she herself would also not go and be someone's mistress. Yu Qingqing is very candid. If she were to say anything that she isn’t supposed to say, how will I be able to come to face with the boss in the future? While contemplating, Liang Mengqi stuck up her ears, preparing to listen to what Yu Qingqing was going to say. If she were to say anything that was too excessive, she will stand up and stop her. Luckily, although Yu Qingqing was candid, she was not reckless. “Boss, the egg fried rice that you cook is really delicious! It is the first time that I had eaten such a fragrant and delicious egg fried rice, you are too awesome!” Yu Qingqing raised her thumb towards Zhang Han and said. “En.” Zhang Han smiled slightly. “Of course, my daddy is very, very awesome.” After drinking the last mouth of milk, Meng Meng patted her small tummy and said with a proud face. “Hahaha, Meng Meng, since you are this adorable and pretty, your mother is definitely also very pretty right?” Yu Qingqing laughed and asked. “That’s right, that’s right, mommy she is very pretty.” Meng Meng giggled and said. “Boss, you are so blessed to have a beautiful wife and an adorable child, I’m so envious of you. How many years have you been married for?” Yu Qingqing asked curiously. “I haven’t married yet.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head and replied. After finish speaking, he carried Meng Meng. “Then…Meng Meng is……” Yu Qingqing hurriedly asked. “My blood daughter.” Without turning his head, Zhang Han replied as he carried Meng Meng and walked towards the sofa. “Oh.” A trace of excitement flashed through Yu Qingqing’s face. She hurriedly walked back to the dining table and said secretly, “Mengqi, your chance is here. Did you hear it just now? He is definitely divorced! Wahahaha, that’s great, if Mengqi you were to be able to settle him, you will, in turn, be blessing us!” “Tsk, don’t anyhow say!” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes petulantly at Yu Qingqing and said, “We will just eat our food honestly and not do anything. Let me tell you, don’t anyhow try to match two people together!” “How can this be called anyhow? Isn’t he handsome?” Yu Qingqing said. “In the past, I didn’t feel that he was handsome, but right now I feel that he is especially handsome. For a person to be able to cook such delicious food and also be able to play the piano that well, it is very rare.” Liang Mengqi replied honestly. “Isn’t it settle then? His handsome and you are pretty, what an ideal couple!” Yu Qingqing said with a smile. “I’m not talking with you anymore.” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly. “Phew……I finally finished eating! This feels great, this feels so great! I still want to eat 2 more plates!” Zhao Dahu finally finished eating now. In a moment, he felt that his entire body was relaxed and felt very great. “Eat what eat, there is no more egg fried rice already!” Yu Qingqing pouted her mouth. “Ah? There is no more? I still haven’t eaten full yet!” Zhao Dahu immediately became stupefied. “Who told you to eat so slowly.” Yu Qingqing rolled her eyes at him. “Sigh, alright.” Zhao Dahu laughed bitterly. However, in the next moment, his expression changed, as he stood up with a serious expression and said with an extremely resolute tone, “Let’s go! For Qingqing, and for this egg fried rice! I have decided to go resign right now. I won’t work at that company starting from today!” “Oh, oh, oh, Sissy Zhao is actually resolute now?” Yu Qingqing curled her lips and laughed. Afterward, she stood up, took out her wallet, counted the money, looked towards Zhang Han and said, “Boss, pay the bill.” “Just place the money on the table will do.” Zhang Han was still tidying up the kitchen. Without raising his head, he replied. “Alright.” Yu Qingqin replied and straightforwardly placed the bill of the 3 of them on the table. “Boss, what time will you be opened for business during noon?” Laing Mengqi asked. “12pm+.” Zhang Han replied. “We will come again at 12pm.” Liang Mengqi smiled sweetly, turned around and left.


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