Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 47 – This is the song that I want 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 47 – This is the song that I want 1/2 After Zhang Han tidied up the kitchen, he took a cloth and came to the white color dining table. He picked up the bunch of 100 rmb notes on the table, and without looking at all, he placed it into the drawer of the computer counter. The 3 of them ate a total of 5 plates of egg fried rice and 6 cups of milk. Yu Qingqing had a delightful meal and straightforwardly left 2.1k rmb. If it was counted normally, 5 plates of egg fried rice were 1.4k rmb and 6 cups of milk were 480 rmb. In total, just 1880 rmb was enough. But Yu Qingqing did not count it like that. She counted a plate of egg fried rice as 300 rmb and a cup of milk as 100 rmb, which was 1.5k rmb + 600 rmb, 2.1k rmb. However, Zhang Han was also lazy to bother counting the money. To him, money was just a number. Although he did not have much money right now, Zhang Han had never worry about him not having money to spend in the future. After throwing away all the utensils on the table into the rubbish bin and wiped the table, his phone rang. Taking a look at the time, it was only 8am right now. The phone call that was coming at this timing was the time where Zi Yan would call to chat with Meng Meng. “Zhang Han.” Zi Yan’s voice sounded nimble as usual, but Zhang Han could still make out a bit of exhaustion in her voice. “En.” “Every time when I call you, all you do is, ah, ah, en, en. Are you that not willing to talk to me?” There was some discontent in Zi Yan’s voice. Not knowing why, every time when she heard Zhang Han ‘ah’ or ‘en’ indifferently, Zi Yan would always feel angry! If she was at his side, without thinking at all, Zi Yan would definitely reprimand him. Whereas Zhang Han himself, he would feel baffled every time. You only call out my name when you call me, what else do you even want me to say to you? After remaining silent on the phone for a moment, Zi Yan’s voice became cold as she said, “Pass the phone to Meng Meng, I want to talk with her!” “Oh.” Zhang Han nodded his head and walked towards Meng Meng. After muttering to himself for a bit, he decided to ask, “How is the shooting of the mv? Hearing your tone, you seem to be somewhat exhausted.” “Humph! This is more like human words!” Zi Yan snorted lightly. Her tone became somewhat gentler as she said, “I am indeed quite exhausted. I had to shoot until morning 3am yesterday and had only slept for 4 hours. In a while, I still have to go to the outskirts to continue shooting. The mv must be finished shooting by the 10th and I will be coming back to rest for a day during the 11th. On the 12th, there is a commercial performance at Victoria Harbor, on the 13th, I have to go and look at the final manufacturing of the song, and on the 14th, I have to announce the news conference.” Hearing that, Zhang Han brows wrinkled slightly and said, “Is there a need to work so hard?” It was the information age right now. Release a few good quality songs at home, and if bored, go and open 2 concerts was enough already. For Zi Yan to have to shoot mv, do commercial performance, announce news conference and so on other works, it seemed somewhat excessive in Zhang Han’s eyes. If not for having drank the Pure-Yang Water, Zi Yan would be feeling 2 times more exhausted right now. Furthermore, things like celebrities and money, in the end, they are nothing but floating clouds. With my identity of a cultivator, when all is said and done, in the future, I will be bringing Meng Meng and my family and depart from earth. After all, when a person succeeds, all his people benefit too. Eh……Zi Yan should…more or less be counted as a part of my family right? “I also want to properly accompany Meng Meng, but I cannot, I have to earn money. I want to be able to give Meng Meng good education and let her live a worriless life. Moreover, I still have not gotten the honor of best actress. I had retired for 5 years, and in this age where information spreads very fast, everyone is about to forget about me already. Thus, for my come back, I have to work much harder compared to others to be able to succeed.” Zi Yan said unhurriedly. Actually, she was also carrying a very huge pressure. Being in her kind of situation, no matter who was it, they would also feel a huge pressure on them. At this time, a woman would extremely need a man to help her share the pressure. But in Zi Yan’s eyes, with Zhang Han’s temperament and his view towards show business, she felt that there was no way that he would be of any help to her. “En, you figure it out for yourself then. When you are outside, take good care of your health. You don’t have to keep thinking about earning money, with me here, the family won’t be lacking money to spend.” Zhang Han muttered for a while, then, very naturally, said out words of concern. “Thank you.” Zi Yan’s voice became somewhat gentler one more time as she said with a somewhat smiling tone, “That’s right, I heard Meng Meng saying that the food you cook is very delicious?” “En.” Zhang Han replied. “Humph! To be so confident, seems like you really have some skills in cooking huh?” Zi Yan snorted with a smile and said, “Also, don’t instill Meng Meng with whatever insects or not education anymore. If not, when I come back, I will definitely show you some colors. Alright, pass the phone to Meng Meng, I want to speak with her.” “Oh.” Zhang Han slightly went into a daze. Unknowingly, he had stood beside the sofa and chatted with Zi Yan for 5 minutes already. He passed the phone to Meng Meng who was watching the cartoon on the television, and when Meng Meng heard her mommy’s voice, Meng Meng stopped watching the television and began chatting with her mommy. This chat went on for half an hour before coming to a stop, as Zi Yan had to go to work. Meng Meng said goodbye very obediently, then hang up the phone. During the entire morning, 10+ waves of customers came to the restaurant in succession. The restaurant’s position was not bad, and through the clear glass, the restaurant’s unique décor could be seen. That crystal chandelier that was on top of the dining table, the piano which seems extremely graceful, the extremely tidy decor, and various other reasons attracted quite a lot of customers to the restaurant. But because Zhang Han was not cooking, all those people could only sigh and leave. Zhang Han muttered to himself for a bit, it is not good if it continues like this, thus Zhang Han placed a notice at the front of the restaurant’s door. Opening hours: Morning, 07.00-08.00, noon, 12.00-13.00, night, 18.00-19.00, not necessarily opened for business every day, do not disturb during non-business hours. Food: Egg fried rice 280 rmb per plate, cow milk 80 rmb per cup, will occasionally have sheep milk, 80 rmb per cup. The opening hours that was like a tyrant clause was already very unscientific when seen by people, but the price of the food, when seen by people, it would make those people who didn’t know the truth to feel somewhat resent. Only selling egg fried rice and the price is even that expensive? Only ghosts would come to this restaurant. After Zhang Han finished making the notice, the female staff member of the spicy Chuanla Restaurant next door came to take a few looks out of curiosity. When she saw the information written on the notice, she held back her smile and went back to the restaurant. Another mocking and ridicule were about to undergo again in the restaurant next door. ……


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