Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 47 – This is the song that I want 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 47 – This is the song that I want 2/2 At the same time, Joker Xue’s house. “Aiya! What rubbish are those? This is worrying me to death!” Li Fan took off the headphone irritatedly and said fumingly, “God sake, to even dare to send over a song that had been researched for less than half a year, I truly can’t believe it. Forget about them sending it over, but even the music sheet is also not complete. Could it be that they are trying to play with us a game of listening to songs and filling up the music sheet?” “Hahaha.” Joker Xue laughed slightly and said, “I will listen to the songs during the afternoon, you can go and have a rest first. I feel that if you continue on listening, you are going to turn insane.” “I am already insane, I’m insanely hungry.” Li Fan’s stomach grumbled. He stood up and said, “I will go cook a bowl of instant noodle to eat.” “Don’t, how about we go out eat? You have been working really work during those few days, let us go out and improve our food.” Joker Xue asked. “It’s okay, it also doesn’t hold up the time for me to listen to the songs when I cook a bowl of instant noodle. The concert is only in a few more days, there is not much time left. The concert will only be counted as complete if there are 2 good songs.” Li Fan shook his head. Although those sponsors, business and variety shows could not be retrieved, the public onion was no longer one-sided and the fans were also very supportive of Joker Xue. Furthermore, in those 2 days, a smile would occasionally appear on Joker Xue’s face. When Li Fan saw that, he felt somewhat relieved in his heart. “How about we order some food to eat then? Don’t eat instant noodles anymore.” Joker Xue placed down the guitar that was in his hand and took out his phone, intending to order some food. “Alright, I want an 8-inch pizza, 2 medium rare steaks, and some desserts and snacks.” Hearing that, Li Fan smiled and sat back down in front of the computer table. “You are not polite with me in the least bit huh!” Joker Xue scolded and laughed. Li Fan had been following him for more than 4 years already. Li Fan was earnest in his work and was also responsible and diligent. The relationship between the 2 of them was very good and they would often joke around with each other in private. “Where is there such thing as an employee being polite with his boss.” Li Fan grinned and put on the headphone. His gaze looked towards the computer screen once again as he opened the next email. This song’s name was called ‘actor’. “Eh? I feel that the song name is okay, but I reckon the content is a bunch of nonsense again. The information is quite complete, there is even a piece of tuned piano music…En? What is this thing? This song actually asked for a price of 100k rmb? Crap! Is the person insane?” Li Fan shouted out loudly. Normally, within the income of a song, the songwriter would receive 5% royalty, the singer would be able to receive 20-40%, and the rest would go to the music company. But because of pirating, all those percentage earnings were actually not that high. Furthermore, sometimes, the copyright of good songs was buy out entirely by one side, and the price would normally be at around 50k to 60k rmb. Only those somewhat famous songwriters would be able to sell a song at the price of above 100k rmb. And Li Fan was familiar with all those songwriters who were qualified, and there was no one who was called ‘Han Yang’. For a new guy to dare to ask for the price of 100k rmb, in Li Fan’s eyes, the new guy was somewhat arrogant. “Oh? A 100k rmb song huh? Play it with the stereo sound system, I want to listen to it too.” Even Joker Xue himself was curious about the song. “Let us listen to this so-called 100k rmb song then!” Li Fan sneered, took off the headphone, plugged in the cable of the stereo sound system and began playing the song accompaniment. When the melodious and solemn piano accompaniment played, Li Fan slightly went into a daze. “This is interesting!” Li Fan’s expression immediately became extremely serious as he began listening to the accompaniment attentively. And Joker Xue himself had already closed his eyes to enjoy the song accompaniment. Unknowingly, they listened finish to the entire accompaniment. “Finally a song that seems to be the deal. Let us listen to the tuned piano music.” Li Fan said and began playing the piano music. After finish listening to the tuned piano music, Li Fan’s brows twitched as he took a look at Joker Xue and said deeply, “I feel that……the premium song has arrived!” “Take a look at the lyrics!” Joker Xue hurriedly moved over. “Simply, talk simply. Please ignore the recent state of mind. You aren’t an actor. Don’t make up any of those plots……” After finish looking at the lyrics, Li Fan’s expression was already somewhat excited as he said trembling, “Good, good, good! The lyrics of this song is really good! This is great! I feel that if this song was to sing out by you, it will definitely, definitely be perfect!” “Actor……” Joker Xue’s gaze was somewhat absent-minded as he mumbled, “This is the song that I want!”


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Translator: Wigglegui

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