Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 49 – Unexpected guests 1/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 49 – Unexpected guests 1/2 It was peaceful within the restaurant, but little did they know, a group of unexpected guests would be coming to the restaurant soon! In front of the traffic light that was at the end of the street, a white color Toyota Land Cruiser was currently waiting for the traffic lights. Within the car, there was a total of 5 people. Other than the person who drove the car wore a white color short-sleeved shirt, the 4 other people all wore black color short-sleeved short, revealing the tattoo that was on their arm. Taking a look at those, it could be easily seen that those group of people were gangsters. The 4 people who wore black color short-sleeved shirts all had brightly colored hair, and only the person that was driving the car had a crew cut that was similar to Zhang Han’s crew cut. The driver’s jawline was sharp and clear, resembling somewhat like Eddie Pang Yu-yen, possessing quite a handsome look. Calmness was visible in his gaze and there was an aura of a person who was in a higher position in him. Furthermore, from the respectful attitude that the few other people showed towards him, it could be seen that this person who was driving the car had the highest position within the few people in the car! This person was Zhao Feng, who was known as ‘madman’ in the underworld. “Brother Feng, there are only those few small restaurants left to deal with. After we get the management fee from them, we are done with our work.” The rough looking male who was sitting in the front passenger seat said. “En.” Zhao Feng nodded his head. “Sigh, this year’s management fees are too simple to collect already, unlike in the previous years where there would still be some who didn’t want to hand over the management fee. There would be some fun if there were still people like that. I like seeing the terrified look of those people when they yield and hand over the money, haha! I hope the next few restaurants would show a bit of resistant, if not, I’m going to be bored to death from having no fights to fight for the past few days!” A yellow hair youth curled his lips and said with a smile. “Xiao Huang, you only know how to fight, fight, and fight every day. It would be fine to act cool if you have Brother Zhao’s skills, but you are thin like a fool, what do you even want fight for?” Another person dissed ruthlessly. “Fuck! How many people could be that awesome like Brother Zhao? Even if I am no match for people like Brother Zhao, am I no match for some weaklings? Let me tell you all, if there is any restaurant boss that doesn’t agree to hand over the management fee later on, don’t try to snatch him away from me.” The yellow hair youth said with an evil grin. “That’s enough.” After the red light passed, Zhao Feng drove the car forward. While driving the car, he wrinkled his brows slightly and said, “Collect the management fees honestly, don’t do any of those messy things. If you want to fight, go find someone from Tongluo Gulf’s Xinyi Gang to fight!” “Hehehe.” The yellow hair youth grinned and laughed, then said in a small voice, “Where would I even have Brother Feng’s capability? Back then when Brother Feng you went and broke the hand of one of Xinyi Gang’s hall master’s son, in the end, that hall master didn’t even dare to find you to take revenge. If it was changed to me, I reckoned I would be crippled during the night of that day.” Zhao Feng took a look at him from the rearview mirror and did not say anything else. 2 years ago, Zhao Feng came to Xiangjiang’s south district and joined Yonghe Gang. Only using the time of 2 years, thanks to the help of his ruthless and resolute methods, Zhao Ping became the number 1 fighter of the gang’s boss, Tang Zhan. There was no need to doubt Zhao Feng’s strength. Yonghe Gang and Xinyi Gang were famous underground powers of Xiangjiang. The 2 gangs were enemies. Xinyi Gang was the underground big shot at the area around Longtuo Gulf, and Yonghe Gang was the underground big shot of south district. They were both underground powers, but Yonghe Society did things much more ruthlessly and decisively. Yonghe Society was proficient in sex deals, gambling, and drugs. Furthermore, they even had a branch for smuggling. Zhao Feng was actually a special forces soldier, but because of various reasons, back then, he committed negligent manslaughter and was imprisoned for 2 years. Later on, the government department found him and gave him a new identity, letting him regain his freedom. The price was that he had to join Yonghe Gang and search for the proof of the various crimes that Tang Zhan committed, then take over Tang Zhan’s place and properly manage Yonghe Gang and keep sex deals, gambling, and drugs far away from the south district. During the 2 years, Zhao Feng had gathered some evidence, but all these evidence were not enough to sentence Tang Zhan. Thus, Zhao Feng took risks and hooked up with one of Tang Zhan’s woman. Just when he was about to obtain important evidence, that woman suddenly disappeared, and he was sent by Tang Zhan to come to Crescent Gulf to handle the kind of things like ‘collecting rent’. Actually, he was quite disgusted with going to every shop to collect the management fee. In addition, this so-called management fee was just basically a nicer way of saying protection fee. Collecting protection fee was one of Yonghe Gang’s source of income.


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