Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 49 – Unexpected guests 2/2

Godly Stay-Home Dad: Chapter 49 – Unexpected guests 2/2 “We have collected from this restaurant, we have also collected from this……” The blue color hair male who was sitting at the front passenger seat browsed through an account book. Suddenly, he pointed to the Chuanla Restaurant that was beside the street and said, “This is the place. We still have not collected from this Chuanla Restaurant and the 6 restaurants at the back.” “Let’s get off the car.” Zhao Feng straightforwardly stopped the car at the front of the Chuanla Restaurant, and the 5 of them got off the car in succession and walked into the restaurant. The female attendant who went to check out Zhang Han’s restaurant walked up and welcomed the 5 people with a smile. When she saw the manner of the few people, her expression withdrew back and felt somewhat afraid in her heart. “Call your boss to come out!” The yellow hard youth said with a rude and unreasonable tone. “This……” The female’s expression was somewhat bitter as she said in a small voice, “I’m sorry, our boss is currently not here, only the manager is here.” “Don’t you fucking understand human words? If he is not here, call him to come here!” The yellow hair youth glared. The fierce look made the female’s body trembled. “Call your manager over first.” Zhao Feng waved his hand towards her and said. “Alright, alright, please wait a moment.” The female hurriedly turned around and ran. A few minutes later, the manager of the restaurant walked over in quick steps. The manager’s face was full of smile as he said, “Good afternoon to the few of you customers, I am the restaurant’s manager, not sure what the few of you……” “Don’t speak rubbish, give your boss a call and tell him that Yonghe Gang is here to collect the management fee!” The yellow hair youth wrinkled his brows and said. “Alright, alright, please wait a moment.” The manager’s face changed, and there was some fear in the gaze that he looked towards the few people. Hurriedly walking over to the counter, he used the fixed phone to call his boss. When the call got through, he spoke while nodding his head at the same time. After speaking a few sentences, he hung the phone and immediately took out 2 and a half pile of money from the drawer. “There are 25k rmb here. My boss said that the extra money here is for treating the few of you to drink tea.” The manager said with a face full of smile. “Heh!” The yellow hair male snatched over the money and said with some satisfaction in his gaze, “Count you all as sensible.” Normally, for a small restaurant like this, the protection fee that they would collect was 20k rmb per year. Sometimes when people like them who comes out to collect the management fee found a boss who seems good to bully, they would ask for more management fee and take the extra management fee for themselves. For this Chuanla Restaurant to give an additional 5k rmb management fee, in the eyes of the few people, the restaurant belonged to the kind that was sensible. “Let’s go.” Zhao Feng did not have any expression. After he nodded his head with a slight smile towards the manager, he turned around and took the lead to leave. “Meng Meng’s Leisure Restaurant? What an interesting restaurant name.” Upon seeing the restaurant’s name, the yellow hair male sneered. “Aiyo, look at the notice board, in a day, they are only opened for business for a total of 3 hours? What the heck, egg fried rice for 280, milk for 80, fuck, isn’t this restaurant evidently trying to cheat people?” The blue hair male grinned and said, “Brother Feng, since this restaurant’s food is sold that expensive, shouldn’t we also double the amount of money to collect from them?” “Double what money? Every restaurant’s management fee is 20k! Yonghe Society’s income is not earned by depending on those protection fees!” Zhao Feng’s brows twitched and said with a reprimanding tone, then took the lead to walk into the restaurant. Within the restaurant, Zhang Han’s playing of Marriage D’Amour was already at its end. Zhang Han saw the scene outside of the restaurant, and even the words that those few people said, Zhang Han also heard it clearly too. Revolving the spiritual strength within his body to the both of his ears would enable the listening capability of the ears to raise several times. However, Zhang Han did not stop playing the piano, and Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu, and Meng Meng were also listening infatuatedly to the Marriage D’Amour that Zhang Han was playing. “Where is the boss? Call the boss to come out!” After entering into the restaurant, the yellow hair youth shouted just as he usually did. The shouting gave the few of them a shock. Liang Mengqi’s brows wrinkled, a trace of fierceness flashed passed Yu Qingqing’s eyes, and Zhao Dahu blocked in front of Yu Qingqing while feeling anxious. Zhang Han’s fingers that were playing the piano came to a stop, and the piano sound dissipated. With an indifferent voice, he said, “Quiet down.” After finish speaking, Zhang Han continued playing the final small section of Marriage D’Amour. While playing, he took a glance at Meng Meng who had a somewhat fearful expression and muttered in his heart for a bit. Should I reveal out my skills in front of Meng Meng this time? Zhang Han considered. Ever since he came into contact with cultivation, he had practically never fought and also didn’t go around killing here and there. Searching for treasures to enrich one’s life was the true essence. But right now, in the front of Meng Meng, Zhang Han did not mind revealing out a valiant side of his. After finishing playing the piano, Zhang Han stood up. “Who is the boss? Huh? Can’t you guys hear what I say?” The yellow hair youth shouted with an arrogant expression. “Daddy, daddy, I’m scared……” Meng Meng said in a small voice. Looking at her expression, it was reckoned that if the yellow hair youth was to shout a few more times, she would start crying from being scared. “Meng Meng don’t be scared!” Liang Mengqi couldn’t stand looking at it anymore and walked with large steps to the front of Meng Meng and blocked Meng Meng behind her, then looked towards the yellow hair youth and said with an angry expression, “What are you shouting for! Don’t you have any bit of manners?” This scene caused the yellow hair youth and the few others to go into a daze slightly. “Aiyo, don’t say, this woman looks quite pretty, and her goods are also not small, I reckoned that her goods would feel good to touch.” The blue hair male said with a lowly smiling face. Apart from Zhao Feng who was frowning slightly, the few others all started laughing. Actually, Zhao Feng extremely dislikes the personality of the few people. But he couldn’t do anything about it, his identity right now was that he was one of them. If he was to act upright, and the news of that was to spread to Tang Zhang’s ears, it would inevitably give rise to suspicions. Therefore, during those 2 years, even when he came across his subordinates bullying other people, he would basically not go and care about it. He had to suppress the kindness in his heart and do his ‘job’ to the best that he could! But right now, seeing that the adorable Meng Meng was about to be scared to the point of crying, and seeing that the gorgeous female in front of him was being sexually harassed, Zhao Feng was already somewhat at the point where could no longer suppress the fire in his heart and was even intending to find a chance to properly give those few subordinates a teaching when he goes back. This block of Liang Mengqi made Zhang Han to somewhat look at her in her different light and felt a trace of good impression towards her raised in his heart. However, the little princess was more important, thus Zhang Han carried Meng Meng in the first moment and said gently, “Meng Meng, don’t be afraid, daddy is here.” “Daddy, they, they are so scary.” Within her daddy’s embrace, Meng Meng felt much more at ease. However, her voice was still very small. “They are not scary, they are only pretending. Didn’t daddy tell you before? What are they? 1 word.” Zhang Han said with a light smile. “Eh……Ants?” Meng Meng replied after pondering for a bit.


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