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Beautiful rainbow sky, majestic rugged mountain range, and serene lake. In such a beautiful place which could be compared to a land of paradise, the sound of weeping could yet be heard coming from the place incessantly. “Boohoo……Big sister Mo, what do we do?” Shangguan Ling’s temperament was lively and unconstrained, and was definitely not a woman who loves to cry. But right now, she was currently leaning on Yun Mo’s shoulder and weeping with grieve. She could not accept the fact that she had sexual relations with an unfamiliar male, and furthermore could not accept the fact that she had unfathomably formed into heaven affinity and became eternal dao companion with an unfamiliar male. Taking a thousand steps back, even if she was able to accept those facts, she also could not endure the consequences that those facts will bring about. Because she was born in a big influential family and was also the direct disciple of a well-known big sect, she was destined to not be able to casually choose her own dao companion as who was the candidate that would become her dao companion concerns her big influential family and sect. “If my parents and master were to find out that I have already form into heaven affinity with other people, they would……” Shangguan Ling did not dare to continue thinking of what would happen because she truly could not imagine just what consequences would be caused after the news of her having already formed heaven infinity spreads out to the world. Yun Mo who was standing quietly did not say anything but only lightly patted on Shangguan Ling’s back. She did not know what to say to comfort Shangguan Ling because she herself also had the same trouble and worries. The pressure she has on herself was not in the slightest bit smaller than Shangguan Ling’s pressure. “Since what has happened has already happened, there is no use in us regretting anymore. It is better for us to think of a way to solve the problem first.” “Is there a need to think of a way?” Shangguan Ling wiped her tears dry and said, “Just straightforwardly kill that scoundrel and the heaven affinity will automatically disperse on its own.” “Ling’er, don’t be so rush!” Yun Mo stopped Shangguan Ling and explained, “If we killed him, the heaven affinity can perhaps automatically disperse, but it also may not disperse. This way is not absolutely correct. Furthermore, he is already your heaven affinity dao companion right now. If he was to die, your state of mind will definitely suffer from a backlash and your cultivation will also be damaged!” “I don’t care! Even if my cultivation becomes damaged and my state of mind suffer from a backlash, I still want to remove the heaven affinity with him.” Shangguan Ling was unyielding. Yun Mo shook her head, “It is not that simple. The relationship between a heaven affinity dao companions is extremely subtle and complicated. It is still okay if it was only the cultivation becoming damaged and state of mind suffering from a backlash. The thing is that, it would also affect your cultivation path in the future. Especially if you killed him because of this matter, it will definitely lead to you evoking your internal demons[^1]. At that time, your cultivation path will be hindered by your internal demons and ill-fated karmas will come to you one after another……” If those words were said by other people, Shangguan Ling would perhaps not believe them. But if it was said by Yun Mo, she knew that it was definitely true. “If killing him won’t work, then what do we do? Could it be that the life of us sisters are destined to be like this? To have our body defiled by that scoundrel and then unfathomably forming into heaven affinity with him?” Shangguan Ling gripped onto her hair and squatted down on the floor with her hands holding onto the back of her head. “Ling’er, don’t be sad, there is still a way to remove the heaven affinity. Did you forgot about big sister Long?” “Big sister Long?” Hearing the words ‘big sister Long’, happiness appeared within Shangguan Ling’s eyes, “Yes! Yes! Big sister Long possesses remarkable abilities, she will definitely have a way to remove the heaven affinity! Let’s go and find her right now!” Shortly after finish speaking, her expression became sad as she said in disappointment, “Big sister Long often wander around the world, where do we even go to be able to find her.” “I should have a way to find her.” “Ah! That is great! I will wait here for you. Big sister Mo, you quickly go and quickly return!” Seemingly having seen till hope, Shangguan ling did not cry anymore. “Who knows when I will be back this time after setting off to find big sister Long. Furthermore, this is also my master’s cave-dwelling.” Yun Mo said with a bitter laugh, “If my master was to find out about this matter when she comes back, I will definitely die very miserably!” “Then what do we do? How about we go back home first? No, that won’t do, my parents’ and grandpa’s eyes are extremely cunning, they will definitely be able to see that I have formed into heaven affinity with someone else. If they find out, I will also be dead! How about going back to the sect? That’s right! My master is still in close-door cultivation right now. Big sister Mo, I will go back to my sect first and wait for your news.” “That’s a good idea. After going to back your sect, you must be extremely careful and not let your sect’s elders discover the relationship between you two.” “What do you mean? Big sister Mo, are you letting me bring him back to my sect? Seeing Yun Mo nodding her head, Shangguan Ling immediately rejected, “That is not possible, just a look at that damned lewd thief and I would have the urge to kill him. Moreover, if I bring a male back, the elders in my sect would definitely be suspicious about it.” “Your sect have a great number of experts, if you bring him back, it is indeed inappropriate.” Yun Mo was somewhat headache about the matter, “But he is our heaven affinity dao companion right now and his life and death are closely bounded to us. Before I found big sister Long, we have to ensure his life is safe.” While speaking, Yun Mo suddenly recalled something and said, “Your aunt is the school head of Green Jade School. How about we leave him at Green Jade School temporarily and let your aunt take care of him.” “Big sister Mo, that is my aunt you know! She may perhaps not be able to see that I have already formed into heaven affinity dao companion, but if I bring that scoundrel there, how do I explain to my aunt?” “There is no need to explain, just say the truth.” “What! Big sister Mo, do you want me to die?” “Ling’er, do you think that we will be able to hide this matter? The cultivation of your master and parents are all outstanding and their perception is all very high too. Which one of them would not be able to tell whether if your virginity is still there or not? Which one of them would not be able to see the changes in you after forming into heaven affinity? Your gecko granule mark has already disappeared and the heaven affinity mark has appeared, how would you be able to hide the truth?” Shangguan Ling knew that what Yun Mo said was the truth but she still could not accept it and shook her head, “For however long we can hide the truth, then for however long it is. I don’t want to tell my aunt about it.” “Silly girl! No matter is it you or me, we definitely are not able to hide the truth. Your aunt has experienced much more than us and her way of dealing with the matter will definitely be much more appropriate and thorough compared to us. Moreover, she dotes on you a lot. If your master and family or my master and family began to have suspicions, your aunt would be able to help us dispel their suspicion for a while.” “But……but……” Shangguan Ling grabbed her hair and shook her head with all her strength as she shouted out loudly, “My aunt will definitely reprimand me to death at that time! Big sister Mo, you have to accompany me and be the one to tell my aunt everything.” “Alright! I will accompany you to find your aunt!” …… Within the dusky stone room, Tang Qing leaned onto the wall and sat in a corner. His head casually dropped, left leg arched, right leg stretched straight, with an especially sad expression, his brows deeply frowned. Just a moment ago when he tried to sense the YinYang Curse, his mind was almost deterred by the YinYang Curse to the point of almost dispersing. The heaven force contained within the YinYang Curse was really too frightening. “Ha, ha, ha……” Tang Qing unfathomably started to laugh foolishly as he shook his head and mumbled to himself, “Ever since I stepped onto the path of a scattered immortal, I have always been ravaged by the heavenly tribulations. Right now, there is even a YinYang Curse to ravage me. No matter what, it is but me getting ravage. It doesn’t even matter at this point if there is a YinYang Curse. You all can ravage me all you want.” To Tang Qing, things have all been set and there was no way for him to change anything. Since it was like this, might as well just let it be. Who cares if it was the fucking heavenly tribulations or it was the curse, he still has to live in the end right? For him to be able to live up until now, it wasn’t because of his cultivation or his luck, but it was because of his free and ease mentality. If you are able to pick something up, you must be able to put it back down too. The poor have their way of living, and the rich have their way of living. One must be able to find joy in sorrows. If it was not for his mentality, after having experienced the Nine Layer Heavenly Tribulations, he would have died from depression long ago. Seemingly to have discovered the sound of footsteps coming to him, Tang Qing did not even open his eyes and said, “What else do you two want?” “What do you mean what else do us two want?!” Seeing till Tang Qing, Shangguan Ling could not help but get angry, especially when she saw that that fellow had a look of helplessness and worried look on his face, Seeing that look on Tang Qing’s face, Shangguan Ling had the itch to run towards him and give him a beating. Pointing at Tang Qin, Shangguan Ling said angrily, “You this goddamned scoundrel! After taking such a big advantage of big sister Mo and me, you still show such a sad look, just as if we took any advantage of you! You are truly shameless!” “Isn’t that the case? If you two were willing to listen to my advice, things would also not have become like this. Furthermore, it is still not certain as to just who took advantage of who.” No matter was it Shangguan Ling or was it Yun Mo, they had no choice but to admit that what Tang Qing said was the truth. But no matter how they heard it, it just doesn’t make them feel good at all. Shangguan Ling was even angered to the point that she was gnashing on her teeth, but she was not able to retort Tang Qing’s words at all. “Prince……Prince Tang.” Yun Mo took a deep breath and her gentle eyes immediately became serene again as she said lightly, “The reason that things have developed to this point was indeed because of us. Since the things are already like this, it cannot be changed anymore. Furthermore, me, Shangguan Ling and you muddle-headedly forming into heaven affinity and becoming eternal dao companions is not something that any of us are willing to see. Thus, the only plan for us right now is to think of a way to remove the heaven affinity.” Since heaven affinity dao companion was an affinity which was witnessed by the heaven, would it even be that easy to remove? If it was able to be removed that easily, would it still even be called heaven affinity? Tang Qing shook his head. If the heaven affinity could be removed that easily, he would also not be that distressed. “Right now, let us go and solve this problem together. Is it okay?” One must admit, Yun Mo’s voice contained a kind of gentleness which let one not be able to decline anything after hearing it. However, where would Tang Qing even have the mood to care about that right now? After standing up, Tang Qing said dispiritedly, “You two can do whatever you two want.” [^1]: Internal Demons (?? xinmó) – literally translates as “Heart Devils”. Rather than standard demons or devils, these are a practitioner’s negative emotions and other mental barriers which hinder their training/cultivation. Internal Demons, in some cases, can even attack the practitioner from the inside, and failure to adequately resist them may result in Qi Deviation.

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