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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 1 – The Sights Within the Cracks Tokyo, Metropolitan Police Department. Police officers that were wearing police uniforms walked in and out of the Metropolitan Police Department, some people’s expressions were relaxed, while some people’s expressions were grave. Inside of Metropolitan Police Department, a man and a woman arrived at an interrogation room. “Mr Nakano’s mental state is somewhat abnormal, you have to be careful. I will be waiting right outside of the room, if there is any matter, remember to immediately call out to me.” The middle-aged man patted onto Saionji Asako’s shoulder and encouraged, “Good luck!” “Understood, Inspector Shinkawa.” Saionji Asako, who could be seen to be wearing headphones, took in a deep breath, and after replying to Inspector Shinkawa, she straightforwardly pushed open the door and entered into the interrogation room. This was a very special interrogation room. This interrogation room’s interior was made with snow-white ceramic tiles. The snow-white ceramic tiles were clean and neat, seemingly like they were a whole entity. There was not even the slightest crack between any of the ceramic tiles. The interrogation room was pitch black, and the interrogation room didn’t have any windows. After entering the interrogation room, Saionji Asako coughed lightly, using her voice to turn on the light switch. Before Saionji Asako even spoke, the sound of a frightened voice rang out, “Close the door… quickly close the door! Are you trying to kill me?!” Upon seeing Saionji Asako enter the interrogation room, a man who had messy hair and was dressed sloppily couldn’t help but shout out with fear. Looking at the man, his mental state was evidently abnormal. The man’s eyes were thoroughly red and filled with bloodshot, and his eyebags were heavy, evidently to have not had a normal sleep for a very long time. His eyes were wandering around the room, and fear and anxiety could be seen to be present in his eyes. During the moment Saionji Asako opened the door, like a bird that was startled by the mere twang of a bow, the veins of the man’s hands bulged as the man hurriedly used his hands to cover his eyes, seemingly as if he would see something frightening if he didn’t cover his eyes. “Sorry.” Upon hearing the man’s words, Saionji Asako hurriedly closed the door. It could be seen that the interrogation room’s door was very fitting with the room, after the door was closed, there was not even the slightest trace of a crack between the door and the room. Saionji Asako looked at Nakano Ichiro and began sizing him up. Seeing that the other party's behavior was currently tending towards normal, she tried asking, “Mr Nakano, it has already been five days, do you feel a bit better?” After Saionji Asako closed the door, Nakano Ichiro became a lot more normal. Nakano Ichiro was sitting in a corner with his eyes closed. When he heard Saionji Asako’s voice, he didn’t raise his head, nor did he open his eyes. There wasn’t any response from him at all. “Mr Nakano, we know that you have come across something that is frightening. But this is the Metropolitan Police Department, there is no one here who will harm you. If you continue on not telling us about what is going on, it makes it very hard for us to carry on with our work.” “You don’t understand, all of you don’t understand!” There’s hope! Upon hearing Nakano Ichiro speak, Saionji Asako’s eyes lighted up. Nakano Ichiro was brought to this special interrogation room five days ago, and Nakano Ichiro himself was the one who called the police. However, when the police brought Nakano Ichiro to the Metropolitan Police Department, they discovered that Nakano Ichiro’s mental state was at the brink of crumbling, and no matter how they tried to question Nakano Ichiro, they weren’t able to obtain any information from Nakano Ichiro. Afterward, only after the Metropolitan Police Department invited a few psychologists over, then did Nakano Ichiro’s mental state recovered slightly. “Mr Nakano, only by telling us what is going on, then would we be able to help you. I have a few questions here that I want to ask you, do you mind listening and answering to those questions of mine? As long as there is enough information, the Metropolitan Police Department would be able to solve this case, and once this case is solved, Mr Nakano, you wouldn’t have to be so scared anymore.” Saionji Asako slowly approached Nakano Ichiro, but she didn’t move too close to him. Saionji Asako slightly squatted down and looked eye to eye with Nakano Ichiro, then began speaking with a gentle tone. After finished speaking, she didn’t hear any response from Nakano Ichiro. However, she didn’t urge a response from him. Nakano Ichiro’s current state was much better than the state he was in five days ago, thus, naturally, Saionji Asako wouldn’t want to agitate him. After waiting for a few minutes, although there still wasn’t any response, Saionji Asako didn’t become impatient in the slightest bit, and all she did was continue looking at the other party silently. After a long while, Saionji Asako saw Nakano Ichiro raised his head. Upon seeing that, she became exulted, “Naka…” In the end, right when she opened her mouth, she saw Nakano Ichiro’s pupils dilate, seemingly as if he had just seen something frightening. “Ah… Ah!!!” Nakano Ichiro opened his mouth and pointed at Saionji Asako, but the fear within his heart caused him to only be able to let out hoarse and meaningless sounds. The fear was too real, and the fear seemed as if it was contagious. Right now, even Saionji Asako herself was feeling somewhat afraid. This Nakano Ichiro… the direction that he is pointing at is precisely at me. Or perhaps… to be more precise, he is pointing behind me… At this moment, Saionji Asako had goosebumps all over her body, and she actually didn’t dare to turn her head around. No… incorrect… After slightly calming herself down, Saionji Asako discovered that Nakano Ichiro’s gaze was looking dead on at her… or to be precise, at her mouth. Subconsciously, Saionji Asako stretched out her hand and touched onto her lips. There doesn’t seem to be anything on my lips though. However, just this slight action of hers immediately caused Nakano Ichiro’s mental state to begin to crumble. Using both his hands and legs, Nakano Ichiro wanted to quickly run away from the woman who was in front of him. In the end, right when he just stood up, before he had even taken two steps, he tripped and fell onto the floor. The moment he raised his head, he saw the reflection that was on the ceramic wall. In the reflection, aside from himself, there was that woman too. Nakano Ichiro saw that the woman was slowly moving towards him, but… what that caused him to become frightened was that, in the woman’s mouth, there was an eyeball which was filled with bloodshot. The eyeball caused the woman’s mouth to open bigger and bigger, and in the end, the woman’s mouth was opened as wide as a small bowl. The eyeball propped the woman’s mouth open, but it didn’t completely fill the woman’s mouth. At the left and right sides of the eyeball, a number of eyeballs suddenly appeared. All of the eyeballs were swaying around, and soon after, as if the eyeballs had sensed something, the eyeballs placed their sights on Nakano Ichiro. “Don’t… don’t…” Being stared at by all of the eyeballs immediately caused Nakano Ichiro’s mental state to crumble even more. Right after Nakano Ichiro opened his mouth, his voice immediately came to a stop. Within the reflection, Nakano Ichiro saw that, within his throat, there was a line of sight looking straight at him. That line of sight… was another eyeball. Nakano Ichiro’s mental state was completely destroyed at this moment. Having gone mad, Nakano Ichiro stretched his hand into his throat and began digging onto his throat with all of his might, he was determined on digging out the damned eyeball that was hiding in his throat. Only by destroying all of the eyeballs, then would he be able to live normally. Saionji Asako looked frightenedly at the scene that was in front of her. She saw Nakano Ichiro stretched his hand into his own throat and began frantically digging onto his throat with his fingers… and then blood began spilling out from his mouth… Saionji Asako collapsed onto the ground, and because of fear, she wasn’t able to move her body. All she could do was open her mouth tremblingly, “Insp… Inspector Shinkawa… quick… quickly come in…” Right after she finished speaking, Inspector Shinkawa immediately rushed into the room. Right at this moment, the mixture of red and white painted this special interrogation room into an artistic drawing. “Mr Nakano, calm down!” Inspector Shinkawa saw the scene of Nakano Ichiro going deranged. Within Inspector Shinkawa’s eyes, Nakano Ichiro’s eyes were bulging wide, and Nakano Ichiro’s mouth seemed as if it was about to split open due to Nakano Ichiro himself having stretched his own hand into his own throat, and soon after, Nakano Ichiro slowly stretched out his hand from his throat, and looking at his hand that was filled with blood, Nakano Ichiro giggled, “I finally dug it out.” Inspector Shinkawa felt his heart going cold as he shouted out loudly, “Someone, come over here!” Meanwhile, at this moment, while looking at his own reflection within the ceramic wall, Nakano Ichiro slightly turned his body, then grinned, “There is still another one in my right ear.” Half an hour later, Nakano Ichiro’s corpse was lifted out from the interrogation room. Looking at the scene before him, Inspector Shinkawa had a gloomy look on his face. Returning back to his office, Inspector Shinkawa looked at a photo that was on his table, and what that was on the photo was a huge eyeball. Inspector Shinkawa had a grave look on his face. “This is the ninth time this month that someone had died so bizarrely.” “Could it possibly be, killing by hypnosis?” https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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