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Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 10 – Hell Link Who knows what Aida Chikyu suddenly called to mind, with an unclear expression on his face, he opened his room’s door and walked out of his room. When he heard that there wasn’t any sound downstairs, he couldn’t help but become startled. Immediately, he went downstairs, and he discovered that there was no one in the living room. Going to the kitchen, he saw that his mother was currently cutting vegetables, and Iwaguro Yuto was stealthily moving towards his mother, evidently intending to make a sneak attack. “Iwaguro!” Aida Chikyu suddenly shouted out, giving Iwaguro Yuto a scare, and also causing Aida Masashi to turn her head around. “Chikyu, you are back.” Aida Masashi smiled tenderly. Right after, she saw Iwaguro Yuto who was standing behind her, and she asked curiously, “Yuto, why did you come to the kitchen?” “I wanted to give you a helping hand.” Iwaguro Yuto said with a forced smile. “There’s no need for that, it’s not like you know how to cook, it would be bad if you end up causing a hindrance instead of being a help.” Aida Chikyu said with a calm expression on his face, evidently to have come round to something. Aida Chikyu continued and said, “Come over for a bit, I have something to speak to you about.” Very quickly, with a gloomy look on his face, Iwaguro Yuto came to the living room, and before he even said anything, he saw Aida Chikyu glaring dead on at him, and Aida Chikyu’s bloodshot eyes gave him a scare. “Get lost from my house!” Aida Chikyu said with a hoarse voice. Upon seeing that, Iwaguro Yuto sneered in disdain in his own mind. He knew that he had pushed Aida Chikyu too far today, which resulted in Aida Chikyu retaliating. Now is not the time to provoke him any further, in any case, I am now aware of his house address already. Upon thinking up to here, Iwaguro Yuto quickly raised his hands and surrendered, “Alright, alright… Don’t be agitated. In actuality, I was only kidding with you, I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t be able to take such a simple joke.” Right after, he patted onto Aida Chikyu’s shoulder and said, “Calm down. I will see you tomorrow at school.” Upon seeing that Iwaguro Yuto left just like that, the emotions that raised within Aida Chikyu just a while ago suddenly dwindled. Aida Chikyu felt as if he had just hit onto cotton, and this caused him to feel even more sullen. Looking at Iwaguro Yuto’s back view gradually disappearing from his sight, Aida Chikyu’s expression suddenly became scarily calm. Late in the night, Aida Chikyu turned off the lights and sat in front of his computer. What was on the computer screen was evidently the thread that was regarding Hell Girl. Knock, knock, knock… “Chikyu, do you have anything that you want to tell mommy?” Evidently, the incident that happened in the afternoon made Aida Masashi feel that something was amiss. However, when eating dinner, although she had asked her son about it, her son didn’t say anything. “There’s nothing, stop annoying me already.” While looking at the time, Aida Chikyu said with an annoyed look on his face. “If there’s anything troubling you, you can tell mommy about it.” Aida Masashi who was standing outside her son’s room let out a sigh. She was sure that her son was hiding something from her, but she wasn't going to force her son to tell her about it. Aida Chikyu didn’t bother responding. When he heard the sound of light footsteps, he knew that his mother had returned back to her room. Aida Chikyu stared at his computer screen while with an obscure expression on his face. Looking at the lower right of his screen, it was currently midnight 12 am. Aida Chikyu took in a deep breath, then immediately typed in Hell Link’s website and pressed enter. In the next moment, on the screen, a lump of blood-red flame ascended. Aida Chikyu gazed closely at his screen, and before he was able to react, the flame scattered in all directions, and in the next second, a line of words appeared. [I will help you remove your grievance] A frame of blank space was below the words. And below the frame of blank space was the word “send”. Which meant that, as long as a person were to type in the name of the person that they harbor a grievance against in the frame of blank space, Hell Girl will help the person to fulfill their wish and send the person that they harbor a grudge against to hell. Right at this moment, Aida Chikyu was gazing dead on at the screen, his heart was beating rapidly, his face had turned red due to excitement, and his breathing was urgent. Is this really real? Aida Chikyu typed in a name within the blank space. His hands were trembling, and right when he wanted to press onto send, his finger hovered on his mouse’s left click, but he didn’t have the courage to press it. “Normally, urban legends are about ghosts and monsters, right? Although there aren’t any supernatural beings in this world, I recommend that it is best to not anyhow talk about this kind of stuff.” “Although I am an atheist, it is better to believe in some things in this world to be real than to be fake. Everyone, do not attempt to try using the website.” “Hell Girl is most likely made up by someone, right? Supernatural beings within urban legends would only harm humans, why would a supernatural being help you seek revenge? Stop being delusional.” “If this is really real, and you were to really fill in someone’s name on the website, who knows, Hell Girl may just end up making you die a tragic death instead.” Aida Chikyu began recalling those replies that he saw in the Hell Girl thread, and he felt that those replies made a lot of sense. Most urban legends are about ghosts and monsters harming humans, there is no way that a supernatural being would help us, humans. But… Aida Chikyu steeled himself and firmly clicked onto send! Someone like me who doesn’t even have the courage to retaliate against violence, even if I were to live on, I would still merely be but a garbage within this society. If this Hell Girl is really able to help me, so what if I have to give up this life of mine to her?! One second, two seconds, three seconds… Tick tock, tick tock, time went by as Aida Chikyu looked at the three words that appeared on the screen, “have been sent”. However, nothing else happened, and not sure why, Aida Chikyu felt disappointed. Where is Hell Girl? Where is she? As expected, this is all fake, right? Aida Chikyu laughed bitterly. I actually really believed in an urban legend… I have truly gone mad. “Are you looking for me?” Aida Chikyu’s vision became blurry for a moment, and when he blinked and opened his eyes, what should have originally been the night sky suddenly changed into a blood-red sunset. Aida Chikyu subconsciously looked forward, and what entered his eyes was an unknown huge tree, and below the huge tree stood a girl. The girl had black long hair that hung straight down, a delicate and pretty, yet ghostly pale face, red eyes that were completely different from normal humans, and she wore a black color kimono that had red spider lilies imprinted on it. “You… you are Hell Girl?” It’s real! It’s actually really real?! Aida Chikyu’s body was slightly trembling. He was currently feeling scared, the girl in front of him was evidently not a human. After all, which human possesses eyes that were red in color? When being gazed at by the girl, Aida Chikyu felt that his blood was running cold. Furthermore, just a while ago, he was still in his house, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in an unfamiliar place. Aida Chikyu’s mind was currently in a mess. Meanwhile, Hell Girl who was standing in front of him did not reply to his question. Instead, she came to the front of him, then stretched out her hand and said lightly, “Take it with you.” Aida Chikyu looked at Hell Girl who was currently standing in front of him, and there was fear in his eyes. He subconsciously retreated a step backward, then looked at the thing that was laying on Hell Girl’s palm. It was a voodoo doll that was the size of a palm. A red string was tied on the voodoo doll’s neck, and the red string was fluttering along with the wind. Under the illumination of the blood-red sunset, the voodoo doll seemed even eerier. Aida Chikyu’s hands were trembling as he took over the voodoo doll. Upon seeing that, Hell Girl spoke with that unique tone of voice of hers, “When you untied the red string, it means that you have formally formed a contract with me, and the person who you harbored a grudge against will immediately be banished to hell. However, when your grudge has been resolved, you have to pay a price too.” Upon hearing that, Aida Chikyu raised his head and looked at that pair of red color eyes. The red color eyes were as if two red whirlpools, that were going to absorb his soul. After swallowing a mouth of saliva, he asked, “What is the price that I have to pay?” “After the contract has been formed, your soul will fall into hell too.” I have to go to hell too? Aida Chikyu clenched his teeth and tightened his fists, evidently showing that he was feeling extremely uneasy. “When you curse someone else, you are in turn harming yourself. However, going to hell is something that will happen after you have died. After you have died, your soul will be unable to ascend to the land of bliss, and you will have to suffer in hell for eternity.” While listening to Hell Girl speak, Aida Chikyu looked dazedly at the voodoo doll that was in his hand. After quite a while, right when he raised his head, wanting to say something to Hell Girl, he discovered that he had already long returned back to his bedroom. “Whether if you want to untie the red string or not, you can decide on your own.” Hell Girl’s voice vaguely rang out within his ears. With a dazed look on his face, Aida Chikyu sat on his bed and looked at the voodoo doll.



Translator: Wigglegui



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