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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 11 – Voodoo doll? Midnight 1 am, Kambara Shinji was at home browsing the thread that was pertaining to the urban legend, Hell Girl. After a day had passed, the number of replies to the thread increased tremendously. And the reason for the tremendous increase in replies was because the forum moderator replied to the thread and stated that the thread was stickied to the top of the forum automatically, and even he himself also wasn’t able to edit or do anything to the thread. Upon seeing the forum moderator’s reply, many people became bewildered. Of course, there were people who claimed that this thread was probably a practical joke that was done by a hacker. Everyone’s attitude toward the so-called urban legend was that it was only a story, they absolutely did not believe that the whatsoever Hell Girl really exists. However, only Kambara Shinji himself knew that there have already been quite a number of people who have met with Hell Girl. Kambara Shinji flipped open the notebook, and the pages behind “The Sights Within the Cracks” have already accumulated up to 36 pages. Kambara Shinji flipped to the second main page, and the two words, “Hell Girl”, appeared before his eyes. The pages behind “Hell Girl” were the records of the people who have met with Hell Girl. As long as a person has met with Hell Girl, the person’s experience from after they met with Hell Girl would be recorded within a page of the notebook. And when the person who the host had a grudge against had died, a full stop will be added to the page, and the recording will automatically come to a stop. Just like “The Sights Within the Cracks”. First page, it was Aida Chikyu. He was the first person to have met with Hell Girl. Second page, it was a girl named Hase Riya. She was the second person to have met with Hell Girl. Third page… Seventh page… Thirty-sixth page… A total of 36 people have met with Hell Girl during the period of 12 am to 1 am. Kambara Shinji skimmed over the pages. “It has only been just a day, and there are already 36 pages. If there were more sources for Hell Girl to become known to people, wouldn’t Hell Girl be able to easily surpass The Sights Within the Cracks?” Kambara Shinji let out a sigh. “Since you all do not dare to retaliate, let Hell Girl help you all to eliminate your grudges. I hope that after you all had your grudges eliminated, you all would be able to have some sort of positive changes in your lives.” Of course, Kambara Shinji wasn’t that kindhearted of a person, but extending out his hand to help others up from the ground while he was collecting Urban Legends Points and Good and Evil Points, that was something he didn’t mind doing. The next morning, Aida household. “The store is going to be a bit busy today, so mommy will be going to the store earlier today to help out.” Aida Masashi looked at her son who was eating breakfast, and not sure why, she felt that there was something a bit different about her son today. Aida Chikyu took a bite of a fried egg and nodded his head in silence. Aida Masashi wanted to say something, but she was hesitating, and in the end, she didn’t say anything. After tidying up things, she immediately left the house. Meanwhile, Aida Chikyu who was looking at the back of his mother had a complicated look on his face. Since he was 8 years old, he was raised by his mother alone. Back when he was still young, he was very close to his mother. But after he had become a teenager, he had his own secrets and had also become a much more reserved person, and thus, naturally, he began keeping his distance from his mother. But... Aida Chikyu closed his eyes in pain. After a while, he took out a jet-black voodoo doll from his schoolbag, and the red string that was attached to the voodoo doll was moving on its own without any wind blowing onto it, making the voodoo doll seem exceptionally bizarre. “This is all real!” Aida Chikyu pat onto his own face. The dark circles under his eyes were a bit black. After experiencing the incident with Hell Girl, he didn’t dare to sleep during the entire night. He was afraid, afraid that everything was fake. He was afraid that once he woke up, it would all just be a dream. Therefore, he didn’t sleep during the entire night. While holding tightly onto the voodoo doll, he looked at the red string. As long as he pulled the red string, the person who he has a grudge with will immediately go to hell. “When you completed the contract, your soul will go to hell too.” Those words echoed through Aida Chikyu’s mind as he stared blankly at the red string. After a while, he smiled, and he had a somewhat deranged look on his face. Aida Chikyu went to the kitchen, and after a few minutes in the kitchen, he returned back to his bedroom. After finishing dressing up, he walked to the door entrance. “I’m leaving home.” Aida Chikyu said subconsciously as he opened the door, and after finishing speaking, then did he recall that his mother went out earlier than him today. Aida Chikyu closed the door, then began heading towards his school in silence. Very quickly, he arrived at the familiar Green City Senior High School. Although there were students at the school gate, it was still as quiet as usual. Aida Chikyu has already been very used to this scene. However…. after today, everything was going to be different. Aida Chikyu lowered his head as he walked toward the school, the thing that he was thinking in his mind was making him feel nervous. Bang! “I bumped into a person.” As Aida Chikyu thought to himself, he hurriedly bowed and apologized, “Sorry! Sorry!” “Sorry?” “A mini scarecrow? No, that’s not right… Is this a voodoo doll?” “Pfft! Hahaha… Yuto, you have bullied this fellow too much already, it’s at the point that he has begun to use a voodoo doll to curse you.” “Eh? Why is this red string so firm, I can’t untie it no matter how hard I pull.” Upon hearing that, Aida Chikyu who had his body curled up, waiting to get beaten up, suddenly raised his head, and in the next moment, his pupils dilated when he saw that the voodoo doll was being held in Iwaguro Yuto’s hand. “Give it back to me!” Aida Chikyu who was lying on the ground suddenly bellowed, then quickly stood up and snatched the voodoo doll away from Iwaguro Yuto’s hand. Aida Chikyu’s bellow gave the three of them, and also the students who were passing by Aida Chikyu a big scare. The majority of the students took a look at Aida Chikyu, then began walking faster into the school. Meanwhile, some delinquents stood still and watched with interest, even clapping and hooting from time to time. “F**k, you are courting death, aren’t you?!” “You gave me a scare!” “To dare to use a voodoo doll to curse me? I’m afraid that you are tired of living, aren’t you?!” Iwaguro Yuto grinned sinisterly, then squatted down by Aida Chikyu’s side. Looking at the voodoo doll that Aida Chikyu was hugging in his embrace, he sneered in disdain, then pat onto Aida Chikyu’s cheek and spoke in a low voice that only Aida Chikyu was able to hear, “--!” Aida Chikyu’s pupils dilated, but in the end, he didn’t say anything in response to what Iwaguro Yuto said to him. After the three sneered and left, Aida Chikyu slowly stood up from the ground. He didn’t pat away the dust that was on his body, and instead, looked towards the sky. What was usually an azure blue sky was currently covered by black clouds, seemingly about to start raining anytime soon. Seemingly to have made up his mind about something that has been on his mind, his expression became resolute. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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