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Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 12 – Social game Two days later, Cherry Autumn Senior High School, Ghost Club. Ever since Shinkawa Chie and Kamisaki Kairen joined Ghost Club, Ghost Club was no longer as quiet as it used to be. Or perhaps, it should be said that, in the past, when Kota and Hideki were in the club, all they would do was play games, chat about cosplay and anime, and when they had nothing to do, they would scroll through niconico and twitter. Now that there was such a beautiful girl like Shinkawa Chie in the club, although there were many things that they could no longer chat about in the club anymore, the addition of a female to the club seemed to be like a chemical compound that has been added to the club, making the atmosphere of the club become much livelier than before. Kambara Shinji was currently sitting in front of a computer. Because of the addition of two new members to the club, the bookshelf that was at the side had been shifted slightly to the side, and two additional new computers have been added to the space that had been created. Right now, there were five computers situated in a straight line. Kota and Hideki were currently playing a computer game with Kairen, and Chie was sitting at the computer that was situated in the corner and browsing the internet. Kairen was absent-mindedly playing the computer game. He was currently sitting beside Chie, therefore, from time to time, he would peep a glance to his side. Although peeping like this wasn’t good, Kairen really couldn’t help himself from doing it. Kairen discovered that Chie didn’t continue paying attention to Hell Girl, and instead, was currently wearing earphones and listening to something. In the recent two days, the urban legend, Hell Girl, has already spread like wildfire through the internet. Many people have expressed that they have met with Hell Girl, and some artists even drew portraits of Hell Girl and stated with a resolute tone that that was how Hell Girl looks like. However, the drawing style of the portraits were all leaning toward two-dimensional. Previously, if most people were merely suspecting that the urban legend, Hell Girl, was a publicity stunt that was created to promote either a show or anime, ever since the portraits of Hell Girl began circulating, majority of the people now believe that Hell Girl was indeed merely a publicity stunt created to promote an upcoming anime that an anime company was going to release. After all, it was currently the modern era, and the information that was accessible via the internet was as vast as the ocean. People have seen far too many publicity stunts that companies have come up with, and everyone has already become used to it. Meanwhile, during those two days, the people within Ghost Club had also been discussing about the urban legend, Hell Girl. Two days ago, Chie was so interested in Hell Girl, I didn’t expect that she would no longer be interested in Hell Girl so quickly. However, upon recalling that Hell Girl had already been confirmed to be fake, Kairen immediately understood why Chie would no longer be interested in Hell Girl. Kairen had been growing up with Chie since he was a child, and naturally, he understood this childhood friend of his very well. Chie was very interested in everything that was unknown, she likes the excitement that comes from exploring the unknown. If a matter already has an answer to it, she would gradually lose interest in the matter. Evidently, after the urban legend, Hell Girl, had been confirmed to be a publicity stunt that was created to promote an upcoming anime, Chie has begun to start to lose interest in Hell Girl. “Kairen, what are you doing standing still and not moving? I have already been beaten to death by another player.” Kobaya Hideki was mashing his keyboard with his all, but in the end, his character still ended up dying a horrible death. Turning his eyes toward Kairen to take a look, Hideki said dumbfoundedly, “You pervert, you are secretly peeping at Chie Junior again. Don’t end up peeping at her to the point that her face turns red.” “What… what are you… don’t speak nonsense, I was merely curious as to what Chie was doing.” After finishing speaking, Kairen had an awkward look on his face. After all, he had practically admitted to peeping at Chie with what he had just said. And upon hearing what Kairen said, Chie’s face turned red. Upon seeing that, Kobaya Hideki who was speechless curled his lips. After those two days of club activities, asides from Kairen and Chie, all three of them realized that those two fellows definitely liked each other. Just that, the two seemed to be unaware of that. According to what Kambara Shinji said, it was basically that when the two were talking about things that were related to the person that they like, their IQ would decrease to a scarily low number. Therefore, yesterday, Hideki and Kota had a discussion with each other, they were intending to help give those two who were both continuously emitting out the stench of love a push, so that those two can stop being so hesitant in confessing their love for each other. Chie’s face was completely red, and she had a nervous expression on her face. After secretly taking a look at Kairen, Chie hurriedly changed the subject, “I am currently playing a game called ‘it’s your turn’.” “It’s your turn? What game is that, is it fun?” Hideki asked curiously. “I know about this game.” Kairen said. In the past, as long as he was free, he would go on the internet and search for things that were interesting, or for any new urban legend. He would silently note down the things that he had found, then look for Chie to have a chat, in hopes of further strengthening their relationship with each other. This habit of his had been maintained by him for a very long time already. “It is a social game that has become rather popular recently. However, because Hell Girl had been circulating through the internet like wildfire during those past two days, not many people know about this game.” Kairen originally wanted to have a chat with Chie about the social game at night and didn’t expect that Chie has already started playing the game. Kairen continued, “This game doesn’t have a limit for the number of players that can play it. Normally, a person would look for people within chat groups, or look for a few strangers on the internet. Afterward, the person would create a group and invite the players. Each player will have a number assigned to them, and the game will start by having number 1 talk about their own story.” “Own story? What do you mean by that?” Evidently, although Kota was playing the computer game, he still had his attention placed on the conversation that was happening. “Well, literally as the words implied.” Kairen closed the computer game. In actuality, he was not interested in computer games, but in order to blend with the club members, it was only natural that he shouldn’t be obstinate. Toward Kota’s question, Kairen shrugged his shoulders and said, “This society of ours is too stifling, therefore, many people have a lot of stress. This game’s purpose is to help people to relax by letting them vent their negative energy.” In the end, “It’s your turn” was a game where a group of people who were unfamiliar with each other recounted their unfortunate experiences, or talk about vexing matters that happened in their lives in the chat group. Basically, people were sharing their daily experiences in a chat group. Of course, everyone was only responsible for venting their negative energy, and was not responsible for comforting others. This was the reason why this game became popular. Otherwise, if everyone needed to comfort each other after everyone had finished venting their negative energy, who would want to play the game? No one has the mood to comfort other people after they were done venting their negative energy. “Should we play this game together?” Seemingly to have suddenly thought of something, Hideki said as he poked onto Kota’s leg and made a gesture with his eyes to Kota. The two have known each other for a year, and their personalities were pretty similar. The moment Hideki spoke, Kota knew what Hideki was thinking in his mind, and with an approving look on his face, he said, “I feel that this game is rather fun. In any case, it’s boring when I’m at home, we can play this game at night to kill some time.” “Do you two have a lot of stress?” Kairen was confused. “I don’t have any stress.” Hideki took a glare at Kairen, then continued, “However, we can change the way to play this game. Other people use this game to vent their negative energy, we can use this game to spread positive energy. We can create a small chat group, and in the future, when there are any joyous things that happened in our lives, we can share them with each other in the chat group.” “Joyous things? Can’t we just talk about it in the club?” This mentally deficient fellow… Did he really transfer over from Spring Mount Senior High School? At this moment, both Hideki and Kota had the same thought. Both Kairen and Chie evidently liked each other, just that neither of them knows about it. It was not easy to talk about it face to face in the clubroom, thus Hideki felt that if they were to create a chat group, at that time, he and Kota would be able to help act as wingmen for the two of them. With him and Kota acting as wingmen, Kairen and Chie would definitely be able to become a couple within just a few days. Seeing that Hideki and Kota were looking speechlessly at him, Kairen seemed to have suddenly thought of something and he finally realized what the two were planning. Right after, his heart began beating extremely fast, and with an extremely awkward look on his face, he said, “I am suddenly interested in this game, this way of playing the game is interesting, we can try it. What do you think about it, Chie?” Chie didn’t think too much about it. She was currently interested in this game, and since everyone wanted to play the game, she naturally wouldn’t decline to play the game with them.



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