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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 13 – Hell Girl is tired Kambara Shinji took off his headphones, and he immediately heard their conversation, and thus asked curiously, “What game?” The few of them began explaining the game, “It’s your turn”, to Kambara Shinji. “I will create a chat group within the next two days, once the group is created, we can begin playing the game together.” Kambara Shinji did not reject, and he nodded his head in response, “Alright, count me in then.” Kambara Shinji was not interested in this kind of social game, but this was after all a part of the club activities, and since he was a member of Ghost Club, it was only natural that he shouldn’t be absent from playing the game. Furthermore, Kambara Shinji has discerned that the reason Kota and Hideki wanted to play the game was evidently because of Kairen and Chie. Since that was the case, he might as well act as a wingman too for Kairen and Chie. After the club ended, the few of them parted ways with each other. On his way home, when Kambara Shinji passed by the familiar alley, he took a look at the alley, and he once again discovered Hisachi Kento and his two other friends. “Boss… it’s Shinji.” Upon hearing the voice, Hisachi Kento turned his head around, and as expected, he saw Kambara Shinji. Immediately, nervousness appeared in his eyes. Meanwhile, when Koyama Tsutomu who was being surrounded by the three bullies heard that Kambara Shinji was here, he couldn’t help but raise his head and looked towards the street with a happy look on his face… However, Kambara Shinji merely took a look at the alley, then continued on towards his home. Kambara Shinji’s indifference caused Koyama Tsutomu to have a stunned look on his face. On the other hand, the three bullies let out a breath of relief, and Hisachi Kento pouted his mouth and said, “Seems like Shinji is in a good mood today.” After countless encounters with Shinji for over a year, the three of them have more or less understood Shinji’s personality. When Shinji was in a bad mood and came across them bullying other students, Shinji would run over and meddle in their business. Furthermore, even if they were to admit defeat to Shinji, Shinji would still not spare them, and they had to have a fight with Shinji no matter what. On the other hand, when Shinji was in a good mood, even when he saw them bullying new students, he would be too lazy to even bother doing anything about it. With an evil grin on his face, Hisachi Kento looked at Koyama Tsutomu, “What’s the matter? Did you think that Shinji would come and help you? Let me tell you, that fellow is much viler compared to us, he only acts according to his mood. So what if that lunatic helped you out once? If you were to provoke him and make him unhappy, he would even beat you up too.” …… Kambara Shinji got onto a tram, and during the en route to his destination, he discovered that a lot of students were discussing about Hell Girl. During those two days, the urban legend, Hell Girl, has been completely treated as a promotional work that was made to promote either an upcoming movie or anime. However, even though that was the case, Hell Girl was still a hot topic amongst students. Kambara Shinji was not surprised about this. After all, horror culture was prevalent in Japan, and there were even ghost sacrificial ceremonies all across the country. Even more, a ghost summit meeting was held once every year where teams from across the world would use ghost stories as the subject matter to perform at the ghost summit meeting venue, and teams would be ranked according to their performances. Activities such as ghost sacrificial ceremonies and ghost summit meetings allowed Japan’s horror culture to be able to continuously stay prevalent in the modern era. From time to time, urban legends would pop out here and there, and the most famous urban legend would be “Seven School Mysteries”. This urban legend has been talked about to the point that pretty much everyone has heard about it. Therefore, Japanese’s acceptance level toward horror stories was very high. However, whether if they believed in the horror stories, that would be another question. After all, every urban legend was a story, and everyone viewed those urban legends as supernatural stories. As long as a person was normal, they wouldn’t treat an urban legend as something that was real. However… Although the other urban legends were indeed fake, Hell Girl was something that really exists. However, ever since Kambara Shinji brought Hell Girl to life, he still hasn’t met with Hell Girl yet. While thinking about that to himself, Kambara Shinji took out his phone, got onto 2ch forum, and began browsing the forum. Within just those few days, there were currently already over 300 pages behind Hell Girl’s main page, and over 100 pages have been marked with a full stop. With just a few days, Hell Girl has already accumulated more pages than The Sights Within the Cracks had accumulated over a month. However, compared to The Sights Within the Cracks, the number of Urban Legends Points and Good and Evil Points that Hell Girl had provided was lesser. For every person that The Sights Within the Cracks had killed, it would provide about 300 Urban Legends Points and 80 Good and Evil Points. And as for Hell Girl? For every person that went to hell, it would provide about 100 Urban Legends Points and 20 Good and Evil Points. Kambara Shinji was confused as to why that was the case during the beginning. However, after flipping to the second page and taking a look at the notes that were on the page, he understood why. (Note 2: People who are affected by any of the urban legends that you had written will allow you to benefit and obtain a certain amount of urban legends points.) (Note 3: People who died because of any of the urban legends that you had written will allow you to benefit and obtain a certain amount of good and evil points.) The people that The Sights Within the Cracks tormented were people who like to exert domestic violence. Although only one person was killed, what was saved was either one or multiple families. The death of that one person was able to affect the lives of many people, therefore, it was only natural that the number of Urban Legends Points it would provide would be on the higher end. Same reason, people who like to exert domestic violence were mostly scums who possessed twisted personalities, therefore, the number of Good and Evil Points it would provide would be on the higher end. As for school bullying, many students who were victims of school bullying didn’t dare to talk about it to their parents and would silently endure the school bullying on their own. Therefore, most families were kept in secret from the fact that their children were being bullied and did not know that their children were being bullied. Therefore, even if Hell Girl brought the school bullies to hell, the people that would be affected were just the bullied themselves. As for Good and Evil Points, it was likely that within the notebook’s perspective, the evil things that those bullies did were incomparable to the people who exerted domestic violence. Of course, there were exceptions too. Take, for example, the first person who Hell Girl had met with, Aida Chikyu. The number of Urban Legends Points that Aida Chikyu provided was more or less the same as other people, only about 100 Urban Legends Points. However, he provided a total amount of roughly 150 Good and Evil Points. This meant that, the person that went to hell was even more brutal compared to those people who like to exert domestic violence. After reading through Aida Chikyu’s record from the notebook and having understood the situation, Kambara Shinji felt very satisfied. If the records of The Sights Within the Cracks were stories that were stifling, the records of Hell Girl were stories that give others great satisfaction after reading. Kambara Shinji clicked onto the thread “Does Hell Girl really exist?” and entered into the thread. The thread was currently exceptionally lively. Kambara Shinji believes that even if the thread wasn’t stickied to the top anymore, the thread’s popularity would still be able to continue on and not die down. Because… asides from lots of people expressing that they didn’t believe in Hell Girl and believed that Hell Girl was merely a publicity stunt, there were lots of people who have already proven the validity of Hell Girl. Furthermore, with more people proving that Hell Girl was real, no matter how much those people who didn’t believe that Hell Girl was real, they would now most probably have some suspicions deep in their hearts. Kambara Shinji slightly skimmed through the thread, and he saw countless replies to the thread. “Real… it’s really real! My god, Hell Girl really exists! My hands are still shaking as I’m typing right now!” “Everyone knows that Hell Girl is merely a publicity stunt for either an upcoming movie or anime, and yet you all are still here saying that Hell Girl is real, can you all not treat others as idiots?” "Hey, hey, hey, don’t joke around, how could Hell Girl possibly be real?” “I went into Hell Link at midnight 12 am, why didn’t Hell Girl come looking for me? Stop lying to people already.” “It’s real, I can prove it.” “There should be a limit when joking around, right? Don’t blame me if I were to give a bad rating to the movie or anime when it comes out.” “Are you all sure that this website exists? Why am I not able to enter into the website?” “Since you all are saying that Hell Girl is real, can you all show some proof to us?” The countless replies caused the thread to become more and more popular, and the number of people browsing the thread kept on increasing as time passed by. The minority expressed that they have indeed seen Hell Girl. And the majority did not believe that Hell Girl was real, they expressed that they had also entered into Hell Link and entered a name into the site, but Hell Girl didn’t come and find them. When Kambara Shinji saw those replies, a slight smile appeared on his face. Those people who have entered names into Hell Link and didn’t see Hell Girl, it should be because the grievances in their hearts were not enough. According to his settings, only when a person’s grievances have reached a certain level, then would Hell Girl appear before the person when the person entered the name of the person that they harbored a grudge against into Hell Link. If a person were to enter a random name or does not possess enough grievances, they would naturally not be able to meet with Hell Girl. As for those people who were not even able to enter into the website, Kambara Shinji was helpless with that. The location that he chose was Tokyo, therefore, it was only natural that other locations weren’t going to be able to enter into the website. This was one of the main reasons that many people did not believe in Hell Girl. Furthermore, if he wants an urban legend to affect the entire country, the small number of Urban Legends Points that he currently possessed was not enough even in the slightest bit. Therefore, only residents who were residing in Tokyo were able to enter into Hell Link. However, this was precisely the trait of urban legends. Many monsters within urban legends would only appear within specific locations. This was because urban legends were regional. And right now, Hell Girl and The Sights Within the Cracks were the same, they were both Tokyo’s urban legends. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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