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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 2 – Ghost club Approaching afternoon, Cherry Autumn Private Senior High School. The sun was still hanging high up in the sky, and the weather was sunny and cloudless. The school bell suddenly rang, and very quickly, the quiet school building became noisy. Class 2-1, Kambara Shinji sat at the most back of the class, and he could be seen laying down on his desk. When Kambara Shinji heard the school bell, he immediately sat up straight, and this action of his gave the two female students who were beside him a scare. Before the two female students even cast a dissatisfied glance at Kambara Shinji, they saw Kambara Shinji looking gloomily at the two of them, which scared the two of them to the point that they didn’t dare to speak. After tidying up his things, Kambara Shinji took a yawn, then straightforwardly walked out of the classroom. “This… who is this guy? Why have I never seen him before?” “He is that gloomy guy, Kambara Shinji!” “No recollection.” “That is normal. This fellow sits at the most back of the classroom, and every day, he would arrive at class right on time for when the first class starts, and upon arriving at class, he would lay down on his table and sleep. After eating lunch, he would continue sleeping, all the way until school ends. And right after school ends, he would always immediately disappear from the class. The majority of people within the class are not familiar with him, and some people are even just like you, not knowing that he even exists in our class.” “Scary.” After Kambara Shinji left the classroom, he walked down the class building and left the class building, then walked past a courtyard and arrived at a building that was located beside the class building. This three-story building was the place where clubs gathered at, many clubrooms were located right at this building. Kambara Shinji arrived at a clubroom that was located on the second floor of the building. After taking a look at the sign that was hung at the door, which had “Ghost Club” written on it, Kambara Shinji straightforwardly pushed the door open and entered the clubroom. Looking at the pitch-black clubroom, Kambara Shinji subconsciously turned on the light switch. And the moment the light turned on, he received two dissatisfied glares. “Sorry.” Kambara Shinji’s expression was not apologetic in the slightest bit at all, but he still turned off the light switch. “Shinji, why do I feel that you did it on purpose? We are ghosts, beings who do not exist in this school! Did you turn on the light because you look down upon our identities?” “Oh.” Kambara Shinji responded, then straightforwardly walked over to a sofa and lied down on the sofa. Right after, Kambara Shinji covered himself with a blanket, and in just a few seconds after covering himself with a blanket, he fell asleep. “Has he fallen asleep already?” “Seems to be the case.” “Isn’t that formidable? Is this guy the reincarnation of Nobita Nobi?” “I don’t think so. After all, Kambara Shinji is really good at fighting. If I have to guess, he is most probably the combined reincarnation of Takeshi Goda and Nobita Nobi.” While Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki were happily chatting with each other, the light suddenly turned on once again. Right when the two were just about to open their mouths and curse at Kambara Shinji, they suddenly recalled that Kambara Shinji was currently asleep on the sofa. The two looked towards the door, and immediately, their eyes lighted up. Being stared at by two otakus, Shinkawa Chie’s expression remained unchanged as she asked, “Is this the ghost club?” While speaking, Shinkawa Chie sized up the clubroom with doubt and discovered that the entire clubroom looked pretty much like a huge bedroom. What entered her eyes first was the coffee table that was placed in the middle of the clubroom, and on the coffee table, there were bottles of cola and bags of potato chips. On the left side of the coffee table was a bookshelf, and the bookshelf was filled with manga, light novels, and female anime figures. At the side of the bookshelf, there were three computers lined up together in a straight line. Looking at the computers, two computers could be seen to have been turned on. Evidently, not too long ago, Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki were using the computers. At the side of the computers, there were two arcade machines. At the most front of the clubroom, there was a hundred-inch Sony television, and below the television were various kinds of video game controllers and game consoles. Right beside the television, there was even a projector. At the right side of the coffee table was a sofa, and at the side of the sofa, there was a bonsai, which helped to add a bit of greenery to the interior of the clubroom. Lastly, at a corner of the clubroom, not far away from the bonsai, there was a refrigerator. Ghost club? Is this really not a video game club instead? At this moment, Shinkawa Chie was feeling a little skeptical. Furthermore, is this really a club? This room feels more like a small size gaming room. “That’s right, this is the ghost club.” Nakamura Kota sized up Shinkawa Chie, then soon after, secretly cast a glance at Kobaya Hideki. Upon seeing Nakamura Kota’s glance, the slightly wretched expression that was on Kobaya Hideki’s face immediately became solemn as Kobaya Hideki said faintly, “You want to join our club?” After hesitating for a moment, Shinkawa Chie nodded her head. “You can join our club, but before that, you have to tell us a frightening story that we have never heard before and are satisfied with. This is the requirement for joining our ghost club.” Ghost club was created when Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki were still first-year students. According to the two’s thoughts during the time when they created the club, ghosts were existences that do not exist, and when the word “ghost” was placed on a human being, it would mean that the person was someone who possessed a very low sense of presence. Also, one thing that has to be noted was that, even though Japan’s anime industry was very developed, living orgasms like otakus were not welcomed at all in schools, and Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki themselves were otakus. Therefore, when the two created ghost club, there was sort of a self-mocking intent with their naming of the club. However, it was inevitable that there would be people who were interested in ghosts and paranormal stuff. Therefore, from time to time, there would be people who wanted to join the ghost club. Towards males who wanted to join their club, there was no need for any discussion, it was a straight rejection. As for females, if their attractiveness level was not high, it was a straight rejection too. And for females like Shinkawa Chie who possessed such a high attractiveness level, the two were naturally going to welcome her with open arms. However, a test was still required, after all, if the club was very easy to join, wouldn’t it meant that others could join and leave the club as they want? Of course, this so-called test originally does not exist. However, during their first year, there was a male who wanted to join the ghost club but was rejected by the two of them. In the end, the male went and report the ghost club’s action to the teachers and student council. After being reprimanded, the two decided to come up with a test that was required for joining the ghost club. From then on, as long as it was someone who Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki weren’t satisfied with, no matter how bizarre or scary the story that was told by the person who wanted to join the ghost club was, the person still wouldn’t be able to join the ghost club. Upon hearing that, Shinkawa Chie didn’t have any complaints, and instead, she became exulted. From when she was small, Shinkawa Chie had been fond of supernatural stuff, and she was also fond of bizarre stories and urban legends. When Shinkawa Chie was in junior high school, she created a club called “mysteries research club”. And now that she was in senior high school, she wanted to create a new mysteries research club, but what she didn’t expect was that there was already a supernatural-affiliated club that was called “ghost club”. When she just arrived at the clubroom a while ago, she thought that this was a video game club that was disguising itself as a ghost club. However, when she heard of the requirement needed to join the club, she realized that she had misunderstood. So, what frightening story should I tell? In Shinkawa Chie’s eyes, since those two in front of her were ghost club’s members, and for the club to only have two members after having been created for a year already, the club’s expectations toward their club members should be very strict. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be possible for the club to only have two people. These two are definitely very familiar with urban legends and horror stories, therefore, it would be best for me to tell them a story that had only begun circulating on the web not too long ago. After thinking for a while, Shinkawa Chie’s eyes lighted up. “Seniors, do you know of the photo that had recently been circulating on the web?” Photo? Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki took a look at each other, then both shook their heads. “On that photo, is a huge eyeball.” Whew… Kambara Shinji suddenly sat up from the sofa. Shinkawa Chie’s entire body shivered, and she almost screamed. Just a while ago, Shinkawa Chie was emersed in the horror story that she was about to tell, and thus, when Kambara Shinji suddenly sat up from the sofa out of nowhere, she almost had a heart attack. Originally, Shinkawa Chie thought that the thing that was on the sofa was a pillow and didn’t expect that it was actually a person who was lying down on the sofa. “This… this person is?” Although Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki were both startled by Kambara Shinji too, they appeared much calm and collected compared to Shinkawa Chie. Kobaya Hideki coughed lightly, then said, “Him? He is Kambara Shinji, a member of our ghost club. This guy is currently role-playing as an Egyptian mummy, and right now, he should be at the part where he suddenly came to life. This kind of role-playing is our club’s repertoire. After all, we are the ghost club, and there has to be something that sets us apart from the other clubs.” Nakamura Kota who was at the side secretly gave Kobaya Hideki a thumbs-up, expressing his respect towards Kobaya Hideki’s quick reaction. Oh, I see. Shinkawa Chie looked at Kambara Shinji, and she discovered that Kambara Shinji’s hair was lush and long, and Kambara Shinji’s eyes were covered by his hair. Through Kambara Shinji’s messy hair, Shinkawa Chie saw Kambara Shinji taking a look at her with his gloomy-looking eyes. However, at this moment, Shinkawa Chie was no longer feeling afraid. After all, during junior high school, Shinkawa Chie had already come across various club members with strange personalities, and in her eyes, Kambara Shinji could be considered as in the range of being normal. After taking a look at Shinkawa Chie, Kambara Shinji covered himself with the blanket, then lied down and went back to sleep. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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