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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 3 – Real Records of Urban Legends Afternoon 5 pm plus, Kambara Shinji sat up from the soft sofa and took a stretch. Soon after, he looked towards the two who were sitting in front of the computers. After picking up a bottle of cola from the coffee table, he curiously walked over to the two. “What are you two doing?” “Looking for a photo.” Kobaya Hideki responded. “Just now when you were sleeping, a very pretty looking girl came to apply to join our club.” Nakamura Kota said with a smile, “She has already submitted her club application form. From now on, there is finally a girl in our ghost club.” “Isn’t our ghost club just a video game club that is disguised as a ghost club?” Kambara Shinji was speechless, “Are you two sure that the girl would be willing to stay in the club for even two days?” “Which is why we are absorbing knowledge regarding supernatural stuff right now.” Kobaya Hideki said. Suddenly, Kobaya Hideki’s eyes lighted up, “Found it.” “Let me take a look.” Nakamura Kota said. Kambara Shinji who was standing behind the two also moved his gaze to the computer screen, and upon looking at the computer screen, a faint gleam appeared in his eyes. On the computer screen was a monotonous photo, and the reason the photo was monotonous was because on the photo, there was just a huge eyeball, and the huge eyeball covered the entire photo’s space. The white and pupil of the eye were very clear, and on the edge, bright red bloodshot could be seen too. The photo seemed as if it was taken while the camera lens was placed right onto an eye. “When I heard Junior Chie’s story, I didn’t feel anything at all, but now that I saw this photo, I actually feel a bit afraid.” Kobaya Hideki looked at the photo, and he felt that, after staring at the photo for a while, there was a feeling as if the eyeball was moving, and then, there seemed as if there was something around him that was staring at him. Nakamura Kota nodded his head in agreement. “You two can slowly have fun looking at the photo, I’m heading back home.” With a calm expression on his face, Kambara Shinji patted onto the two’s shoulders, then straightforwardly walked out of the clubroom. Right now, the sky was gradually getting dark, and it was already the time where club activity period has ended, therefore, Kambara Shinji naturally wasn’t going to continue on staying at the clubroom. “Wait a moment, I’m heading back home too.” “Me too.” Although the two created ghost club, the two have never watched horror movies. Right after looking at the photo, and thinking back to the story that Shinkawa Chie told, the two immediately began feeling scared. When the three arrived at the school gate, Kobaya Hideki seemed to have recalled something as he said with a smile, “Shinji, for the sake of giving Junior Chie a good club atmosphere, I feel that you should go and cut your hair.” Nakamura Kota nodded his head in agreement, “Your eyes are completely covered by your hair, making you look just like a hentai protagonist. Do you know that, because of you, the two of us don’t even dare to look for a girlfriend? If not for you, during our first year, Hideki and I definitely would have had a girlfriend.” Kambara Shinji didn’t say a word as he placed his hands on his temples, then lifted up the hair that was covering his eyes. Right after, Kambara Shinji said faintly, “Are you sure that you want me to go and cut my hair?” Gasp! Kota and Hideki both gasped. The two hurriedly shook their hands and expressed that Kambara Shinji looked fine the way he was currently and that there was no need for him to cut his hair. Right after parting ways, Kambara Shinji who had only taken a few steps was still able to hear the voices of his two friends. “Have I actually really known Shinji for a year?” “I think we should stop being friends with Shinji, if not, we are definitely going to get ntr-ed by him in the future.” “I keep having this feeling that my head is going to get covered with green in the future.” “Takeshi Goda combined with Nobita Nobi equals Shinji?” Words that normal people most probably wouldn’t be able to understand rang out from behind Shinji. Kambara Shinji was speechless towards the two. Not long after, Kambara Shinji took the train and arrived at Meguro District. Right when Kambara Shinji was about to arrive at his apartment, he saw a bunch of people gathering at a spot not far away from him. After taking a few looks, he discovered that those people were all raising their heads and looking up. Kambara Shinji raised his head and looked, and immediately, he saw a girl who wore a red dress and red boots sitting on the edge of the top of a building. Suicide by jumping off a building? Kambara Shinji wasn’t interested in what was going on, after taking a look, he continued on walking back to his apartment. In no time, Kambara Shinji arrived at Mitsuko Apartment Building. After entering his apartment, Kambara Shinji didn’t say stuff like, “I’m home”. Firstly, he didn’t have such a kind of habit, and secondly, there wasn’t anyone at home, so there was no point. After returning home, Kambara Shinji threw his bag to a side, then began cooking dinner by himself. After finishing dinner, it was already 7 pm night. Kambara Shinji walked into the study room, then pulled out the chair from the study table and sat on the chair. Kambara Shinji rubbed onto the pendant that was on his neck, and in the next moment, a light flickered, and a notebook appeared on the study table. There was a black aura lingering around the notebook, and a dusky black light which was emitting out an ominous aura was flowing about the surface of the notebook. Just looking at the notebook was enough to make one tremble in fear. Kambara Shinji was already used to the notebook. With a calm expression, Kambara Shinji picked up the notebook and turned over to the first page, and on the first page, five big words, “Real Records of Urban Legends”, were written on it. Without stopping, Kambara Shinji flipped over to the second page. Urban Legends: 1 (The Sights Within the Cracks) Urban Legends Points: 38988 Good and Evil Points: 280 Spiritual Energy: 0+ Life Span: 92 days (Note 1: The urban legends that you write in this notebook will become real in the real world.) (Note 2: People who are affected by any of the urban legends that you had written will allow you to benefit and obtain a certain amount of urban legends points.) (Note 3: People who died because of any of the urban legends that you had written will allow you to benefit and obtain a certain amount of good and evil points.) Looking at the 92 days of life span, Kambara Shinji let out a breath of relief. A month ago, Kambara Shinji transmigrated from China to Japan Tokyo. In this one month, Kambara Shinji was able to learn that this world was a parallel world. There weren’t any changes in this world’s history compared to Kambara Shinji’s previous world’s history. However, transmigration wasn’t what that was important. After all, Kambara Shinji was born in modern times, and having undergone the baptism of various kinds of modern information, a mere thing like transmigration wasn’t able to faze Kambara Shinji. In any case, it wasn’t as if his father or mother died, it was just merely transmigration. Furthermore, in his previous life, he was an orphan. Therefore, transmigration to him was merely just changing a place to live at, transmigration or not, it was all the same to him. What was important was that he obtained a notebook, and this notebook was known as “Real Records of Urban Legends”. This notebook was obtained by him during his previous life when he was looking up information at a library. Back then, while walking at the library, he discovered a book which most likely had fallen off a bookshelf sitting on a floor. Initially, he was only intending to pick up the book and place the book back on the bookshelf that was next to the book. But, who would have known, right after he picked up the book and flipped a page out of curiosity, the moment he looked at the five words, “Real Records of Urban Legends”, that were written on the first page, he transmigrated. Soon after, Kambara Shinji flipped over to the third page. Different from the first two pages which were white colour papers and black colour words, the third page was black colour paper and blood colour words. The Sights Within the Cracks. “Year 2020, 4th March, a photo circulated on the web. This photo was very strange, a huge eyeball covered the entire space of the photo…” This was the first urban legend which Kambara Shinji wrote, The Sights Within the Cracks. As long as a person who saw this photo matches with the urban legend’s killing rule, within the coming days, the person would begin seeing eyeballs from all kinds of cracks. The eyeballs will gaze at the person from all kinds of cracks and distort the person’s mental at all times, causing the person’s mental to collapse, and in the end, the person will lose their mind and choose to suicide. The condition to trigger The Sights Within the Cracks’ killing rule was, domestic violence. Kambara Shinji flipped over another page, and what was recorded on the fourth page was the person who saw the urban legend, “The Sights Within the Cracks”. Anyone who saw the photo and matches the killing rule of The Sights Within the Cracks, their experience from then on would be recorded on the notebook in words. Each page represents a person. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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