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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 4 – 109 pages Kambara Shinji began flipping through the pages, and there was a total of 109 pages. Most of the pages have already been marked with a full stop, representing that the person on the page has already died. Only a very small amount of people was still persevering on, enduring the torment of The Sights Within the Cracks. However, Kambara Shinji believes that those people won’t be able to persevere on for very long. After all, the pain that those people have to endure increases as time goes by. Very quickly, Kambara Shinji flipped over to the 109th page, and on the 109th page, a person who was called Nakano Ichiro was written on it. Kambara Shinji slightly glanced his eyes over the page, and immediately, he knew that this Nakano Ichiro was another person who loves domestic violence. After Nakano Ichiro got married and had a child, his family had always been living under his shadow. As long as something didn’t go well when he was at work, when he returned home, he would vent his anger on his family. This kind of situation had already continued on for 10 years. For such a scum like this to have died, it could be counted as doing a contribution for society. Kambara Shinji didn’t look too much at the 109 pages, because the stories that were written on those pages were all domestic violence. Looking too much at such stories would make one feel depressed. Kambara Shinji flipped back to the second page. Looking at the urban legends points that were close to 40 thousand, he couldn’t help but ponder if he should write another urban legend or not. After all, The Sights Within the Cracks’ efficiency in sending scums to the underworld didn’t seem to be very high. After over a month, only 109 pages were created, representing that every day, only about 3 people would end up getting caught by The Sights Within the Cracks. If the efficiency of scums being sent to the underworld was low, it also meant that the efficiency that Kambara Shinji was earning good and evil points was low, and that wasn’t a good thing because the good and evil points concerned his life span. Only good and evil points were able to increase his life span. Back then when Kambara Shinji transmigrated over, the amount of life span that was shown on the notebook was 30 days. Of course, Kambara Shinji wouldn’t go and test if he would die when the amount of life span on the notebook becomes 0. Although Kambara Shinji transmitted, at the least, his body became young. Therefore, after struggling for a month, Kambara Shinji used the good and evil points that he earned to increase 90+ days of life span. Furthermore, during the month, he had a slight idea on how good and evil points were converted from the people who died from his urban legend. The more evil a person was, the more good and evil points he would gain when the person died because of his urban legend. As for whether if killing a good person would give lesser good and evil points, or just straightforwardly subtract the amount of good and evil points he has, he does not know, because he still has not tested it. After all, up till now, he had only written one urban legend. As for urban legends points, the points could not be used on himself and could only be used to influence the urban legends that he had written. Generally, most urban legends were regional, which meant that, only a certain region would have a certain urban legend. This was the characteristic of most urban legends, but also the limitation of most urban legends. If Kambara Shinji wants to break the limit of an urban legend, he was going to have to rely on the urban legends points. However, towards urban legends points, Kambara Shinji didn’t research much on it. After all, during the one month, pressured by the countdown to his death, his brain was filled completely with how to continue living. Right now, now that the sword that was hanging above his head was no longer there, he was able to finally catch a breather. I should write a second urban legend soon. After all, The Sights Within the Cracks’ killing efficiency is too low. The majority of people who like domestic violence are all people who are either twisted or repressed, and there’s no way of discerning those people just by looking at them. After enduring the stress that they have to endure in society, those people would vent their stress and anger on their families, the scenario where those people would go to the internet and look for urban legends to distress is basically non-existent. And from the pages of The Sights Within the Cracks, it has been recorded that those people all saw the photo by accident, which then led to them triggering the urban legend’s killing rule, and in turn get tortured till death. Right now, Kambara Shinji possessed 92 days of life span, which was a total of 3 months. Previously, if not for the fact that he didn’t have enough urban legends points, he would have long written a second urban legend. Asides from that… it was now time for Kambara Shinji to think about how to earn money. Tokyo was after all an international metropolis which contained a third of Japan’s population. The cost of living in Tokyo was very high, and Kambara Shinji naturally couldn’t just spend all the money that he had and not generate any income. Originally, Kambara Shinji had parents, but during a year ago, Kambara Shinji became an orphan. And the reason to that was because, one year ago, after Kambara Shinji’s father remarried and set off for honeymoon, the plane that Kambara Shinji’s father and stepmother took ended up crashing, and in the end, everyone that was on the plane died. This matter let Kambara Shinji let out a sigh of relief. Although Kambara Shinji was able to accept the fact that he had transmigrated to Japan Tokyo, having to call some complete strangers as “father” and “mother” was something he wouldn’t be able to do. One thing to note was that, Kambara Shinji still has a big sister. However, one year ago, after attending their parents’ funeral, that big sister of his immediately went back to her university. Taking everything into account, Kambara Shinji had only lived with his big sister for a few days. And right now, since Kambara Shinji’s big sister lived in the university’s dorm, it has been a year since Kambara Shinji had met with his big sister, and during the year, the two didn’t even exchange a phone call with each other. The two were pretty much no different from strangers to each other. Therefore, this big sister of Kambara Shinji’s was pretty much equivalent to being non-existent. This was a good thing for Kambara Shinji, after all, having been accustomed to living alone, if he were to have to suddenly live with a family member, it would be a headache for him. As for counting on that big sister of his to provide for him? Such an idea had never crossed his mind. Right now, Kambara Shinji was thinking about what happened in the clubroom during this afternoon… “What is going on with that Shinkawa Chie?” Upon thinking of that girl, Kambara Shinji couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. The story that Shinkawa Chie told at that time was evidently the urban legend that he wrote. Although Kambara Shinji lied back down on the sofa back then, he did not go back to sleep, and only after Shinkawa Chie finished telling her story, then did he took a short nap. The story that Shinkawa Chie told was too real, it was as if she had experienced that story herself. But, as long as a person saw that eyeball, the person is destined to die, there is no way of saving the person. I remember that what I had written in the notebook was that, whoever who saw the photo will get stared at by eyes at all times. But, that was the setting that I wrote in the notebook. And in real life, although this urban legend of mine circulated on the web, what that circulated was, “Upon seeing this photo, something frightening will happen”. This means that, unless Shinkawa Chie personally saw the eyes, or came into contact with a person who had personally seen the eyes and learned about the eyes from the person, there was no way that she could have known about the eyes in such details. Back when I slightly observed Shinkawa Chie, I discovered that her bearing was lively and her mood was relaxed, she did not seem to look like a girl who lives under domestic violence. If that’s the case… “Police?” Up till now, asides from a few who are still struggling, the number of people who have been killed by The Sights Within the Cracks has long surpassed over a hundred. Since that’s the case, it is only natural for the police to have taken notice of this matter. From the looks of it, Shinkawa Chie’s family is most likely working in the police department. After thinking everything through, Kambara Shinji slightly let out a breath. It wasn’t that Kambara Shinji was afraid of the police, after all, he was only the creator of the urban legend and wasn’t the one who killed those people, so there was no way that the police would end up placing their sights on him. What Kambara Shinji was afraid of were the priestesses, omyojis, and monks. During the month he was in this world, he didn’t come across anyone who possessed super abilities, and even more, he guessed that this world could be just an ordinary world, but that was just his own guess, and it didn’t mean that this world was definitely an ordinary world and people who possessed super abilities didn’t exist. Furthermore, during the month he was in this world, he had only travelled between his home and his school, and every time when he passed by a temple or a shrine, he would keep a far distance away from them. And the reason he did that was because he was afraid of others discovering his notebook. After all, the notebook concerned his own life, he didn’t dare to let others know about the notebook, and also didn’t dare to go to a shrine or a temple to look for help. Human nature was unfathomable, and people who possessed capabilities may not necessary be good people, who knows what people would do when they learned of his notebook? Instead of handing his fate into someone else’s hands, Kambara Shinji would rather take his fate into his own hands. After figuring out the notebook’s way of working, Kambara Shinji could now barely be counted to have settled down. From now on, as long as he continues to create urban legends and obtain good and evil points, he would be able to continue on increasing his life span. Even more… By relying on the notebook, surpassing the limit of human life span was but a very easy thing to do. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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