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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 5 – Sometimes, happiness is very simple The next day, Kambara Shinji who was sitting in front of a computer let out a yawn. Kambara Shinji stayed awake all night. It wasn’t that he was staying up to study, and it was that he was reading through some frightening and scary novels, for the sake of accumulating experience for when he writes urban legends. This kind of situation has already been ongoing for half a month. And this was also the reason why he would sleep in class every time. However, the students and teachers were already used to Kambara Shinji’s action because Kambara Shinji had always been like this since first year. Of course, Kambara Shinji wasn’t like that when he was in junior high school. After all, when Kambara Shinji was in junior high school, his father was still alive. A year ago when Kambara Shinji became an orphan, the previous Kambara Shinji began to give up on himself, and every day, after returning home, all he would do was play video games, and when he arrived at school, he would sleep. When the teachers understood his situation, they tried to counsel him, but evidently, the counseling didn’t have much effect. And as time passed on, all they could do was sigh helplessly and leave him on his own. After eating his breakfast, which consisted of two fried eggs and a cup of milk, Kambara Shinji carried his schoolbag and was prepared to head to school. “Onii-chan!” Just after leaving his home and locking his door, Kambara Shinji heard a familiar voice calling out to him. Looking to his side, he saw a 12-year-old little girl. Just that, the little girl was looking at him with a slightly sad expression. “Junko, good morning.” After greeting with a smile, Kambara Shinji looked towards behind Junko, and he discovered house movers were currently moving things out from the inside of a house. “Kambara-kun, good morning, we didn’t bother till you, right?” At this moment, a gentle and virtuous-looking woman walked out of the house. Although Kojima Nami’s complexion seemed somewhat pale, there was light in her eyes. Compared to before, Kojima Nami now looked much better by a lot. “No, I was just about to head to school.” With a curious expression on his face, Kambara Shinji asked, “Kojima-san, are you moving house?” A month ago when Kambara Shinji just transmigrated over to this world, after slightly understanding the world he was currently in, he began pondering about what he should write for his first urban legend. And during that time, it was Kojima Family who lived right beside him that made him decide on what urban legend he should write. During that time, Kojima Nami and Junko were both the victims of domestic violence. At that time, every time when he returned home in the afternoon, when he came across Kojima Nami, he would always be able to see that her eyes did not contain any soul to it. Even more, when Kojima Nami goes downstairs to throw rubbish, she would sometimes bump into a wall by accident. Kojima Nami was just like an empty shell, a walking corpse that did not have any soul contained within it. And the reason Kambara Shinji was familiar with this mother and daughter pair was because every time when Kojima Nami’s husband was carrying out domestic violence, Kojima Nami would make Junko go outside of the house and hide. Because when her husband becomes mad, her husband would even hit their daughter too. During a time when her husband chased after Junko, intending to drag Junko back into the house, Kambara Shinji just so happened to be leaving his house, and he came across Junko who was crying and shouting. At that time, Kambara Shinji who was in a bad mood beat up the husband, then called the police. However, because this matter was Kojima Family’s own family matters, the police merely came over to investigate for a bit, then did not care about the matter anymore. During those few days, Junko would come over to his house to hide every day… and it was during those few days, he wrote The Sights Within the Cracks. Of course, he didn’t let Kojima Nami’s husband look at the photo immediately, and instead, after a week had passed, he “accidentally” made Kojima Nami’s husband took a look at the photo. After Kojima Nami's husband took a look at the photo, in just three days, Kambara Shinji heard the news that Kojima Nami’s husband suicided at his company. And without her husband exerting domestic violence on her, Kojima Nami gradually regained back her vitality, and recently, Kambara Shinji was even able to see her smile from time to time. As for feeling sorrowful towards her husband’s death, in the past, she may perhaps feel such an emotion. But every fist and kick that her husband gave to her had already long whittled away all the affection she had for him. “I’m indebted to your care from back then.” Kojima Nami slightly bowed. With light in her eyes, Kojima Nami smiled, “I’m intending to bring Junko back to my old home. After all, the house rent in Meguro District is a bit expensive.” Kambara Shinji nodded his head. Indeed. Meguro District’s housing rent was able to be ranked in the top five within Tokyo, and furthermore, the cost of the housing rent was still gradually going up year by year. Fortunately, the house that Kambara Shinji was living in, the house loan had already been paid off by his father. Otherwise, Kambara Shinji would most likely have to move house too. “Do you need any help?” “No, just having the house movers are enough already.” Looking at Kambara Shinji who was carrying onto a school bag, Kojima Nami said hurriedly, “It’s getting late already, your class is about to start soon, right? You should quickly start heading to school. Junko, come and say goodbye to onii-chan.” Junko looked at Kambara Shinji with a reluctant expression on her face. She who was already 12-year-old knew that, after saying goodbye to her big brother, she won’t be able to see her big brother anymore. While thinking about that, tears began flowing down from her eyes as she looked at Kambara Shinji and whimpered, “Goodbye, onii-chan.” “Goodbye, if you have any sort of worries, you can feel free to give onii-chan a phone call.” Kambara Shinji said with a smile. There was no banquet that doesn’t come to an end, Kambara Shinji didn’t say any much more as he walked into an elevator. During the moment when the elevator door closed, Kambara Shinji was able to hear Junko crying out loudly, and Kojima Nami consoling Junko. Not sure why, Kambara Shinji’s mood suddenly became rather cheerful. Previously, he had always been viewing the stories of the domestic violence perpetrators through the notebook, which caused him to feel repressed. But right now, after finding out first-hand in reality that the death of a domestic violence perpetrator actually covertly saved a family, his mood became much better by a lot. Sometimes, happiness was just that simple. As for Junko, perhaps after she went back to her mother’s old home, attended a new school and made new friends, she would soon forget about him. While thinking about it, Kambara Shinji became a bit melancholy. After all, back when he transmigrated over and was enduring the pressure of death, it was the clever and lovable Junko who helped him to loosen up his mental. Very quickly, Kambara Shinji arrived at school. Same as usual, when class began, he immediately lied on his table and went to sleep. Because he was sitting at the back, the teachers were too lazy to even bother about him. Time passed fast when one was sleeping. When Kambara Shinji heard the sound of the school bell, as usual, he took a stretch, tidied up his things, then straightforwardly walked out of the classroom. Ghost club was a club which the previous Kambara Shinji joined during a year ago. And when Kambara Shinji transmigrated over to this world, he didn’t quit the club. After all… a small-sized gaming room, was it not a nice thing? Furthermore, while he was at the club, he was able to loosen up his tense mental for a bit. “Hello senior, may I ask you a question?” After arriving at the club building, before Kambara Shinji was even able to head upstairs, he heard a voice calling out to him. Slightly turning his head over towards the voice, he saw a first-year male student. As for the reason why Kambara Shinji knew the student was a first-year was because the uniforms of students from year one to three differed slightly from each other. The brooch on a first-year student’s uniform was orange in color, second-year was light yellow in color, and third-year was deep blue in color. And as for the uniforms of female students, there would be a ribbon on their brooches. “What’s the matter?” Kambara Shinji said faintly. “Do you know which floor the ghost club is located on?” Upon hearing the student’s words, Kambara Shinji sized the student up for a moment, and he discovered that the student wore eyeglasses, had a slightly round face, and intelligence would flicker in his eyes from time to time. “Follow me.” Kambara Shinji said straightforwardly, “Your luck is pretty good, I just so happened to be a member of the ghost club.” Upon hearing that, Kamisaki Kairen was pleasantly surprised and he hurriedly followed after Kambara Shinji’s footsteps. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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