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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 6 – Such a wonderful world for plagiarising. Unfortunately… Although Kambara Shinji had the title of being a gloomy male in school, he himself was not gloomy at all. The reason everyone felt that he was gloomy was merely because his hair was relatively long, it was long to the point that his eyes were pretty much covered by his hair. And under the situation where the students could not see what kind of expression Kambara Shinji was exhibiting out with his eyes, the students naturally imagined on their own what kind of expression Kambara Shinji usually exhibits out with his eyes. Kambara Shinji just didn’t want to attract attention, if not, as long as he went and cut his hair, he would basically turn into a walking female magnet device. After Kamisaki Kairen chatted with Kambara Shinji and exchanged names with each other, Kamisaki Kairen let out a breath of relief. Initially, Kamisaki Kairen thought that Kambara Shinji would be someone who was not easy to get along with. Meanwhile, Kambara Shinji learned that Kamisaki Kairen was here to find the girl who joined ghost club yesterday. According to Kamisaki Kairen, he and Shinkawa Chie were childhood friends, and he has always liked Shinkawa Chie. He was intending to confess to Shinkawa Chie when they were in senior high school, and both parties’ families also hoped that the two would be able to walk into a marriage hall together. What else could Kambara Shinji say to that? All he could do was hope for the best for Kamisaki Kairen. As for why Kamisaki Kairen said so much to him when the two of them had only just met each other a while ago, he didn’t have to think too much to understand what was going through Kamisaki Kairen’s mind. After all, senior high school students were just simply too easy to read. Arriving at the ghost club, Kambara Shinji straightforwardly entered into the club. Subconsciously, he wanted to turn on the lights, but he discovered that the clubroom was bright as day, the curtains that were usually covering the windows were actually pulled open this time. Looking inside the clubroom, two salted fish which had a look as if they had nothing to live for sat in front of their computers while the sun shone brightly onto them, and sitting on the sofa was the pretty looking Shinkawa Chie who was currently reading a book. The moment the door was opened, the three who were in the clubroom immediately looked over. Shinkawa Chie said in astonishment, “Kairen, why are you here?” Didn’t you go to Spring Mount Senior High School?” Upon hearing Spring Mount Senior High School, Kota and Hideki’s gazes which were originally that of requesting for help turned into astonishment. Their sights passed by Kambara Shinji and looked towards the spectacled round face male student who was standing behind Kambara Shinji. It has to be known that Spring Mount Senior High School was actually a top senior high school within Tokyo, and normally, only outstanding students were able to enter into such a school like that. “I transferred over here.” Kamisaki Kairen used his hand to adjust his eyeglasses, then said with a slight smile, “Although Sprint Mount is good, the competition there is too intense. The pressure of studying at Spring Mount is too big, I feel that Spring Mount isn’t suitable for me. You know me, I have always like striking a balance between study and rest.” Kambara Shinji was a little surprised, his impression towards Kamisaki Kairen just a while ago was that he was a veteran simp, after all, he actually changed school so that he could be with his childhood friend. But who would have thought, this Kamisaki Kairen was actually rather reserved when conversing with his childhood friend. Kambara Shinji looked towards Kota and Hideki, then pointed at Kamisaki Kairen, “This junior wants to join our club.” Upon hearing that, Kota and Hideki’s gazes turned from astonishment to solemn as they began examining closely at Kamisaki Kairen. A male student wants to join our club? What kind of beautiful dream is he dreaming of right now? Furthermore, this guy is obviously acquainted with Junior Chie, so how could we ever let him join our club? While thinking that to themselves, Kobaya Hideki sized up Kamisaki Kairen and said slowly, “It’s fine if you want to join our club, tell us a frightening story that we have never heard before, if the quality of your story is up to standard, you can join our club.” Upon hearing that, Kamisaki Kairen looked towards Shinkawa Chie, and he saw Shinkawa Chie nod her head. After thinking for a moment, Kamisaki Kairen opened his mouth and said, “I’m not sure if you seniors have heard of a photo that had recently been circulating on the internet.” Shinkawa Chie coughed lightly, “Kairen, I have already told this story yesterday, you have to pick another story to tell.” “This…” Kamisaki Kairen suddenly felt that the situation was a bit thorny. Looking at Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki, he felt that the two were not as easy to talk to as compared with Kambara Shinji. He then slightly sized up his surroundings for a moment, and immediately his eyes lighted up. “Seniors, can you two come outside with me for a moment? I have a matter to discuss with the two of you.” Kamisaki Kairen said towards Nakamura Kota and Kobaya Hideki. After hesitating for a moment, Kota and Hideki followed along Kamisaki Kairen and went outside. Meanwhile, Kambara Shinji couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the club test. After walking to the front of a computer, he said casually, “Student Shinkawa, can I close the curtains? The sunlight is causing the computer screens to reflect light.” “Eh?” Shinkawa Chie was curious as to what Kairen was going to do, and upon hearing Kambara Shinji’s words, she immediately stood up and went and closed the curtains, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know the sunlight is causing the computer screens to reflect light, the two seniors didn’t say anything about it to me just now.” Thinking back to Kota and Hideki’s gazes, which were that of requesting for help, Kambara Shinji thought to himself, “So those two are actually the simps.” Kambara Shinji nodded his head, then stopped conversing with Shinkawa Chie. After opening a word document, he began typing on his keyboard. Listening to the typing sound of a keyboard, Shinkawa Chie looked over, then asked with slight curiosity, “Senior Kambara, are you writing something?” “En.” Kambara Shinji casually responded, then waved his hand, “Go and read your book, don’t disturb me.” “Alright.” Shinkawa Chie obediently turned her head away, then thought to herself, “Seems like Senior Kambara is not very easy to get along with.” Kambara Shinji was indeed writing something. Although Kambara Shinji has transmigrated for a month, because of the past Kambara Shinji who gave up on himself and spent money like flowing water, the current Kambara Shinji didn’t have much money left in his bank account. The current Kambara Shinji naturally wouldn’t be like the past Kambara Shinji and live his days decadently, therefore, he has to plan for his future. However, right now, he was still just a student. Although Cherry Autumn Senior High School allowed its students to work outside, the school has also indicated that it was only allowed for students to work outside if their grades were of satisfactory. Therefore, after pondering deeply, Kambara Shinji decided to be a light novel writer. After all, this world’s Japan was different from his previous world’s Japan, a lot of classic light novels and manga didn’t exist in this world. What a wonderful world for plagiarising. Unfortunately… Ever since Kambara Shinji started working when he was in his previous world, he pretty much stopped reading light novels. And as time passed, he had already long forgotten a lot of the classic scenes in most of the light novels. Even for games, he didn’t play much after he became a corporate slave. Normally, after watching a game trailer, and if he felt that the game seemed pretty good, he would buy the game and add it to his game library. As for playing the games that he bought? That was something that wouldn’t happen. Furthermore, after transmigrating over to this world, he did not obtain any special abilities like, “profound memory”, “being able to recall the plots you have seen before through your subconscious mind”, or “being able to remember everything that you see”. Currently, his memory of the detailed plots of light novels and manga from his past life was pretty much close to blank. Be a plagiarist? What was there to plagiarise if he couldn’t even remember all the detailed plots? Therefore, all he could do now was think of a plot himself and write his own novel. Of course, the main reason that he wanted to be a light novel writer was because of the notebook. When he wrote his first urban legend, only after he wrote a total of eight times, then did the notebook finally acknowledged the urban legend which he wrote and allowed The Sights Within the Cracks to come to life in reality. Normally, urban legends do not have a start or a finish as their main use was to spread fear. There were very few urban legends that possessed a complete story to them. And when writing urban legends in the notebook, the urban legends have to have a start and a finish, the settings of the urban legends must be detailed, the abilities of the urban legends have to be clear, and the writing of the urban legends must be logical. All those requirements caused Kambara Shinji to be in a pickle. This was the reason why he wanted to write light novels, so that he could train his capability of writing urban legends. If he were able to earn money from the light novels that he wrote, it would be great, but if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t feel disappointed or anything. This was also the reason why although he already had more than 40 thousand urban legends points, he still has yet to write his second urban legend. Two minutes later, the three that went outside returned back to the clubroom. This caused Shinkawa Chie to let out a breath of relief. Staying alone in the same room with Senior Kambara feels so stifling… “Congratulations Kairen for passing the club’s test. Kairen, come over and fill in the club application form.” The moment Kota entered the club, he picked up a club application form and handed it over to Kamisaki Kairen. Upon hearing Kota’s words, Kambara Shinji looked in astonishment at the three who were talking with each other with smiles on their faces. Originally, he thought that Kamisaki Kairen would end up having a hard time, but who knows what method he actually used that made the two let him join the club. Kobaya Hideki sat by Kambara Shinji’s side, and upon seeing Kambara Shinji’s expression, he laughed mischievously, and with an excited expression on his face, he said in a low voice, “Kairen promised me and Kota that he would bring a Karin Nanase action figure that he has in his house and give it to us… that action figure is an action figure that was released five years ago, and it is an absolute gem that is no longer being sold anymore!” So this is the case. As expected, otakus’ wives can only be two-dimensional characters. “Of course, that is just the condition of joining our club.” Kobaya Hideki said mysteriously, “Furthermore, I obtained important news, Junior Chie and Kairen are childhood friends.” “Doesn’t that mean that the two of you have no chance then?” “Just a look at you and I immediately knew that you are not familiar with what happens with childhood friends. When has a childhood friend actually won against a random guy who came into the girl’s life? Kairen was destined to lose from the start.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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