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https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 8 – New neighbour “Year 2020, 8th April, 12 am midnight, a very strange thread appeared on 2chan’s forum. This thread couldn’t be deleted and also couldn’t be edited. The moment the thread appeared, it was placed at the top of the thread. The content of the thread was regarding an urban legend called “Hell Girl”…” Hell Girl was an anime from Kambara Shinji’s past life which tells the story of Hell Girl Enma Ai helping people eliminate their grievances. In Kambara Shinji’s past life, he had seen a few episodes of Hell Girl. His impression of Hell Girl was very deep because the plot of Hell Girl’s first episode was about Enma Ai helping to eliminate the grievances of a girl who suffered from verbal bullying. While pondering about the plot of Hell Girl, Kambara Shinji gradually refined the settings of Hell Girl. As mentioned before, most urban legends were stories that did not possess a start and an end as their main purpose was merely to spread fear and used to scare people. And if Kambara Shinji wants the urban legend that he wrote to come to life, the urban legend that he wrote must possess a start and an end. It wasn’t that Kambara Shinji was adding extra work for himself, and it was that that was one of the rules of Real Records of Urban Legends. Although Kambara Shinji has already written “The Sights Within the Cracks”, his experience in writing urban legends still wasn’t ample. This was also the reason why he chose to write Hell Girl. With a story to reference to, he didn’t have to think too much on his own. And with the writing of this second urban legend, he will be able to accumulate more experience in writing urban legends. However, even with a story to reference to, it took him about 4 hours before he finally finished writing and refining the urban legend. Afterward, after spending 20 minutes checking the urban legend which he wrote, then did he finally marked a full stop to this urban legend. The moment he marked a full stop, the paper began fluttering by itself and emitting out the sound of paper fluttering. Upon seeing that, Kambara Shinji let out a breath of relief as the scene in front of him represents that the notebook has acknowledged the urban legend that he wrote. In the next moment, the white paper was enveloped by a black light, and the white paper gradually turned into a dark black paper. Kambara Shinji watched as the paper that was white in colour and possessed black colour kanji characters turned into a dark black colour paper that possessed blood colour kanji characters. Blood colour handwritings were deeply imprinted on the dark black colour paper. And at the end of the urban legend, new black colour kanji characters suddenly appeared gradually. “Please choose the area that this urban legend will affect.” Kambara Shinji took a look and he discovered that there were a lot of choices to choose from. Asides from Japan’s cities and prefectures, there were also United Kingdom’s counties, United States’ states, France’s regions… Kambara Shinji didn’t think too much and straightforwardly drew a tick at the back of Japan. Afterward… nothing happened. Upon seeing that, Kambara Shinji drew a tick at the back of Tokyo. “Writing complete.” Immediately, all of the kanji characters that were on the dark black paper gradually disappeared, and when the last kanji character disappeared, blood gradually flowed down from the top of the dark black paper and the blood turned into two big words. Hell Girl. Another urban legend has come into life by Kambara Shinji’s hands, and to speak the truth, Kambara Shinji felt a bit surreal, it felt as if he was playing a kind of game in real life. Soon after, Kambara Shinji flipped to the second page. Urban Legends: 2 (The Sights Within the Cracks) (Hell Girl) Urban Legends Points: 3790 Good and Evil Points: 680 Spiritual Energy: 0+ Life Span: 99 days During these two days, The Sights Within the Cracks has placed its sights on about more than ten new bastards, therefore, his urban legends points have long surpassed 40 thousand. And just now when he wrote Hell Girl, he used up a total of more than 40 thousand urban legends points. As for why he wasn’t able to make it so that Hell Girl would be able to affect all of Japan, it was evidently because he did not possess enough urban legends points. To be able to only allow Hell Girl to affect Tokyo, it was indeed a bit of a pity. As for good and evil points, he used some to increase his life span. And as for what “spiritual energy” was, he still does not have any idea because increasing spiritual energy requires the use of good and evil points. Kambara Shinji took a look at the time, and it was already past 10 pm. “Today is the 7th of April, which means that, once 12 am arrives, the urban legend which I just wrote, Hell Girl, will begin circulating.” As Kambara Shinji thought to himself, he went to the kitchen and began making dinner. After finishing eating dinner and washing the dishes, it was already about to be 12 am. Kambara Shinji went to the study room and opened 2ch forum. 2ch forum was similar to China’s Tianya Club. 2ch forum was the gathering spot of a large amount of Japan’s internet users, while Tianya Club was the gathering spot of a large amount of China’s internet users. Within the community of 2ch forum, there were scholars, students, office workers, and so on… All kinds of people were gathered together in 2ch forum, and every day, interesting topics would continuously appear on the forum. And right at this moment, at exactly 12 am, a thread that immediately got stickied when it just got posted appeared on 2ch forum. “Does Hell Girl really exist?” However, because this thread had only just been posted, even though it was stickied, the thread still hasn’t caught much attention yet. Although Kambara Shinji has already experienced seeing an urban legend which he had written come to life, seeing another urban legend which he had written come to life still felt very mystical to him. However, Kambara Shinji quickly calmed down. When Kambara Shinji wrote his first urban legend, The Sights Within the Cracks, the photo of an eyeball that first appeared on 2ch forum had a rumour attached to It, and the rumour goes, “When one sees this photo, something frightening will happen”. In the future, when I’m writing urban legends, I cannot let them appear in this forum anymore. After all, one or two times is fine, but if the place where all of the urban legends first began circulating from was 2ch forum, people will start becoming suspicious. Kambara Shinji began reading through the thread, and as expected, everything was the same as what he had written in the notebook. After looking at the thread for a while, he discovered that the thread still does not have any replies. Not minding that there still weren’t any replies to the thread, Kambara Shinji went on and enter into the site called “Hell Link”, and he discovered that Hell Link really actually exists. Seeing that there was nothing else to do, Kambara Shinji took a yawn, then straightforwardly went to bed. The next morning, while Kambara Shinji was preparing breakfast, he heard the sound “ding dong”. Evidently, someone pressed the doorbell. Kambara Shinji walked to the door and took a look through the peephole. Outside of the door stood a thin figured middle-aged man. The middle-aged man wore black clothes and had a slightly messy hairstyle. After opening the door, Kambara Shinji looked at the middle-aged man and asked, “You are?” “Hello, hello, you are Kambara-san, right? I am Matsuuchi, I just moved in a while ago, we will be neighbours from now on.” Upon seeing the door open, Matsuuchi Taro bowed slightly, then handed over a gift to Kambara Shinji and said with a slight smile, “This is a special local product from my hometown, please do accept it.” Towards Matsuuchi Taro knowing his surname, Kambara Shinji wasn’t really surprised. After all, there was a label with his surname written on it stuck right on the door. After hesitating for a moment, Kambara Shinji nodded his head and accepted the gift. I am going to be neighbours with this guy from now on. Seeing that this guy came over to express his goodwill, it is evident that he places high regard on his relationships with his neighbours. Compared to having a bad neighbour, this guy evidently seems very easy to get along with. Seeing that Kambara Shinji accepted his gift, Matsuuchi Taro let out a breath of relief, then said with a smile, “Since there’s nothing else, I will stop taking up Kambara-san’s time and go and pay a visit to the other neighbours. I will be in your care from now on, Kambara-san.” “Likewise, and thank you for your gift, Mr Matsuuchi.” Kambara Shinji was still a student, after finishing his breakfast, he had to start heading to his school. https://xiainovel.com/novel/culij



Translator: Wigglegui



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