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Creating Urban Legends In Japan: Chapter 9 – Does Hell Girl really exist? Morning, Green City Senior High School. While carrying onto his school bag, Aida Chikyu arrived at his school. While looking at the school gate that was in front of him, reluctance could be seen appearing on his face. Typically, at the school gate of a normal school, students would be happily chattering with each other. However, at Green City Senior High school, some students had nervous expressions on their faces and were walking hastily, there were very few students that were walking side by side and chatting with each other. The atmosphere was very quiet. However, not long after, Aida Chikyu heard the sound of chattering, and as he turned his head over to look, he saw a few students walking together in a group. Just a look at the hair color of the few students who were walking together in a group, one could tell that those students were delinquents. Aida Chikyu took a few looks at the group, and when he saw that the familiar figure wasn’t within that group, he let out a breath of relief. Soon after, he hastened his footsteps and entered the school. However, before he reached his classroom, he heard someone calling out to him from behind. “Hey, Chikyu.” Upon hearing that familiar voice, Aida Chikyu’s body trembled subconsciously, and he didn’t dare to walk forward anymore. Instead, he smiled feebly and looked towards his back, “Yuto-san.” Iwaguro Yuto walked forward and placed his arm over Aida Chikyu’s shoulder, then said with a smile on his face, “Let’s go to the arcade street today, it’s your turn to treat.” “That…” Aida Chikyu hesitated for a bit, then said, “But, Yuto-san, I have already treated you a few days ago, accordingly to order, this time should be your turn to treat, right?” Right after Aida Chikyu finished speaking, he felt pain coming from his knees, and he kneeled entirely onto the floor. “Pa.” After Aida Chikyu fell to his knees, Iwaguro Yuto slapped onto Aida Chikyu’s right cheek, then said with a smile, “What did you say?” Aida Chikyu covered onto his cheek and said while stammering, “Sorry… Yuto-san. I remembered wrongly, today is supposed to be my turn to treat.” As Aida Chikyu was speaking, he was able to sense that some students’ gazes were fixed on him. The pain that was coming from his body was nothing to him, but those gazes were like torture to him, under those gazes, he felt as if his dignity was trampled on the ground, causing him to feel suffocated and somewhat unable to breathe. Iwaguro Yuto snorted coldly while looking at Aida Chikyu who was kneeling on the floor. Suddenly, Iwaguro Yuto seemed to have thought of something, and a smile raised in the corner of his mouth. Iwaguro Yuto squatted down by Aida Chikyu’s ear and said something to Aida Chikyu. Upon finishing hearing what Iwaguro Yuto said, Aida Chikyu’s pupils dilated and he looked towards Iwaguro Yuto with a look of disbelief. “See you in the afternoon.” Iwaguro Yuto said and chuckled. After Iwaguro Yuto and his two other friends walked far away, Aida Chikyu slowly stood up from the floor, pat away the dust that was on his body and slightly adjusted his attire, then limped to his classroom. The male students in the classroom saw Aida Chikyu’s state, and most of them had a look of disdain on their faces. However, because Aida Chikyu was Iwaguro Yuto’s prey, they did not bully Aida Chikyu. As a delinquent high school, it was only natural that students don’t listen to classes when classes were ongoing. From start to finish, the noises within the classrooms continued on without stopping. When lunch break arrived, Aida Chikyu went to the snack kiosk to buy lunch. He didn’t dare to go to the canteen because Iwaguro Yuto and his two other friends would always be at the canteen to have their lunch. If he were to be seen by them, it was reckoned that they would bully him again. Upon returning back to the classroom, Aida Chikyu let out a breath of relief. “… Sigh, is it true?” “It’s true, this is the thread that appeared in 2ch’s forum last night, and furthermore, the thread was stickied on the top of the forum page. It is rumored that, if a person were to enter the name of someone who they harbor a grudge against in the website “Hell Link”, Hell Girl would make that person go to hell.” “Isn’t that extremely scary?” “However, just a look and one would know that it is fake. If that were really true, wouldn’t society be in a complete mess right now? Furthermore, if it were really true, wouldn’t it mean that the majority of the people within our class would have to go to hell?” “Pfft, I guess you are right.” Hell Girl? Aida Chikyu turned his head around to take a look, and he saw two female delinquents who had their hair dyed yellow chatting with each other. Aida Chikyu opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. After finishing eating his lunch, he remained seated on his seat and stared blankly at his table, and who knows what he was currently thinking of in his mind. Afternoon, the school bell rang out. After the teacher dismissed the class, Aida Chikyu carried his schoolbag and walked out of the classroom. However, right when he walked out of the classroom, he was stopped by three figures. Upon seeing Iwaguro Yuto, Aida Chikyu’s body trembled subconsciously. With a cigarette in his mouth, Iwaguro Yuto said, “Come, let’s go to the arcade street.” Aida Chikyu didn’t say anything and followed along the three to the arcade street. After playing for a while at the arcade street, Iwaguro Yuto said goodbye to his other two friends, then placed his arm onto Aida Chikyu’s shoulder and grinned, “Chikyu, I want to visit your house today. After being brothers for such a long time, I still don’t even know where your house is located at.” Upon hearing that, Aida Chikyu couldn’t help but called to mind something, and his complexion turned pale. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. With his head lowered and facing the ground, Aida Chikyu walked in front and led the way to his house. Without even looking behind him, Aida Chikyu was positive that Iwaguro Yuto currently had a cocky smile on his face. In no time, Aida Chikyu arrived at his house. Standing at the front of his house’s door, Aida Chikyu remained still, evidently reluctant to open the door. Yuto wrinkled his brows and said sinisterly, “What’s the matter? Are you still hesitating? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have brought me to your house. Even if you don’t open the door today, I can still come here by myself on another day.” “What you are doing is a crime!” Aida Chikyu’s complexion was pale, and his hands were tightly clenched into fists. “You wouldn’t tell on me, right?” Yuto said while with a gentle smile on his face and a threatening look in his eyes. Aida Chikyu’s heart was filled with despair as he opened the door. After entering the house, when he saw that his mother wasn’t home, he let out a breath of relief, then said in a low voice, “My mother is not home, you can leave.” “I can wait.” Iwaguro Yuto unhurriedly sized up the living room, then sneered, “Your house sure is worn out.” Aida Chikyu’s face turned red. A few minutes later, the sound of a door opening rang out, and before Aida Chikyu even said anything, Iwaguro Yuto couldn’t help but licked his lips, then said, “Go to your room, remember to not come downstairs no matter what you hear later on.” Aida Chikyu opened his mouth, and right when he wanted to say something, Iwaguro Yuto glared at him and said coldly, “What are you still waiting for? Scram to your room!” When Aida Chikyu arrived upstairs, he was vaguely able to hear the conversation that was coming from downstairs. “Hmm? You are?” “Hello, aunt, I am Chikyu’s friend. Chikyu just left the house a moment ago, he said that he was going to the supermarket to buy some snacks for me. He wouldn’t budge no matter how much I tried to persuade him. Thus, I had no choice but to stay here and wait for him.” “Is that so? Have a seat then. Chikyu didn’t tell me in advance that his friend would be coming over today. How about staying for dinner today? I will prepare some delicious food for you to eat.” “That… I won’t be troubling you, right?” “It’s fine.” Aida Chikyu tightly clenched his fists, his face was red, and he was breathing hurriedly. Returning back to his room, Aida Chikyu opened his computer, then went onto 2ch’s forum. In no time, Aida Chikyu found the thread. Or perhaps, the thread was stickied right on top of the forum page. [Does Hell Girl really exist?] Entering into the thread, Aida Chikyu’s breathing became faster, and hope appeared deep within his eyes… “Only at 12 am midnight, will ‘Hell Link’ be accessible. If a person were to fill in the name of someone that they harbor a grudge against, Hell Girl will appear and help the person to send the person that they harbor a grudge against to hell.” Aida Chikyu then began looking at the replies. “Is this a new kind of urban legend?” “Hell Girl?” “Is there an animation company that is preparing to make a new show, and they are currently doing this to get publicity?” “Just a moment ago, I tried entering the website of ‘Hell Link’, and the website actually really exists. However, the website seems to be inaccessible right now.” “That is only natural. After all, it is said that the website is only accessible at 12 am midnight.” “Don’t you all think that this is strange? The username of the thread’s poster is a bunch of mojibake. I remember that mojibake isn’t allowed to be used as a username in 2ch’s forum, right?” “Could it be that a forum moderator is earning extra income by helping a business company set up this thread, and even stickied this thread at the top of the forum?” “I intend to try entering the site later on at midnight. My colleague has constantly been on my ass lately, I have been wanting to kill him for a while already.” “Normally, urban legends are about ghosts and monsters, right? Although there aren’t any supernatural beings in this world, I recommend that it is best to not anyhow talk about this kind of stuff.” The website can only be visited at midnight… Aida Chikyu slammed heavily on his table. He wanted Iwaguro Yuto to die, right now! However, Aida Chikyu also knew that, so what if midnight arrived? This so-called Hell Girl was nothing more than an urban legend. Just like those replies have said, this was definitely a publicity stunt done by an entertainment firm. Aida Chikyu called to mind Iwaguro Yuto who was currently downstairs. Am I really going to let my mother get humiliated?!



Translator: Wigglegui



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