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http://xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Spring of 2015. The airplane steadily flew between the layers of clouds towards its destination. The engine made muffled noises that sounded to be far away yet close at the same time. Waking up, Mu HanXia yawned and took off her eye mask. One of the first-class cabin attendants walked over. Smiling, she bowed and said: "Miss, would you like to drink something?" "Black tea, thank you." "Sure." Before long, the tea was sent over. Mu HanXia clasped the hot glass that was warming her hand. She took out a magazine from her bag. She had seen this magazine at the airport in New York and had decided to buy it. After flipping through a few pages, she saw the special report on "China Feng Chen Corporation". She slowly sipped the tea and continued seriously reading line by line: "The current CEO of Feng Chen Corporation, Mister Zhou ZhiSu, last month, on the 17th, attended the China-USA entrepreneur conference held at Tennessee. He discussed with several Chinese businessmen about the situation of China's economy...... Feng Chen Corporation in 2014 achieved a yearly revenue of 30 billion yuan. They also have more than 5,000 employees...... Mister Zhou ZhiSu emphasized that the main direction of Feng Chen Corporation in the future will still be in the areas of financial investment, real estate, and clothing. At the same time, they will also closely pay attention to electronic related business and high-tech and new science sectors. Our reporter was at Mister Zhou's speech where he posed the question......" Until the final words: "......We will look forward to Feng Chen Corporation's performance during this new year. " Mu HanXia closed the magazine and placed it back into her bag. The airplane had already started to descend. Layer upon layer of clouds hit the head of the airplane. Below, Beijing seemed to be as it used to be. It was densely packed in all four directions. Compared to six, seven years ago, there was not much difference. But, Mu HanXia knew that the city was changing every second. Some places might still have the same appearance from before she left. Other places, though, she already couldn't recognize. She once again put on her eye mask and closed her eyes to rest. —— The highway to the airport was rather congested today. Feng Nan drove his car impatiently. Once in a while, he would squeeze into the left lane. Once in a while, he would switch to the right lane. He also had to deal with Lu Zhang's phone call. "I say, boss, I am close to being late to meet someone. Could I continue the phone call after I return?" Feng Nan said. Lu Zhang, at his end, made a snorting sound and said: "Are you going to go pick up that old lady?" Feng Nan: "Correct." Lu Zhang: "Pick up my ass!" (T/N: Raws said "fart", same connotation) Feng Nan was unable to help laughing: "Young Master, I know you feel vexed by these random people, but she was personally appointed by the chairman to be the deputy general manager of the business department. That also makes her my immediate superior. The chairman also made clear before that we have to let other people feel the warmth of returning home. How can I not go?" Lu Zhang suddenly smiled and said: "Fine, you can go to pick her up. She won't stay here long anyway." Feng Nan, upon hearing his tone, knew that this young master was a devil incarnate that, with a turn of his head, would cause trouble for a person. However, this wasn't a matter that he could interfere with. Who let Lu Zhang be the only son of the chairman and thus the future big boss? Feng Nan consoling said: "Boss, don't be angry anymore. Since she already arrived, take it easy. First, see what kind of person she is. Okay, I won't continue to talk with you. I am going to hang up. I have arrived at the airport." Luo HaoYang made a sneering sound before hanging up. Feng Nan stood at the entrance for meeting people getting off airplanes. His hand held up a sign: "Fang Yi Corporation Mu HanXia". After waiting a while, he noticed that there was a beautiful woman ahead that was walking over. Black and straight long hair, an oval face, big eyes and white skin. Although she wore jeans, one could still see a pair of well proportioned, slender, and beautiful legs. Feng Nan subconsciously took another glance. The glance lasted until..... the other person had walked over and stood in front of him. Feng Nan's heart shook a bit. It shouldn't be right. The one-inch picture on the resume hadn't been this beautiful. But, he rapidly switched to a smile: "Hello, would you be ...... Mu HanXia, Manager Mu?" Mu HanXia looked at him. Slightly smiling, she held out her hand: "I am Mu HanXia. How should I address you?" Feng Nan hurriedly shook hands with her and said: "I am called Feng Nan. I am the manager of the executive office of the real estate business projects division at Fang Yi Corporation. The chairman and the young chief Lu had me come to pick you, miss. You must be tired from traveling, how about we first get into the car?" "Sure, thank you." Feng Nan took the initiative to take the suitcase in her hands, and he walked with her towards the parking lot. He noticed that, even though she was both pretty and young, she had a very calm manner of talking. Her voice especially held luke-warm tranquillity. She didn't put on airs, yet she did not let people feel that it was easy to get close to her. In other words, this was an independent woman with her own, unique energy. Thus, Feng Nan paid a little more attention, and he treated her with a bit more respectful cautiousness. For the whole journey, the car drove towards the downtown area. These years, Beijing has changed quite a bit. Mu HanXia gazed steadily outside the window. Seeing her gestures, Feng Nan smiled: "Manager Mu, you haven't come back for many years, right? Beijing has changed quite a bit these years. In the past several years, Nancheng seemed quite rural. I don't know if you have any impression of this? Now, everything is built quite beautifully. Housing is also expensive. Many subway tunnels have been connected. Those privately run businesses of JingJiao (a suburb of Beijing), all of them have collapsed. The only ones prospering now are the finance, real estate, internet, and electronics businesses ...... However, during the Olympics in '08, there were still 300 days with blue skies. Now, there is smog all day long. You should look around today......" He spoke fluently in the Beijing dialect. It was very entertaining and it sounded very interesting. Mu HanXia listened and found it to be quite meaningful and chatted with him for the entire ride. They drove all the way to GuoMao district. (T/N: like Wall Street Business District, but in Beijing.) A few years ago, it was perhaps here that had reached the peak of flourishing in all of Beijing. As a result, in Mu HanXia's eyes, there weren't that many changes. Naturally, there were a few more new additions to the landscape. As the car drove past a silver-grey skyscraper, Feng Nan said: "Here is the famous general headquarters building of Feng Chen Corporation. You were abroad, but you still should have heard about Feng Chen, right? "I heard about it." "Feng Chen Corporation is quite awesome. They are ranked 8th out of 500 of the most powerful. Their leader also has a good vision. In the past few years, real estate is doing quite well, but they began expanding to the financial investment business. In the end, when the real estate market started to decline in these more recent years, they were able to turn around and still make a profit. I heard that last year, they only invested in one place and were able to earn five billion." Feng Nan said. Mu HanXia smiled without talking. Feng Nan smiled again and said: "That's right, Manager Mu, I have also heard gossip news that is quite amusing. Some people say, Feng Chen's founder, their former chairman, went to become a monk! He went to a temple to become a Buddhist monk." Mu HanXia paused faintly before saying: " Become a monk? Didn't they say..... that he only resigned and doesn't manage the company matters anymore?" "Hey!"Feng Nan said, "Who knows, right? I only heard people say it, but I think that it is rather trustworthy. Listen to my analysis, OK? Reportedly, their chairman is rather young, only thirty something years old. Yet, he has such big accomplishments. He also is rather handsome. Yet, with this big of a company, when he says he doesn't want to manage it, he just stops managing it. Moreover, he also seems to not like women and has always lived as a bachelor. You say, such a young man who does not like money, power, or sex, is it not that has seen through the world of mortals and understood that this world is an empty illusion?" (T/N Chinese idioms relating to ascending to a Buddhist monk after becoming disillusioned with human society.) Mu HanXia did not respond. Feng Nan first took her to a Hubei cuisine restaurant. Not quickly, not slowly, they finished their lunch. Afterwards, he led her to go look at a two-bedroom apartment in GuoMao district. Feng Nan said: "Manager Mu, the chairman explained that your clothing, food, housing and transport in China should all be the best. Furthermore, I feel that living in a hotel long-term isn't really convenient. It's too cold and cheerless, and it doesn't have a private quality to it. This two-bedroom apartment is a hotel-styled apartment building. Furthermore, it is quite close to the company. You can walk to the company in five minutes. See if you want to stay here, or if you are used to living in a hotel? I have also prepared a hotel." Mu HanXia looked all over the apartment. This apartment's interior decoration was extremely elegant and comfortable. The bed and wardrobe were all brand new. It was also cleaned spotlessly. It was evident that Feng Nan had diligently prepared it. She felt that Feng Nan handled work very appropriately and attentively. Making up her mind, she smiled and said: "This place is very nice, thank you." Feng Nan upon seeing that her eyes contained an unconcealed appreciation, he was also quite happy. Although he was quite young, he was Lu Zhang's college classmate, and he had gone through arduous training and work at Fang Yi Corporation for quite a few years now. He enjoyed handling the work of intelligent leaders because, at the same time, other people will also see your own intelligence and diligence. This was in contrast to Lu Zhang who ignored other's advice and was moody and hard to serve. His brain suddenly had a thought appear: What reaction will Lu Zhang has upon seeing this beautiful and with class "old women ''? Lu Zhang always hated outsiders restricting himself in the past, but he always treated beautiful ladies tenderly. This time, it might become very awkward! "Manager Mu, do you want to rest this afternoon and get used to the time zone? Or, do you have other plans or needs? I'm on call all day anyways." Feng Nan said again. "I don't need to rest anymore. I slept for a long time on the airplane. If I sleep again now, I won't be able to sleep at night." Mu HanXia said, "This afternoon, could I go to the company to take a look?" "No problem." Feng Nan replied, " Then, I'll first go downstairs. After you have reorganized yourself, just call me." Feng Nan left. Mu HanXia sat for a bit before going to take a shower. She changed into rather formal, but not that serious, clothing. She wore a rice-coloured coat with a simple shirt and trousers. She put up her hair before finally walking to the window and surveying the outside scene. The floor here was rather high up. The landscape of GuoMao was plainly visible. There were countless skyscrapers including, right across the street, Feng Chen's general headquarters building. The entire side was a wall of silver glass that slightly glowed under the sunshine. Mu HanXa looked at it, not moving, for a little bit before going downstairs. Feng Nan was originally smoking downstairs. Turning his head, he saw her dressed in a new outfit. In front of his eyes, she seemed to glow. If she had been previously dressed in a relaxed style, she now suddenly looks like a beautiful scholar that has returned from studying abroad. This outfit showed a capable, simple yet elegant personality. Feng Nan believed that Young Chief Lu would probably not be able to pressure this lady. Because of some opportunities, Mu HanXia got to meet the chairman of Fang Yi Corporation in the United States who was also Lu Zhang's father-- Lu Dong. When she returned to China this time, it was also under the invitation of the chairman to become the deputy general manager of the real-estate business department at Fang Yi Corporation. The 25-year-old Lu Zhang was the general director. He was known as the Young Chief Lu. But, it is said that, in the past few years, Lu, more or less, had done very little work, and he had given all his work to the people under him. Luckily, the corporation's real-estate business model was very mature, so the corporation could still be considered to be running smoothly. The structure of the business department was nevertheless extremely large. Under its administration were a hundred department stores across China that contributed to a third of the corporation's revenue. The business department's building was also located in GuoMao. It was a bluish-grey fashionable building. Mu HanXia followed Feng Nan and directly took the executives' exclusive elevator to the highest floor. This floor occupies more than a thousand square meters. The interior decoration was extremely fine and luxurious, dazzling the eyes. Mu HanXia didn't like this kind of style at all. Her expression remained undisturbed. At this moment, Feng Nan nonchalantly said: "This floor was decorated based on the Young Chief Lu's preferences. He likes everything to be the best." Mu HanXia faintly smiled. She waited for him to lead her to the doorway of the office of the general director only to find that there was no one inside. The secretary's desk at the doorway was also empty. Feng Nan somewhat helplessly looked a bit before saying: "Manager Mu, I'm sorry, *sigh*...... the Young Chief Lu was still here this morning. Now, there probably is some sort of matter that caused him to leave. His secretary was laid off by him last week. So, I sometimes don't know where he has gone. How about I take you to survey other places? I think that he might come back later today because I see that the gaming equipment that he just bought is still here. Considering how much he treasures them, he, for sure, will return to take them back to his home." "Sure." Feng Nan took her to greet the other two vice-chiefs. Afterwards, following her desire, they went downstairs to go look at Fang Yi's best-performing department store in GuoMao. It was already afternoon now. The spring sun's weak sunshine was sprinkled lightly on the streets. Feng Nan parked his car below the department store. He then accompanied Mu HanXia and walked inside. A black Cayenne approached from the opposite lane. Unhurriedly, it parked. http://xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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