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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Mu HanXia suffered from a bit of insomnia tonight. The sky had not yet turned bright before she woke up. Pulling on clothes, she got up and made a cup of very strong black coffee for herself. She then walked in front of the window. Opening the curtains, she began to slowly drink her coffee. The sky was still a dark gray with only the lights on the skyscrapers shined upon each other. Across from her was Feng Chen's building. At this moment, it was also pitch black, resembling a tall giant that stood in the darkness. It had been six years since she had said goodbye to Feng Chen. To think that it has already grown to be this lofty and tough. To tell the truth, during the first and second year after she left, she would still frequently think of him, think of Feng Chen. She would always be unable to resist the urge to search up news about Lin MoChen and Feng Chen on the computer. In the end, she slowly began to stop looking it up. She also stopped thinking about it. All of her energy was put into her current life--studying, taking exams, seeking employment, taking interviews, working ...... In a flash, six years had just passed in this manner. Before she returned to China, she actually didn't know how Lin MoChen was doing. Her only knowledge was from when she occasionally saw news related to him in the finance and economics related news. For example, she had heard about Feng Chen being listed that year. For example, she had heard about him later resigning and disappearing. That was all. Mu HanXia slowly finished drinking the cup of coffee. It seemed as if she was laughing mockingly at herself, yet, at the same time, it seemed as if she was merely smiling tranquillity. Six years have passed. How much would things have changed? For example, herself. She no longer liked to drink milk. Instead, she began to enjoy black coffee and strong tea. She had already become accustomed to eating Western cuisine to the point that it could be considered delicious. In fact, when Feng Nan took her yesterday to go eat Jiang Chen food, she had unexpectedly felt that it was too spicy. She tried to recall her appearance that year and only remembered that she was a woman with an extremely stubborn heart. She indeed liked smiling now and conversing now. But, most of the time, she prefered to stay alone in peace. She, herself, didn't understand this change. She vaguely realized subconsciously that there should still be other things in her life to pursue. However, she also deliberately didn't think deeply about what it was. Right now, everything was going well for her. Her life was calm and proceeding smoothly without lacking excitement. She had many like-minded, brilliant friends. She also didn't feel that fate was treating her unfairly. She didn't have any problems. The license plate from yesterday appeared once again in her mind. She thought it was only a coincidence. After all, in this world, there would probably only be her who would take a license plate number and connect it to some implicit meaning. —— As the sun rose and the clouds parted, the warm sunshine shined upon every rooftop of GuoMao's skyscrapers. The office that Feng Nan assigned to Mu HanXia was directly opposite Lu Zhang's. It was clean and spacious with fine interior decoration. There was also a wide view of the scenery outside. Mu HanXia was very satisfied. Feng Nan looked at his watch and said: "Manager Mu, it's already 8:50. All of the department managers are already waiting in the conference room. Chief Lu has still not arrived. Do we still wait?" Mu HanXia sat behind the boss's desk. Her finger lightly tapped on the chair's armrest twice: "Wait. I will first go to the conference room and meet everyone." The business project department, other than Mu HanXia, also had two vice-chiefs. However, considering their age, one of them was already fifty-some years old and he was only in charge of financial affairs and administration. In regards to Mu HanXia's arrival, there wasn't much enthusiasm, but there wasn't any resentment. Contrary to expectation, after Mu HanXia smiled and spoke quietly and politely a few sentences to him about how Fang Yi is considered to have a highly efficient and concise financial model in the industry, this vice-chief exposed a smile and talked to her more for a few minutes. The other vice-chief was originally responsible for operations and the labour force. However, as a result of being on sick leave, he had not been present for a long time. Thus, when Mu HanXia came over this time, she had to practically take over almost all of the major departments. Today, since it was her first appearance, in order to maintain control, Mu HanXia had specially put on a slightly more mature makeup look. She had a not plain style of conversation and an air of self-confidence. As a result, the mood inside the conference room could be considered to be very harmonious and cheerful. Only when they had waited until 9:30 and Lu Zhang had still not appeared did everybody become slightly restless. The financial affairs vice-chief had become quite impatient and said: "Manager Mu eh, how about we first start. In any case, he hasn't come to many meetings in the first place." Mu HanXa vision slowly surveyed once around. She lukewarmly said: "Manager Zhu, let us wait a bit more. Chief Lu is our leader. If he doesn't come, our group will be head-less. Important decisions would not be able to be made. If he is present during our talk, understands our thinking, and participates in making the decisions, then the future work plans will also be more convenient to push for." These words were both polite and cunning. Everybody understood. The meaning was to have Lu Zhang participate in the process so as to avoid this big young boss in the future randomly opposing it. Though everybody was reluctant, they still respectfully continued to wait. Unexpectedly, at 9:50, Lu Zhang finally appeared. He pushed open the door and, without a sideways glance, walked inside, sitting down at an empty table. Then, with a cold face and one leg over the other and without looking at Mu HanXia, he only looked forward and said: "Let's begin the meeting." Everyone did not speak a word. Mu HanXia looked at him. He had changed into a suit. Although the young man's posture and attitude were untamed, his suit and blouse were still extremely well-ironed and his silk tie was not messy. If he didn't say anything, he would give off the impression of being handsome and capable. Mu HanXia slightly smiled, and said to everyone: "Let's begin." Lu Zhang lifted his eyes and glanced at her. Actually, today, he had been forcefully expelled here by his father. Rather than suffering the meaningful, earnest, bitter, and hateful unceasing words of torture, he was better off receiving her torture. At the first light of dawn, his father had begun discussing with him: "Mu HanXia is someone who I interacted with in the US. I know that she is a pretty good young person. She is very talented with strong leadership ability. She also ran quite a few successful business cases in the United States. She is also very trustworthy. Good steel is used on the blade of a knife. This time, the reason that I invited her over here is because I hope that she can help us break through our business project department's stagnation or even decline in growth. The other reason is that I hope that she can help you. Look, she isn't much older than you, yet look how earnest and great she is. In short, this time, you should look at her as a teacher. Respect her. Learn from her. There will always be thousands of horses, but there will not always be a Bo Le (T/N : a horse connoisseur). If you miss a good teacher now, don't regret it in the future." Lu Zhang sneered and didn't speak. But, because of his father's words, he thought about a sentence that Mu HanXia had said yesterday: "No wonder you still haven't controlled any real authority in the corporation?" When she had spoken these words, she had calmly smiled. Indeed she had a bit of hidden ambition and glory with the appearance of a viper, scorpion beauty. In the end, his father had thought of another idea and said: "In addition, Mu HanXia is both young and pretty. But, you definitely can't extend your dog's claws to her! I don't care how you behave outside, but this your master. You aren't allowed to have such ideas!" Upon hearing this, Lu Zhang nearly laughed out loud: "Dad, have you gone crazy? She is nearly 30 years old. I can't even think about getting involved with an old woman ah!" A thirty years old woman's skin has surely begun to wrinkle. Just thinking about it made Lu Zhang lose his appetite. ...... Mu HanXia's voice was low and soft as she began to preside over the meeting. Lu Zhang was nearly bored to death and he lifted his head. In the end, he coincidentally got a good look of her face. Even though she had dressed more mature than yesterday, her two eyes were still as clear and black and before. The sunshine from outside shined through the windows, and it coincidentally shined onto her face. Her skin unexpectedly appeared bright and smooth as jade, extremely exquisite and fair. Lu Zhang looked and thought: she truly was an old fox spirit. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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