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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer Seeing that he was constantly staring at himself, Mu HanXia smiled lightly and said: "Does Chief Lu have any opinions regarding the proposal I just made?" Lu Zhang: "......" shit! He had completely not been listening. "Explain it again in detail." He said without any change in expression. Mu HanXia did not trouble him further. Patiently, she explained it again. What Mu HanXia said was actually a general direction for their work. Due to the influence of e-commerce and the overall economic environment, the revenue of Fang Yi's commercial real estate department, during these past two years, had been in continuous decline. Of course, compared with Feng Chen corporations's steady and strong performance, Fang Yi was not as good. However, Fang Yi was still strong compared with the other companies that followed behind. Mu HanXia proposed to carry out a comprehensive reformation of the entire commercial real-estate department for better optimization, especially in regards to the theme and concept of the department. Only bold and decisive reforms can stop the decline in performance and even grow against the market. For a specific plan, she will collaborate with everyone to plan and prepare in the future. But, today, she wanted to first unify everyone with a direction for their work. When she finished speaking, everyone remained silent. Everyone knew that reforms were needed. If nothing was changed, then death is inevitable. In the past few years, the business environment had changed too much. The little, private companies that had freely ran as they wished several years ago were largely dying now. Half of these companies are the remaining ones. Who would have thought that the influence of the economy would also reach the previously prosperous real-estate business. However, they needed to find an innovative idea that is also effective. It really was not so easy. Furthermore, everyone knew that Mu HanXia came this time to take solid control. But, whether or not she could firmly maintain her position and whether or not she could carry out her ideas still depended on the battle between her and Lu Zhang. Thus, the situation right now wasn't very clear. On the surface, everybody nodded their heads or said some polite words, but nobody immediately declared their own opinion. At this moment, sure enough, Lu Zhang was heard laughing before saying: "Manager Mu, I feel that what you said is reasonable. What reform uh, innovation uh, packaging concept. These are surely applicable to any company, no. However ......" His face went cold: "Do you really understand the economic environment that Fang Yi is currently confronting? Do you understand the difficulties of reforming? To tell the truth, everyone present is thinking roughly this way. The real-estate business model, those commercial buildings, shopping centers, shopping malls have already finished developing. They can't become any better. If you are really considering the needs of Fang Yi corporation, you should be thinking on a smaller scale. Cut off businesses with poor performance. Think even less about expansion and growth. I have already said to my father many times, but he doesn't listen. We ought to put our energy into e-commerce and move our brand name, suppliers, and everything onto the internet. This will be the main economic development in the future. We have already lost at the starting line. Your way of thinking will only accelerate us to Fang Yi's demise!" After he had finished speaking, everybody was stunned. Because, in the past, although Lu Zhang was quite frivolous when some matters are reported to him, he would still be able to offer an idea. Occasionally, when he attended a meeting, he would also share an opinion or make a decision that everybody felt was quite reasonable. However, this is the first time that he has made such a long logical argument against someone. The most important thing is that what he said made sense. So, he wasn't completely a useless young master, after all. Lu Zhang observed others' reactions. Seeing that everyone looked slightly moved, he felt quite proud. When Mu HanXia heard him say those words, she was also rather surprised. The two people's eyes faced each other. Lu Zhang saw the fake smile in her eyes, and his heart thumped once. Shoot, this old fox spirit is up to no good. Mu HanXia looked around once, her eyes moving along. The originally energetic atmosphere had seemingly calmed down. Neither too fast nor too slow, she opened her mouth: "What Chief Lu said is quite reasonable. I also agree. This is the age of e-commerce. Indeed, this is an important development direction that Fang Yi Corporation can't ignore in the near future. But, I would like everyone here to think deeper. Physical, material business is the foundation of Fang Yi. If we allow this foundation fall behind, degenerate, become unable to maintain steady growth, where would we get the capital to support our developing e-commerce initiative? Thus, the revival of our physical business is a problem that we can't avoid. This big of a plate with one hundred shopping centers and one thousand staff were all built up by hand by you guys. You can't just say let go and then let go of it or say cut it off and just cut it off, no?" http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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