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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer The lights were dazzling, and the outfits were gorgeous. The prospering night scene of the city outside the French windows serves as a background. In the midst of the slow, gentle music were, for the most part, successful men. Certainly, there were women, especially older ones that appeared to be female bosses that were stronger and wiser than their male counterparts or young and attractive secretaries that were brought by their boss. Mu HanXia wore a black evening dress--one that didn't expose her back or her legs--that was tailored to fit closely to her skin. Her hair is put up, bound by a crystal hairpin. She stood by the small bar that was deep within the hall, eating some snacks as she wished. A man, carrying a glass of red wine, noticed her. Giving her a light touch, he asked: "How should I address you?" Mu HanXia lightly smiled: "Fang Yi corporation, Mu HanXia." The two people made small talk for a few sentences until Mu HanXia said: "I am going to go look around over there." The man nodded his head and said goodbye to her. Mu HanXia walked over to a nook where there weren't any people and leaned against the wall by the window, slightly bored. The dinner hadn't begun yet. As far as the eye can see, on the sofa, in the hallway, beside the table, all the people were talking and laughing quietly. They were all the same type of people, people that were the most successful in the business world. Every time she attended this sort of gathering, she would see some people who were especially enthusiastic about networking. There were also people that seemed to be upcoming that were trying to integrate. However, most of the people remained at their location, calm. Actually, in the past, regarding this type of occasion that was reliant on money on power, she wasn't very interested. In the past ...... in the past, when she was with Lin MoChen, when she had made contact with these types of events, she had to make a great effort, great effort to smile, great effort to adapt, great effort to contribute even if only a tiny bit of business value. However, in reality, she truly felt that it was dull. It would be better to just let her go to a factory and associate with the experienced workers or stay in the office and immerse herself in designing marketing plans. She had some thoughts of self-mockery and she looked once more at her watch. The dinner was going to start soon. Lu Zhang still hadn't arrived. This young boss wouldn't possibly stand her up? Today afternoon, she had even specially called him to confirm: "Chief Lu, the dinner party is at eight o'clock in the evening, formal dress. We have to promote the transformation of our project department and we need to help many departments with maintaining good relationships with partners. This type of event is very important. You must come." At that time, Lu Zhang had lazily replied: "I know. I'm about to die from your wordiness." She didn't know if he had actually left his house. But, Mu HanXia wasn't planning to force him. The banqueting hall was on the first floor. She leaned by the window. Outside, there was a large expanse of garden. One could also clearly see the conference center's entrance. She stood idly for a while. She then saw a black car drive into the conference center. By her, people were chatting: "I heard that it is Feng Chen Corporation's people who have arrived." "Will their CEO arrive?" Another person asked. Mu HanXia continued to look at the entrance. It's no wonder that everyone was paying attention. These few years, the domestic economy wasn't doing so well. The most strong and excellent performing company would be Feng Chen. Therefore, every movement of Feng Chen, the big business giant, attracted the attention of this business world. At the front was a black Audi. The serviceman jogged over and opened the door of the backseat. He greeted a thirty-year-old man wearing a well-ironed suit who got out of the car. He was born with a square shaped face with dense eyebrows, deep facial features, and an impressive appearance. Mu HanXia had seen his photograph before. He was the current CEO of Feng Chen, Zhou ZhiSu. He was a hard-working and determined person who was extremely well known in the business world. At this time, a person near her said: "Isn't Zhou ZhiSu's car a Bentley? How come he downgraded today and sat in an Audi." His companion said: "Hey, did you not see? There is still a car behind him." Mu HanXia in an instant took a look without blinking. After Zhou ZhiSu descended the car, he didn't immediately head inside. Instead, he stood where he was, waiting. Behind him, a young man got off another car and quickly walked over without letting the doorman step forward. Instead, he personally opened the door of the second Cayenne's back door. The black car door slowly opened, allowing one to vaguely see the figure of the person in the back seat. Mu HanXia turned around and walked away from the window. The spring night of Beijing still had a bit of chilliness. Mu HanXia walked all the way to another side of the hall and opened the door. Outside the door, there was a quiet garden. She walked down the steps. A cool and refreshing wind blew over, seemingly blowing away the chaotic mood in her heart. She lifted her skirt and, although the move was rather inappropriate for the occasion, she still sat down on the steps. She then raised her head and looked at the dark and still flowers and grass, the layers of clouds filling the sky, and the faint glow of the moon. With a creaking sound, the door behind her was pushed open. Mu HanXia's body tensed up, but she didn't turn around. She then heard Lu Zhang's casual voice: "Hey, you pressured me like a ghost to come, yet you, yourself, come out here to goof off and blow at the wind?" Mu HanXia relaxed. Smiling, she raised her head and looked at him. Lu Zhang froze for a moment. First of all, he hadn't thought that when she dressed up that she would be this pretty. Secondly, the way she suddenly smiled at him so brilliantly simply didn't resemble that independent, successful career woman. "What are you doing here?" He said standing by her with both hands in his pockets. "Nothing much, just taking a breath of fresh air." Mu HanXia stood up and swept the dust off her skirt. Lu Zhang watched her carefree action, and he was completely surprised. He then heard her calmly say: "Let's go inside." Lu Zhang made a soft grunt before following her to walk inside. Not knowing if it was just an illusion, but, Mu HanXia felt that the atmosphere inside the hall had become a few degrees warmer with the arrival of Feng Chen's people. She stood with Lu Zhang by a small bar. She got a cup of plain water and slowly drank it. Lu Zhang ordered a glass of red wine and drank it, bored. Opposite the two, in a corner of the hall, in a relatively calm area, were a few long sofas. At this moment, there were quite a few people that had gathered there. "The city leader has already arrived." A person close by said, "They are over there talking with the chairman of Feng Chen." "Their chairman has also come? That's rare. Hasn't he not shown his face for many years?" ...... http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/dont-turn-from-summer

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Editor: AdhocWizard

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